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irnsd Nov 16th, 2019 09:49 AM

Kosovo-Albania-North Macedonia
I'm planning a trip to North Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo for April. I arrive in Skopje late on April 11 (Saturday) and fly out of Skopje on the afternoon of April 19 (Sunday).

I realize the dates overlap with Easter. I'm interested in visiting Skopje, Tirana, Prizren and Pristina (I'm going to stay with friends in the Prizren/Pristina). Does anyone have suggestions for what order would be the best to visit? I imagine it's a matter of traveling between Skopje and Tirana either on Sunday the 12th or Saturday the 18th, and visiting Kosovo midweek. I'm curious to hear opinions about how much time is worth spending in each city (more time in Tirana or Skopje? Prizren looks cool, too). I'm interested in museums, historical sites, and wandering around the cities.

Any other tips re: any of the four cities are welcome, of course.

BDKR Nov 16th, 2019 10:08 AM

1 day each is enough for these cities themselves(Prishtina is ghastly and has nothing to see, but it's worth a day for the nearby sites: Gracanica, Kosovo Polje), but you could add a day each for daytrips like: Decani from Prizren, Tetovo from Skopje, Kruja from Tirana.

A week is quite short, but I'd still try to squeeze in at least a day in Ohrid between Skopje and Tirana even if you have to skip some daytrip or skip Prishtina altogether.

The logical route is Skopje - (Tetovo) - Ohrid - Tirana - Prizren - (Prishtina) - Skopje or vice versa.

thursdaysd Nov 16th, 2019 11:05 AM

That's really not much time. I loved Ohrid, but I wasn't there in April and it's a bit out of the way. Also a pity you aren't doing open jaw, but sounds like you already have the tickets.

There has been quite a bit of development in Skopje since I was there, and likely Tirane too, so you may need more time than I did. I really enjoyed visiting Lake Matka from Skopje, but again, I wasn't there in April.

I suggest using Rome2Rio to get an idea of your transport options (but do check out the actual providers, it is not infallible).

For what it's worth, here's my take on Skopje: and Tirana:

BDKR Nov 16th, 2019 12:40 PM

Ohrid is not out of the way if one is travelling from Skopje to Tirana, the buses from Skpje to Tirana run via Struga which is only a few kilometres from Ohrid.


Rome2Rio is not very reliable on the Balkans and is not to be relied on either.

The region you're travelling around is basically "Greater Albania"(just don't mention this to Macedonians!) I recommend to use the Albanian site

Just keep in mind that you must use the Albanian names of cities: Skopje=Shkupi, Tetovo=Tetove, Struga=Struge

For buses from/to Skopje use the Skopje bus terminal site: Skopje bus station

In this part of the world most people don't book tickets in advance, tickets are cheap and plentiful anyway. Just buy them at the bus station before departure. the best way to get information(and perhaps buy the ticket in advance) is when you arrive to a city first of all ask the information about the buses to your next destination while you're still at the bus station. As far I remember Tiranaa has more than one bus staation so your bus to Prizren may not depart from the same station as the bus you arrived on from Macedonia.

katepcoss Nov 20th, 2019 08:06 AM

Although one week is a short time to visit three countries, it is doable because the cities you want to visit are not as big as some European capitals. Skopje is worth spending 2-3 days to visit main attractions and museums, but as someone mentioned above, Ohrid is another city you want to visit in Macedonian. I believe 2-3 days in all cities you want to visit would be enough time. Just make sure you that prior to arriving you have everything organized or researched into, including: transport, which sites to visit, and hotel stays or private accommodation.
Also, the time of the year you have chosen is great for the area.
Have fun!

irnsd Nov 24th, 2019 01:23 PM

Thanks for the input, everyone!

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