Keukenhof Flower Seller - please help

Nov 29th, 1999, 01:25 AM
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Keukenhof Flower Seller - please help

In April, I visited Keukenhof outside of Amsterdam. During the trip I paid (Amex) to have some tulip bulbs delivered from ofe of the flower sellers in Keukenhof in the "Oct/Nov" timeframe to an address in the US. To date, they haven't arrived, and for some reason I can't find the receipt anywhere. Can anyone help me contact the Frans Roozen Flowers & Bulbs company in Keukenhof? There may have been a simple delivery error or something, and I hope to clear it up. Thank you!
Nov 29th, 1999, 01:28 AM
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Oops - I meant "...from ONE of the flower sellers,..." typo. Thanks for any help.
Nov 29th, 1999, 07:08 AM
Avignon - Provence
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IŽll have 5 days in the next april in Provence. IŽll think to stay in Avignon and there rent a car to know the other
places. What about the weather there ?
Will it be possible to rent a bycicle ?
Wich are the best places to see ?
And what about cheap hotels ?


Nov 29th, 1999, 07:39 AM
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I presume that the company you're looking for is called "International Flower Bulb Center" ("Internationaal Bloembollen Centrum" in Dutch). Their address and phone number are as follows:
address: Parklaan 5, 2181DB Hillegom, the Netherlands
phone: ++31 252 515254.

If I can trace their fax number or email address I will let you know.
Nov 29th, 1999, 09:19 AM
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Found it!

Frans Roozen
Vogelensangseweg 49
2114 BB Vogelenzang
Tel.: 023 / 584 7245
Fax 023 / 584 6320

Now I just need to find out where my flowers are....

Anyone have any experience with ordering bulbs in Keukenhof and getting them delivered to the US?
Nov 29th, 1999, 02:37 PM
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I ordered some on a trip in April 1998 and they arrived in September with no problems. Hope you can clear up the problem.
Nov 30th, 1999, 02:09 AM
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I just found out that mine were "lost in the mail," and apparently, from what the person told me, it's "quite common." Would've been nice to know before....
Aug 29th, 2003, 09:51 AM
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Any update on this topic (Tulip Bulbs)? I am going on Monday and need an update.


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