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Just Back! - Trip Report - Amalfi Coast - Part I - Capri

Just Back! - Trip Report - Amalfi Coast - Part I - Capri

May 24th, 2008, 01:34 PM
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For those who want info on the apartment...
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May 26th, 2008, 07:50 AM
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Pompeii -

We had wanted to do on site while we were on the Amalfi Coast, and I left it up to my husband since he had more interest. He was considering Pompeei, Paestum or Herculeneum (?sp).

In talking to our B&B owner in Capri, he said Pompeii was a "must see" and should be first on our list.

We were trying to figure out the best way to get there, and asked our on-site agent when she came to pick up our deposit Sunday night, and inquired about mention of a tour we had seen in their book in the apartment.

She told us she did not know when it was, probably Thurs, and would "try" to get us a spot, but be aware it would be cancelled if at least 8 people had not signed up.

She called us that afternoon and told us we had gotten in, and that the tour left Tues, the next day. They would pick us up at the Best Western Hotel Pasitea, a short walk up the hill from our apartment. We were thrilled! It only cost us 43E each.

The small van picked us up, and made stops along the way, and at first we panicked because he was driving toward Amalfi. We had both thought we would head to Sorrento and go that way. We confirmed with the other guests in the van that we were in fact on the "Pompeii Express" tour.

The van drove us to Amalfi, where we boarded a very large, very comfortable bus, and our guide met us. He started the tour on the bus, and it was fascinating to drive through the small towns of Maiori (?sp) and Minori, and Vietri along the way.

The bus driver was excellent, as was the tour guide. The tour group luckily was small - about 20 of us. There was one couple that brought a baby, who obviously had croup, and was coughing the whole time. The day was cold and rainy, and no sweater even for him. I won't expound on my beliefs about children in places like this, but he obviously would have been more comfortable at home in a warm bed, rather than out in the cold for 3 hours. He was there for the benefit of the parents, not for him, as he was only about a year old, and likely didn't appreciate what he was seeing. I felt sorry for him.

As mentioned, this was our first day of drizzle. Luckily it was not pouring rain, though, and cleared a bit mid-day.

When we arrived on site, we paid our own entrance fee - 12E/pp, and requested a map and guide in English. All out. We were glad we had a flesh and blood guide with us, as Pompeii is very large, and without some sort of guide it would be hard to know what you are seeing. Our guide told us that was not at all uncommon - to be out of English guides, as lots of tour buses come, and the guides go very quickly.

I was not really thrilled about spending a 1/2 day at Pompeii, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that it was easy to get there the way we did it, our guide, and the site really is interesting, along with seeing other towns along the way. I would not want to do a full day though. Even my husband found 1/2 day to be more than enough.

Here are a few pictures...


I hope I do not offend anyone by saying this, but one of the pictures shows an image, which I had not noticed walking. Our guide pointed out that this was a discreet way to show the visitors to Pompeii which way it was to the bordello.

The bodies were interesting, if a bit grusome, as the skull and teeth were intact. Our guide also mentioned that they did not know the severity of the eruption, as they found 15 loaves of carbonized bread in the brick oven, showing life had been going on as usual.

He also told us that most of the people died the second day from the gas, not from the ash and lava. Very interesting, if somber, place to see.

We arrived back in Positano, and decided to check out places for lunch, as it was not late afternoon and we both were starving. We ended up eating down by the beach again - this time at the outdoor tables at O' Capurale, Via Regina Giovanna 12 - 089811188. I had lasagne, which was very good. In fact everything we ate in Positano and surrounds was good.

We were stuffed, so decided once again to skip dinner. We walked back to Zagara (?sp) on the way home and got some desserts, and then got a bottle of wine at the Deli across the street. Best canollis I've ever eaten!!

Tomorrow - Amalfi.....
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May 26th, 2008, 08:38 AM
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Hi wanderer,

loving the report - your villa choices worked out well.

i couldn't resist opening your photo gallery of pompeii, after the advert - I'd never have spotted the offending article if you hadn't mentioned it!

looking forward to amalfi,

regards, ann
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May 26th, 2008, 10:39 AM
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I really enjoyed reading your report today and can't wait for the rest. Your pictures are fantastic. Have you thought about changing your retirement plans to Italy instead? It is a dream of mine...
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May 26th, 2008, 11:00 AM
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On to Amalfi - Wed.

