Keukenhof in May

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Keukenhof in May

Hello, <BR> <BR>we missed out this year on the flower festival in Holland, and were particularly interested in visiting Keukenhof next year in May - maybe the long weekend. I have been doing my best to research on where best to stay and how to get there, but some help and advice from people who have done this trip would be most appreciated. We were thinking of three options as far as accom. The first is finding a hotel in Amsterdam and either driving or taking the train to the gardens, the second was to stay in the town nearby but miss Amsterdam, the third is hiring a motor home and driving ourselves there, giving us the freedom of staying anwhere, but it will be cold! By May next year, we will have an almost 3 year old and a 3 moth old, so this is something we really need to take into account. When I mention taking a motor home, I mean that we would be driving from Zurich where we live, or we'd be flying from there. Any hints tips or advice from fellow flower loving Fodorites most appreciated! With thanks, Steph.
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Hi Steph <BR> <BR>We went in early April this year, took the train and then a bus from Amsterdam. I can't remember how long it took, but I remember thinking we should have just taken one of the tour buses from Amsterdam. And with two little ones, I'm thinking the train and the bus (which was REALLY crowded) might be a little "complicated". <BR> <BR>I'd check into the bus tours -- they might give you just enough time to walk around and not so much that the kids will get too restless. It might be hard for your 3 yr old to stay out of the pretty flowers! <BR> <BR>Can't help you with the motor home thing, although we did see lots of them in the parking lot. <BR> <BR>We liked it, by the way, but at some point it does get a little much (sort of "oh good heavens, MORE flowers? Ugh!") <BR> <BR>Chris
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Thanks Chris, great reply, and it is helpful to know that there were many other motor homes parked in the car park. I also take on board your commnet re not "more flowers" - think a stay in Amstrdam in a B&B may be the best thing.
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Just a few comments: We visited the K in late May 2000 (with our 6 month old). It is beautiful, BUT all of the tulips had been decapitated by then. We stayed in Haarlem and bought a combined bus and entrance pass. The bus ride was fine, but a little more difficult than we expected, in that we had to change buses to/from. Although the K is neat, I can't see spending more than a few hours to a day there. Stay in A'dam or a surrounding town and make the trip to the K.
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My wife and I visited Keukenhoff on April 28 of this year. It was glorious. It had been very cold, and had snowed on us in Gent a couple days before. But on that day, it cleared, and though still cool, it did not rain. The park was absolutly incredible, and contrary to other posters, we did not tire of "more flowers." We spent about 5 hours in the park (no kids), and could have spent longer. It is always a bit of a gamble regarding the weather, and the status of the various plantings. But the tulips in the greenhouse and the permanent orchid display were stunningly beautiful. We simply could not believe such flowers exist. do a search here for keukenhoff (2 f's) and you will find plenty of information. <BR>We stayed in the little town of Delft, at the Bridges House hotel, which I enthusiastically recommend. JW, the host has a wonderful golden retriever dog named Timber. It was an easy drive to the Keukenhoff in the morning. After leaving the park, we drove into Harlam. On the last Saturday of April they have a flower parade from about Leiden to Haarlem, and all the floats are left on display the next day (Sunday), and a "lively" street party ensues. We returned to Delft, had a great dinner. The next morning spent time in the old Delft square, before going on to Amsterdam. We did not tour the Delft factory there. <BR>Lots of buses, the train goes right by the front of the park. Day trippers in cars from as far away as Germany and Belgium. Many from Britain had made the trip as a long weekend. Seems a very popular place, but crowds are well handled. The park is open late March to late May, so we scheduled it for the middle of that time frame, but you never really know. We were very pleased. Good luck!
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BillJ: Keukenhof is with one f only. <BR>Steph: the best time to visit De Keukenhof is late April - early May. With children, a motor home seems like a good idea. It can still be cold that time of the year, so you will need a heater in the motor home. Also, book early as this is peak tourist time in the Netherlands. April 30 is Queen's day (the Queen's birthday celebrations) in NL, and Amsterdam is totally chaotic that day (street parties): not suitable for small children.

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