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john Apr 25th, 1999 04:59 AM

Just back from Rome and Chianti!
<BR>Just got back from Italy! Any questions,I would be glad to help! <BR>

Beth Apr 25th, 1999 10:34 AM

Do tell us more.. what were the highlights? You mention Volpaia in another posting,did you tour here? did you reserve in advance? what were your favorite wineries in Chianti? restaurants? (enough questions?? :-) )

Ron Apr 25th, 1999 10:38 AM

We will be leaving Friday for a 7 nite stay in an apartment in a converted farmhouse outside San Gimignano, and 4 nites in Montalcino: <BR>1. Any particular sites, locations etc., that are not obvious in the guide books that you would reccommend? <BR>2. Any experience that you would suggest to avoid? <BR>3. Any Winery you would suggest (times etc. if possible)? <BR>4. I have driven in Italy before but not in that region - are the 'country' roads tough? <BR>5. What was your favorite one or two spots, restaurants, etc.? <BR>6. Any political repercussions re. Kosovo? <BR>7. Any other comments? <BR> <BR>Answering any or all of these questions would be highly appreciated! <BR>Thanks!!!!

Linda Apr 25th, 1999 07:12 PM

John....did jet lag set in with a vengeance? Anxiously awaiting your recovery.

julie Apr 26th, 1999 04:26 PM

Transportation from Airport into city? What did you use.

Mike Apr 26th, 1999 09:20 PM

Yes, what is open. Is the Pantheon open yet. The Forum? What is closed? Thanks so much

john May 2nd, 1999 10:02 AM

<BR>WOW... Where do I start? <BR>Ok...First of all we are wimps!! <BR>We got to Rome about 8:30 am ..we took a taxi which was 80,000 lire..ride went quick. we also tapped Mac on the way to baggage claim we brought very little cash with us..every 100,000 lire was about 55.00 US from the Mac. <BR> <BR>Hotel checked us in right away and then out to the streets...we had a great lunch at Nino's by the Spanish steps..we walked a bit after lunch and then took a nap from 3-6pm...then out on the streets again...great dinner and we would finish every night at the piazza Navona for coffee. we would not get back to our room until midnight or later each night..BUT we needed the NAP!!! <BR>MAC machines every where!! Don't bring traveler checks..people who had them wished they didn't. <BR> <BR>We ate at rest. suggested by Cheap Eats in Italy( not all are cheap$$$) <BR>Two we really liked were for local flavor was Orso 80 and Al Fontanone both low on glitz high on flavor and very friendly!! <BR>Eveything is open!!!!!! <BR> <BR>No problems with Kosvo at all. <BR> <BR>Get a good map circle some towns in Chianti and just drive there.. there is so much, don't worry about what you might miss enjoy what you find at the time!....We loved Volpaia..also go to Panzano and look for the Tulo family they make cheese and if you find Rita she will show you around and let you sample fresh ricotta..wowww!..she also has a neet aunt. <BR>Badia Coltibono..11th century Monistery still is an active church and Lorenza Di Meddichi lives there. <BR> <BR>On the auto stratta you can do 100 with no problem so you can get to most places in Italy very very quickly!! But once you get there for example Chianti things slow down considerably..all though the roads are good....allow extra time for travel in rural areas. <BR>There is a rest. in Rhadda$$$ called Vignale..and there is a rest in Volpaia both very very good by the way only 1 rest in each town. <BR> <BR>Look, I read 9 books on Italy before I left. I wanted to know as much as I could. I hate the thought of missing something and I hate tours!!! We do things all on our own. <BR>Make your own memories and you can always go back!! <BR> <BR>There was so many questions I hope I got to most of them and sorry about the spelling. <BR>I would be happy to answer any one that I may have missed. <BR> <BR>johnny

Kathy May 2nd, 1999 04:57 PM

<BR>John: I am assuming that MAC machines that you refer to are ATM machines. Is that assumption correct? Thanks

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