Wed we had read in the book at the apartment that there was a market in Amalfi, so decided to take the boat over and check it and the town out.

Catching a boat is really easy. There are huts down at the main beach. Several different vendors, you just pick the timetable that works best for you. You can buy a one-way or RT ticket. One way to Amalfi was 6E each.

We got up fairly early, stopped for coffee at Caffe Positano - our morning hangout - and then went down to the boats, bought our tickets, and had another cup of coffee at the outdoor cafe there.

They had told us at the tourist office in town that we had to buy our boat tickets the day before, and also that if the weather was iffy they would not go out. Turns out you can buy the tickets the same day, no problem, which worked for us, since if it was pouring rain, we would have changed our plans.

The boat ride is quick - about 20 min. Fun to see things from the water. It was a drizzly day, but toward lunch time cleared up a bit.

We mainly wanted to see the Duomo, which is stunning, and walk the streets of town. The Cloister is a must-see as well. Lots of artifacts collected over the years. Very interesting.

We found Amalfi to be a cute town, full of energy, perhaps a bit too much near the bus terminus. A little more touristy and souvenier-type shops to us than Positano. This through the eyes of day-trippers though. I'm sure, just like anywhere, if you stay there, you discover all the secret pockets that make it special.

Here are a few pictures...

I had wanted to eat at Lo Smeraldino, and walked over but it was closed. Perhaps they don't do lunch. So we headed back toward town and just happened up Marina Grande, which was great.


It's in a really great spot, right on the water, food is wonderful, prices are reasonable, and service is impeccable. Something about the decor makes you feel like you are on a yacht.

They have the best chocolate dish anyone who loves chocolate could ever have. I forget what it is called now, but it was not what I expected. I think it is listed as chocolate cake. But it comes on a plate, and has 4-5 different chocolate surprises. One small white chocolate piece, one dark chocolate, another piece, but my absolute favorite was in a small shot-type glass - some sort of warm chocolate drink. It was rich, but not too-much so. I was in heaven!

We had considered going up to Ravello, but were hoping better weather, so decided to put it off until the following day - as mistake as it turns out, but we wanted more time to spend there. We would have had better weather had we gone that afternoon. Who knew.

No shopping other than window shopping here. Still wanted to wait to see what Ravello had, and we still had Friday as well.

Tomorrow, on to Ravello!


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May 26th, 2008, 11:04 AM
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bfrac -

I could easily retire to Italy, and posed that to my husband - seriously - quite a few times.

This is our third trip to Italy - have been to Venice, Rome and Amalfi Coast now, and we really both love how the Italians love life and work to live, not live to work.

The seemingly slower pace of life appeals to me, however I know there is much we don't see. When we rented our apartment in Rome, the owners became good friends, and shared some of there dislikes.

No place is perfect, but Italy sure is magical..... One of our favorite vacation spots!
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May 26th, 2008, 11:05 AM
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p.s. We never did find the market in Amalfi (??)
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May 26th, 2008, 12:12 PM
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On to Ravello - Thursday.

As I previously mentioned, we messed up, and Thurs we woke up hopeful, but after our usual coffee at Caffe Positano, saw the clouds rolling in.

We decided to go anyway, and not wait until Friday, because who knew what Friday would be like.

My advice here - the first nice day, get yourselves to Ravello.

That being said, Villa Cimbrone, and Villa Rufolo are two places that can't be spoiled by weather. I will also say that if the day is halfway decent, you can't take a bad picture. Stunning. Simply said.

We took the boat again to Amalfi, and stopped in the tourist office right near where the buses are to inquire about which bus goes to Ravello. A woman there directed sold us tickets, and directed us to a small canopy area. We inquired as to the next bus to Ravelllo, and found it was not for another 45 minutes.

It was growing cooler, so I decided to duck into a nearby shop and try and find a sweatshirt. No sooner had I entered the shop, than I heard my husband's voice yelling after me, "Come quick. The bus is here." We barely made it, and the young girl who had told us the bus schedule seemed baffled (she worked there)(??).

Anyway, we were glad to make it on. The bus ride up is very steep, with few guardrails, but really didn't bother me. I could see that my husband didn't once look out the window.

Time to get to Ravello was only about 15 minutes. Ravello is very cute. A small little Piazza, and a Duomo, and some small shops around.

We decided to check out the Duomo, which was under construction, and then go grab lunch on the way to Villa Cimbrone in case the clouds let loose, then head to Villa Rufolo.

