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Just wondering, has anyone ever been a victim of crime in Venice?

Just wondering, has anyone ever been a victim of crime in Venice?

Sep 11th, 2001, 04:28 AM
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Just wondering, has anyone ever been a victim of crime in Venice?

We just back from 10 days in Italy and I was wondering this question while I was in Venice and thought I'd come back and ask my experienced Fodorites if anyone has ever been mugged or worse in Venice (not talking pick pocketting)? The way the city is laid out with its oh-so-small alley ways and streets where sometimes you are the only ones on that street - day or night - just seems to maybe lend itself to someone "jumping" out and mugging you. If I weren't with my husband, I would have been kind of scared I think. Anyone had any bad experiences like this in Venice?
Sep 11th, 2001, 01:47 PM
John G
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Never! But, my friend who is a tour guide for Trafalgar Tours in Roma always warns against the gypsy children. I used to laugh him off, but one day in Firenze and once on the Ramblas is Barcelona I saw it with my own eyes. There was recently an expose on 60 Minutes that showed the pickpockets on the trains in Roma. It certainly makes you wary. JG
Sep 11th, 2001, 02:46 PM
richard j vicek
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Good evening, Brook Have spent over
70 nights in Venice over the last 30
years and can not recall a negative
experience, on very rare occasion you
will find a begger, however no roving
hords...Personally think Venice and Wien
are perhaps the two most "safe" cities.
Richard of Lagrange Park, Il.
Enjoy Venice!!!!!!
Sep 11th, 2001, 07:28 PM
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I have been followed in Venice, but I don't know what his intentions were. I doubt it was some Italian being flirtatious, he was much younger than me and never actually spoke to me. I know he was following me because he kept appearing on side streets like he know exactly where I was headed. I finally ditched into a hotel lobby and waited awhile before I left. it could have been nothing or maybe something, it was easy enough to get out of and added some adventure to my trip.
Sep 26th, 2001, 01:30 PM
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Topping...any other stories/thoughts?
Sep 26th, 2001, 02:45 PM
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I've been a total of 13 nights, 5 solo, and never really had a worry. But, my street smart sensors always are on alert from living in the city for 11 years. My mom was a bit concerned when I took her a few years back and felt as you did. But, once she oriented herself (as best as possible in Venice), she was fine at night.

I hope that you had a wonderful time while you were there.
Sep 26th, 2001, 05:23 PM
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I am not sure if this experience classifies as "victim of a crime in Venice' or not? We had just spent our last night in this fantastic city and woke up to commence packing. It was late fall and quit cool. We could not find my wife's new silk long undies. They simply were not in the room and we looked everywhere. I tell her "it was the Belini Ghost, she says "it was the Belini rat!"
Sep 26th, 2001, 05:36 PM
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Didn't have a single bad experience in Venice... in fact the only thing stolen was my heart.
Sep 26th, 2001, 05:40 PM
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It can be quite quiet, dark and imposing in Venice at night in many areas. Kind of spooky at first take.

However, my wife and I, nor her nor I have ever had a problem there. And we do not know of anyone that has had a problem there.

A long time ago we 'grilled' our hotel management to 'spill the beans' and didn't get a single horror story.

Interesting . . . one can look for problems and not find them. I am convinced the only crime that ever takes place in Venice is too many people crowding on a vaporetto . . . or having to leave.
Sep 26th, 2001, 05:51 PM
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Was on vaporetto from train station with our luggage. A guy was pretending to shoot a camcorder on his shoulder but his other hand was making its way up under my husband's blazer to his pants pocket. Without thinking, I slapped the guy's hand away and he moved away. It was too crowded to catch him.
Sep 26th, 2001, 05:58 PM
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I've been to Venice several times,the last time for a two week stay. The places to be very cautious are on the vaporetti where they squeeze passengers in like sardines and in Piazzo San Marco vicinity. Never had a problem because have always worn money and important docs in a pounch around my neck that is under sweater/jacket. Handbag had guidebook umbrella and small camera with book on top of the stack to thwart roving hands. No butt pinchers either. If you hear people walking up behind you, turn around and stare them right in the eye...they will back off. never felt threatened while walking around even late at night. Buon Viaggio.
Sep 26th, 2001, 09:04 PM
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Hi Brooke, Not actually a crime victim, but heres what happened to me when we were in Venice during Carnavale in 2000. Crossing a bridge in St. Marks square and it was so crowded, like sardines. On the steps some guy pushed past me, very good looking well dressed in a beautiful suit and topcoat. He knocked me down, and on the steps I found a wallet so I picked it up and asked the person in front of me if they had dropped it. No, then along comes another guy, really scraggly looking and pushes past us the same way. I was really getting sick of this rudeness, there was no place to move out of there way! I get across the bridge and at the bottom is the good looking guy with handcuffs on and the scraggly guy holding him. So much for judging a book by its cover. I hold up the wallet and try to explain I found it, the scraggly guy doesn't speak english, but he takes the wallet from me. Just then another dirty looking guy brings over a german woman who understands english but not Italian, and she can't figure out what they want with her. Then she sees her wallet. Seems the good lookin guy picked her purse and these undercover cops saw him. He dropped it ruuning from them, didn't want it on him, but I found it, and until she saw her wallet didn't even know she'd been a crime victim. Thats all, it was exciting!
Sep 27th, 2001, 09:00 AM
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Over the years, my wife and I (both now Seniors), have wandered the remotest alleys of Venice night and day without incident. The most recent trip was in 2000. We are from San Francisco, so, we are city smart, but we have never felt threatened in Venice.
Sep 27th, 2001, 12:19 PM
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Venice has never felt at all dangerous or threatening to me, but I think it depends on your perspective. I spend most of my US time in New York and Chicago, so the pickpockets and riff raff are no new thing. It's kind of moody and atmospheric to be able to wander down those little alleys and walkways and not watch for gang bangers or armed robbers.
Sep 27th, 2001, 01:01 PM
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Thanks for everyone's great replies! It's really good to hear that no one who responded has experienced any serious crimes in Venice. Like I said, I was just wondering when I was in the streets at night. I'm actually a city girl myself.
Sep 28th, 2001, 09:44 AM
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Venice, London, Prague, Cape Town, Cuzco, Casablanca? Does it really make a difference? One has to be street smart regardless of where you might be. My dad was mugged in Las Vegas, so it happens everywhere. Just remember, common sense and always be aware of your surroundings.

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