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Rock Lee Nov 20th, 2001 05:29 PM

Any one with experience of this beautiful <BR>place?I am particularly interested in <BR>self catering accommodation.

Miriam Nov 21st, 2001 01:03 AM

Hi Rock,<BR><BR>I`ve found a site<BR><BR>Sorry, it`s in German.<BR>Regarding self-catering accommodations, they list the following:<BR><BR><BR>G&auml;stehaus Irene<BR>Ruschstr. 6<BR>79235 Oberrotweil<BR>Tel 07662 6262<BR>Fax 07662 947515<BR><BR>G&auml;stehaus Rosengarten<BR>Rosengarten 12<BR>79235 Oberrotweil<BR>Tel. 07662 6876<BR>Fax 07662 8570 <BR> <BR>G&auml;stehaus Gisela<BR>Ruschstr. 12<BR>79235 Oberrotweil<BR>Tel. 07662 6739<BR>Fax 07662 94168 <BR><BR>Weingut Landerer<BR>Niederrotweil 3<BR>79235 Oberrotweil<BR>Tel 07662 1070<BR>Fax 07662 94485 <BR> <BR>Ferienappartement<BR>Familie Rehmann<BR>Burkheimerstra&szlig;e 3<BR>79235 Oberrotweil<BR>Tel. 07662 525 <BR>Sorry, never stayed in one of them. You seem to be able to make online reservations on this site.<BR>Just choose "Urlaub" and then "Ferienwohnungen".<BR>It`s a beautiful region, especially if you love wine. They have great Riesling, Mueller-Thurgau and Silvaner.<BR>You can drive around the Kaiserstuhl, but I would recommend to take the "Weinhoehenstrasse" over the Kaiserstuhl, which is especially beautiful between Kiechlinsbergen and Oberbergen. <BR><BR>Please write if I can help further <BR><BR>Miriam

Alec Nov 21st, 2001 03:13 AM

I second Miriam. Don't miss the parish church perched on top of the hill. It contains a most intricate altarpiece carved in wood. Also it's a short drive across the Rhine to Colmar in Alsace for Isenheimer Altarpiece at Unterlinden Museum, and wine villages along the Route de Vin.

Gar Nov 21st, 2001 05:32 AM

Hi there,<BR><BR>nice area. Have been there often, but never overnight, for it is just a 2 hour driving for me. I would recommand to stay in one of the smaller villages there, for they are less expensive than Freiburg or Breisach and more origine. My favorites are Whyl and Sasbach, but most of the others are nice as well. Take a look at those wwws, sorry just in German, but I think easy to handle<BR><BR><BR><BR>(for me the links dont work, how about You? Oh, I see, Miriam recommanded this already)<BR><BR><BR>(lot of nice pics)<BR><BR><BR>(goto "Unterkunft" (accomodations)and here to "Ferienwohnungen", very cheap I found)<BR><BR><BR>(good for informations, "Unterkunft" perhaps doesnt work)<BR><BR><BR><BR>For more information or any detailed help/translations, just ask<BR><BR>Have fun<BR>Gar<BR>

Rock Lee Nov 22nd, 2001 07:40 PM

Dear Miriam,Alec and Gar,<BR>Thanks a lot for your replies.<BR>The Kaiserstuhl I referred to is the Swiss one.It is in central Switzerland<BR>near Lungern.Apparently it is called Kaiserstuhl because the Kaiser used to be a regular visitor to this beautiful place.<BR>Strangely a couple of my Swiss friends who otherwise are well travelled also were unaware of this place !<BR>Any way thanks a pile<BR>Rock<BR>

Ursula Nov 22nd, 2001 10:52 PM

Hi Rock! <BR>There is indeed a very tiny village called Kaiserstuhl with just 220 inhabitants near Lungern in the Canton of Obwalden. I have not yet heard about it either, when we hear Kaiserstuhl we are thinking of the more important one in the Canton of Aargau close to the German border.<BR>I did a search with (Swiss search machine) and this is what I found at:<BR><BR><BR>Under "Portrait" you will find some information in English.<BR>For accommodation click "Kur- und Verkehrsverein Lungern". Best would probably be to get in contact with them re. self-catering accommodation.<BR>There is also a nice looking hotel called "Kaiserstuhl".<BR><BR><BR>R ock, this is about all, I could find. <BR>PS: There are some beautiful pictures of the area.<BR>Enjoy, if you decide to spend some time there!<BR>

jw Nov 24th, 2001 04:43 AM

Hello Rock. When I first read your post, I thought the town name rang a bell but couldn't place it. Thanks to Ursula's post, I remember it now. Or actually, I remember admiring Lungern from the train many times on the route from Brienzersee to Lucerne. I've never had the pleasure of staying on Lungernsee, but I'd like to sometime. Please keep in touch and let us know what type of accommodations you were able to find in Kaiserstuhl (and how expensive it is), and if by any chance you find out if Kaiserstuhl has a train stop or how far a walk it is from the Lungern station, I'll be most grateful. Is Kaiserstuhl on the lake? How's that for barging in on your thread?

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