I had read about a restaurant called da Salvatore, which is out near where the buses stop. I believe it is also a B&B. Walked to the entrance and downstairs, onto the terrace, but could find no one, so decided to head toward Villa Cimbrone and another restaurant I had read about in the Villa Amore.

We found the small side street to turn down, down many steps to the Villa Amore. We couldn't figure out the entrance to get into the restaurant though! My husband was about walked out at this point, so I went down the many more steps to the terrace, and the door in was locked. I could see people sitting there, drinking, but they just looked at me and ignored me.

We were ready to leave, when I decided to try the door which looked like it went into the B&B (which it did). A little old Italian lady came over, and I apologized because I think they were not yet open, and she kind of glared at her son like "Why didn't you let them in the other door?" and off we went, to a great table on the terrace. Very nice meal. We ordered a glass of wine each, and they don't sell that way, but the waiter opened a bottle for us, and left if on the table and said "drink what you like, it's OK". I double-checked as we left to make sure we weren't charged for the bottle and we weren't. Skeptical tourist!

On the way there, we had passed another place that looked lovely on the right, I think it was Villa Maria restaurant. Beautiful terrace with classical music playing in the background.

Villa Cimbrone is in a word stunning. I liked it better than Villa Rufolo, not sure why, maybe because it is a way out of town - not much - about a 10 min walk. It is otherworldly, and I can't imagine it on a nice day.

We toured the grounds, I tried to get my husband to have our picture taken in an area that bend out over the cliff (fenced in) and he wouldn't stand there, so off to the side we went. Funny, we've been married for 17 years and this is truly the first time I have seen him so afraid of heights.

We then decided to head to Villa Rufolo, before checking out the shops. Villa Rufolo is also magical, although for me not quite so. Perhaps because it was more crowded. We tried in vain to get the "famous" tree picture, but the weather just was not cooperating.

Then on to check out the shops. Back at the Piazza, with the Duomo on your right, if you head away from the Piazza, you come to a little shop that sells some ceramics, but mostly linens. They have beautiful handmade things. The young girl that worked there told me they have 3 families that do work for them. We bought some adorable "bee" linen napkins. Out that shop, and higher up, you come to the tourist office, which has a good map of Ravello. Just beyond that is a large ceramic shop.

They had some unique things there that I had not seen elsewhere - a business card holder that was very cute. I can't remember which was which now, but the two shops we liked the best were:

Ceramiche d'arte, Via della Republica 41 - 3989858576, and Cosmolena, Villa S. Franceso and Via dei Rufolo, 089858450.

The shops are very competitive, some offer free shipping. They will customize pieces if you don't see something that you like. Still we liked more what we saw in Positano, and the pieces seemed to be a little cheaper or the same. So, the bee napkins were it...

Some Ravello photos (such as they are...)


Tomorrow - our last day in Positano
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May 26th, 2008, 02:21 PM
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Enjoying your report so much! Brings back great memories.

I actually had a light lunch at Villa Maria on their terrace. Great views! I also bought my large serving platter at Ceramiche d'Arte in Ravello. Very high quality pieces, I thought.

Do continue!
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May 26th, 2008, 05:04 PM
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Ok, on to our last day....

Sadly, Fri came way too fast, as it always does with vacations.

We (I) had planned to visit Vietri for a portion of the day, but my husband was not at all thrilled with the idea. The weather was better than most of the week, and he wanted to just hang out and be in Positano, rather than spending half a day traveling to look at ceramics that might not be any better/cheaper than what was already in Positano.

So I decided to give in, and keep the peace...

Now I had another problem to deal with. For our whole 10 day trip - longest trip we've taken since we've been married (17 years), I had nothing to take home other than "bee" napkins. Very nice bee napkins, but that was it.

Not that that's a bad thing, but I craved and had dreamed about taking home a few (at least) pottery pieces, and perhaps some of those butter soft Italian leather shoes.

So if I was to stay in Positano for the day, I told my husband shopping was part of the deal.

Off we went to visit the stores we had seen on our first few days out.

I tried on some beautiful ballet slippers at the sandal store. Too big. Tried the next smaller size - too small. Given the price of 45E, which in and of itself is a bargain, with the exchange rate, I just couldn't pull the trigger. If they had fit like a glove I would have bought them in an instant. But I couldn't see spending almost 90 US on something that didn't feel right.

So on we went to hunt for ceramics. Back to a store where we had seen an olive oil carafe that was beautiful, and very reasonable at 22E. I wanted to ship as we travel (due to some past bad experiences with luggage) with carryons only.

That became a huge problem, as the very nice salesperson explained they (and everyone) ship by volume, not by weight. So it would cost as much to ship the piece as to buy it. He assured us he could wrap it securely, so we bought it and off we went. Bought at Ceramiche Mariagrazia D'Orso - Via Paeitea 8 - 0898123481.

The next thing I had in mind was a rooster. I have a thing for roosters, and loved the ceramic ones in Positano. I had looked in every store where we saw ceramics, and we just happened to walk into one that had four different sizes of roosters in a great design. Upstairs, they had a whole shelf of them, ready to topple, so I quickly excused myself and headed back downstairs. In looking at all the roosters, the sales clerk told me there were many more upstairs. I told him we had been up there, and envisioned a loud crash as we were there, where they all fell to the floor. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Very nice salespeople. Again, wrapped to carry, very well. Store is Emporio Della Ceramica, Via Christoforo Columbo 11-1, 03875470654. 18E.

We puttered around, and looked at a couple of other shops. Neither of us quite sure what we wanted to bring home. My husband says I would have bought the store out if I could have.

One store we had wandered into our first day had a really unique clock, which I liked, my husband did, but didn't like the design.

We stopped in again, and looked at it, and the sales person explained that all the pieces were one of a kind, that you would not find them elsewhere, that they were limited editions and signed, which we noticed on the bottom of the clock. He mentioned that the clock design was hand painted as a replica of an old Pompeii design, and that clicked with my husband. Now he wanted the clock, and I wasn't so sure.

I knew we had seen another clock, different design, and wanted to see it again. My husband wanted to buy the clock, as he knew if this one sold while we thought about it, that was it.

So we went outside to talk, and went back in to purchase it. This time we were talking 100E, so asked that it be shipped. Same problem, same story from the sales person. Would cost us more to ship it than the clock itself.

Purchased at Carro Umberto, Via Pasitea, 32/34, 089875352.

So we made a decision to have it wrapped carefully and take our chances.

Now we had to find a way to get all this back. Swiss International allows (as most airlines do) one carry-on and one "personal" bag.

I had my carry-on and my purse as my personal bag and my husband had his carryon and a backpack we had bought our first day out.

We ended up squeezing the backpack and my purse into the carryons (which was a gamble, as these were just at weight flying in) and buying the biggest tote bags we could find to carry our ceramic pieces and my husband's meds.

Luckily, all things made it home in one piece, and we enjoy them immensely!!

For lunch, I tried to find the boat with the red fish on the mast - Da Adolfo, which takes you to their private beachfront restaurant. It must have been too early in the season, though, as it didn't appear, so we had lunch at La Pergola again, which was as good as the first time.

We walked "home" with our treasures and to pack, and thought we'd cook in that night and relax. The on-site agent came to take the electricity reading and was amazed that we had hardly used any. That's when she told me the A/C unit also is heat (if you do it in reverse?) and I was mortified. All those nights I slept in my sweater over my pajamas and nightgown!

She returned our security deposit, and we confirmed our 6am pickup the next morning for transport to Naples airport. 100E, but we felt worth it.

We asked the agent, "if" we had dinner out, where she would suggest and she said "La Cambusa", the same place an American woman we talked to at La Pergola told us we had to eat at.

As tired as we were, we decided to have a farewell dinner. I'm glad we did. It was a beautiful night, the setting was great, the service superb, and the food top shelf. I left my reading glasses on the table by mistake and we had walked down to the beach to take pictures, and they found us there and returned them to me.

Our ride to the airport the next morning was an adventure to say the least. I had anticipated the same drive back as when we were picked up, actually hoping we got the same woman. We instead had an older gentleman, very good English, very cordial, but a scary driver. He would gun the car, go around the corners, and gun it again. I was starting to get really afraid, and really sick.

When we came to the straightaway in Naples, I finally had to tell my husband to tell him to slow down, that I felt sick, as he must have been going at least 100 mph, darting in and out of lanes, cursing the "Sunday Drivers" ahead of him.

My husband asked him to please slow down, that I was not feeling well, and that lasted all of 10 minutes. I had visions of Princess Diana's car crashing inside that tunnel in Paris. I have never been so glad to be out of a car in all my life!

On to Naples airport, and one bad experience I must warn people about, although it is mostly my being naive.

Our neighbors watched our cat for us while we were away. I wanted to get them something from the area, but we couldn't find anything we liked. At the airport, I decided they might like a bottle of limoncello. So I went into the duty free shop and inquired how that worked, what with securities regulations, and restrictions on liquid. The woman there told me that as long as I had both my boarding passes (we had a connection in Zurich), and she stamped them, they put a receipt into a bad with the liquor, which got sealed, and which was fine to bring on board.

So I purchased it, and all was fine until we arrived in Zurich. At security, I showed them the sealed bag, and all 3 of the agents there looked very sad for me and said "We are so sorry, but we cannot allow you to bring that on board." They told me I could check it which I do not understand. If there is something tampered with, why is it any safer as checked luggage? The terminal to check luggage was a tram ride away, and I was exhausted, so I just told them to take it. They told me that they tell everyone that in Naples, just so that they will purchase something.

It's not the money, I just felt really betrayed. Even if the duty free shop had told me I would have to check it, I would have still purchased it and checked it while we were in that terminal..... Live and learn! But if someone can explain to me the carry-on vs. check in of liquid, I'd like to know for future reference....

Regrets? None, really. We had such a great time.

If we could do it over, we would have spent one more night on Capri. And all of it at La Minerva. To just chill, after seeing all the "tourist" things.

I would have done more leg exercises, not had wine, coffee, or pretzels on the plane, and maybe prevented the blood clot scare that I had.

We might have stayed closer to town in Positano to be closer to everything and cut down on the walking.

I would have bought more ceramics. There was a wine decanter that I really wanted, I didn't buy it due to space and the fact we had already spent SO much money on this trip. But now I look back and think - geez - 28E. We'll not be back here for a very long time. I'd have used it all the time for wine, OJ, etc. It's a fine line. I am very frugal, so I didn't want to overspend, but to have things around you each day that remind you of your trip is special.

I'm thankful though just that we were able to go on this trip and for what we do have to remember it by.


Many. It was a trip of a lifetime. Somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time.

Spending 10 days with my husband - alone.

Not working for 10 whole days.

Living the good life - if only for awhile.

And maybe on this trip I learned something - two weeks before the trip our computer crashed and my research and planning came to an end.

Not that I had not already planned alot - hotels and transfers were taken care of. We had a very general sense of what we wanted to see and not miss.

But the restaurants, shops, all the little things I like to have in hand to make sure we don't miss got - well, missed.

And in this chaos (to me) and panic right before a trip, I learned that sometimes the best plan is not to have one. That sometimes just being in the moment is enough or better.

I learned "Il Dolce Far Niente" - the sweet art of doing nothing...... and am better for it.


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May 26th, 2008, 06:58 PM
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Wonderful report!!!

I enjoyed everything about it.

Loved that last day of shopping, too.

So glad you had such a nice time.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

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May 27th, 2008, 01:52 AM
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Last thoughts...

A few things I came across that I forgot about.

There were a couple of restaurants people who had stayed at Baleno recommended, which we just didn't get to try (Positano).

da Vincenzo, Viale Pasitea 172/178, 39089875128,

Donna Rosa (in Montepertuso, not Positano) - you can take the Orange bus there - expensive.

Il Ritrovo (also in Montepertuso) - expensive.

Pupetto -

Saraceno d'Oro - Viale Pasitea - no credit cards.

For drinks - all are said to have stunning views:

San Pietro hotel

Le Sireneuse hotel

Le Terrazze - via grotte dell incanto 51 - 39089875874. They also have music (Music on the Rocks) - the the far left side of the main beach as you face the water.


I bought a really cute geometric design straw purse at Marilu - Via Dei Mulini 17. Only 16E. Something similar I had seen in the States for @ $100US.

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May 27th, 2008, 02:37 AM
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dina4 -

When are you going (you are staying a Villa Rosa right)? Where else are you going?

Let me know how you liked it. We may stay there next time.
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May 27th, 2008, 05:11 AM
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we are leaving three weeks from today!!

i'm so excited, and yes, we are staying at the villa rosa. i will definitely write a trip report when we return.

re: shopping...
i totally agree that it's such a joy to have reminders of your trip in your home. and i cracked up when you said you regret not buying that carafe for 28euros because you were trying to be frugal at the time. been there. i'll try to remember that lesson on my trip!!

where else are we going?
Capri (just 1 night), Sardinia, Milan, Florence, Montalcino, Rome
We will be there for 3 weeks.


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May 27th, 2008, 07:10 AM
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Hello Wander1!

I have so enjoyed your trip report and your wonderful pictures! What a way to start my morning as I sit here with sipping my tea and eating a Trader Joe's Cherry Granola cookie!

There were so many similarities to your travel experiences and pictures, I feel a kindred spirit!

Your first picture that made me laugh out loud was the ceramic tiger and the cat sitting in the doorway - brilliant!

I also identify with making a temporary "kitty friend" and missing your own cat while travelling. We had a week long rent-a-cat when we stayed in Umbria for a week (and feeding too).

You mentioned a rescue program, and you might find something in larger cities - I've visited the Cat Santuary in Rome (I'm sure you can find more info online on that).

I identified with your search for:

a sweatshirt (in my case it was flip flops); wondering how those Italian women walk in heels on cobblestone streets; fantising about retiring to Italy (bet everyone on this board has THAT one); and ceramics.

I always find some large platter that I want - totally impractical; besides the shipping charges there's always the possibility that you'll get home to find it in pieces in the box and then it's months haggling with insurance/forms,etc. So, I just resist.

On our last trip I saw this fabulous platter (approx. $200); as I knew I wouldn't be buying or shipping, but instead I took a picture - I'm thinking "hmmm...Color Me Mine" to replicate?

We also travel with carry-on luggage only and it IS hard to find smaller things to bring back as gifts or thank you's for the cat sitter; but to have your limoncello confiscated? That's just criminal!

Your cab driver in Naples - I think we had his cousin in Rome (only I was pretty entertained by him). We called him "Mini Me" - he was about 150 years old, drove about 70mph, with one hand while pointing out places of interest with the other, and flirted with every woman he saw within a 6' radius of the cab. Soooo Italian!

Again, thank you for a wonderful report!


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May 27th, 2008, 09:54 AM
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Dear wanderer1,
What a beautiful report... I got goose bumps just reading it!! thank you for taking time to share.

I clicked on your report because my DD is in Orvieto doing a college study abroad program and asked me to help her researching for their 3 different weekends away. She would like to visit the Capri/Amalfi Coast area. I was there several yrs ago, but for the life of me can not find any of my files. They will need a place to stay also. Your B&B's listed sounded delightful, but I'm wondering if it would be appropriate for 3-5 college girls?? What do you think? Any area in particular you think they would enjoy? If you have time, I'd appreciate any input you could offer. Thx
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May 27th, 2008, 11:03 AM
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What great memories! Regarding the limoncello - I think those security people just like limoncello!
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May 27th, 2008, 02:29 PM
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wlzmatilida -

Yes, I have also been the the cat sanctuary in Rome. Loved it. I was hoping they had some sort of similar thing on Amalfi Coast for strays. The dogs in Pompeii broke my heart....

I wanted to take home the little kitty that I befriended, since I think she needs medical care for her eyes, and my husband said "No way". I promised I'd give her up, but he said we don't know that she's not someone's pet. True.

As to your DD. Are she and her friends quiet types, or want more of a place where they can party a little? How much are they looking to spend?

I'll send you my thoughts once I know those things.

Glad everyone enjoyed the report.
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May 27th, 2008, 03:48 PM
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umm.... not necessarily the quiet types, but certainly not wild and crazy (know you didn't imply that) Yes, I'm sure they would want to party some, too. Gotta remember they are college kids in Italy probably wine tasting just about every night. I'm thinking the other girls parents will be "helping" with the cost, (like us) so it's hard to say what their budget would be. I could find out, but I'm thinking something like $200-300 range per night. Will that get you a nice place. I checked with your BB Aiano and I was disappointed they didn't have availability on the dates needed. It looked really nice.
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May 27th, 2008, 04:59 PM
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I will check some places on Capri for you. I am assuming you mean US $$ (the figure you provided?)

As to Amalfi Coast, I think they would really enjoy Positano, and I would say they would want to be down near the beach.

So two suggestions come to mind - in the least expensive, but still OK (nice) category that I wouldn't mind my daughter staying at -




This is about bottom line for price in Positano. I will do some more scouting around Capri/Anacapri, but if I was young - even now - I would want to stay in Capri near the center of the action.

Will post tomorrow the Capri suggestions.
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