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Karen Sep 19th, 2000 06:04 PM

Jules Verne Restaurant
Tell me more about the Jules Vern Restaurant in the Eiffel. What's the price range? Are all seats with a by a window? What type of food? Any dress for lunch, would slacks and nicer tops be okay? <BR>I've viewed other posting on this restaurant, but not these questions. <BR>Thanks.

Barb Sep 19th, 2000 06:54 PM

We had lunch at the Jules Verne in June. You must make reservations well in advance. It is a Michelin 1 Star restaurant. We booked 2 mths ahead and dinner was not available until October!!It is located on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower and you take a private elevator to get there. Once you have finished lunch you are free to walk around on the 2nd level and take the private elevator back when you are ready to leave. It is very modern in decor, lots of black and white. I think every table has a view, but not every table is by the window. We did get a table by the window (we got lucky, we had not asked for it) and the view is breathtaking. I loved the daytime view so I am glad we did lunch instead of dinner, in retrospect. There is a dress code of no shorts (I saw a group of 8 turned away because 2 men were wearing shorts. Most men had on jackets, not all with ties. I wore a nice dress and our 7yr old wore black slacks, white shirt and tie, my husband wore a jacket and tie (not a suit). I saw several women in nice pants outfits, too. The food was wonderful, especially their signature appetizer which was a slice of a layered fois gras and leek mixture. They also had relatively tame dishes like chicken with mashed potatoes which my 7 yr old had. The 'chef's gift' that day was a tiny apple and shrimp mousse - a 3 bite little morsel of heavenly flavors. I thought they would have more 'adventurous' items on the menu, but there were several steaks, duck, seafood that seemed pretty tame. I had the duck and it was excellent. A cheese course follows with a cheese cart where you select the cheeses that you would like to sample. In addition to dessert, they bring you a little tray of sweets that are 1 bite treats. A tiny lemon tart with a rasberry, etc. They also bring a bowl of little chocolate truffles in odd, rough shapes that are incredible. I suspect that the dinner and lunch menus are the same, but I don't know. I would figure about $100 per person for food/sevice, extra for drinks. The menus are in english, by the way, for those who obviously speak English as their native language (guess our French didn't pass muster) and only my husband received a menu with prices on it.

elaine Sep 21st, 2000 12:36 PM

Barb's info is excellent. I have not seen the lunch menu, would be surprised if it were exactly the same as dinner, but I know from experience a few years ago that it was very difficult if not impossible to keep the dinner bill under $100 pp, and depending on wine or special appetizers (like a lobster appetizer that was the equivalent of about $80 back then), dinner could mount up to hundreds pp.

Melissa Sep 22nd, 2000 11:30 PM

Karen, I went there for lunch and I *think* slacks are OK. I wouldn't err on the side of casual. Lunch cost us $100 per person--that was for Appetizer, entree, and dessert, no alcohol. But don't let the price scare you--that was definitely one of my very best meals in Paris.

Donna Sep 23rd, 2000 11:36 PM

You can find the prices at I, too, would recommend just going - it is such a magnificent experience. Reservations are essential. It's best to book just after booking your room. So long as you look nice, you won't be turned away. No shorts, jogging suits, or sneakers. Casual chic is best at lunch. Folks dress a bit more formally at dinner, but not to "impress". The same as any really nice restaurant where you live. There are very few window tables, due to the odd configuration of the room (corner), and these go quickly well in advance, but you can see just as well from any table, as the room is surrounded by girders anyway. The food is classic French and just fabulous. Sure, you pay for the view and the "location", but the food is top notch. Unbelievably delicious and beautifully presented by a terrific staff. To me, though, it's best to reserve for dinner, well before sunset. Your reservation gets you to the second level, so you should allow time for wandering around and enjoying the views from outside. Also, there's a piano bar, which has better views (from a different direction) even than the restaurant. We didn't want to leave. This is an exquisite and exhillarating experience you'll remember long after you've forgotten what it cost. That said, though, our dinner in June cost us $265 (when the rate was 6.87, it's 7.7 now) ordering a la carte, with two drinks each, a bottle of water, three courses and cappuccinos. (I saved the bill.) We enjoyed a cocktail before dinner, then walked around the perimeter of that level (just around dusk, when the light is ever so incredible), then "dined" enjoying a breathtaking sunset. Then, enjoyed the views of Paris after dark when the lights had been turned on all over from the adjacent piano bar. Unbelievable! Note that we won't be replacing our sofa or refrigerator anytime soon, but we just don't care about that.

jo ann Sep 24th, 2000 06:00 PM

to Karen, Barb, Elaine & Melissa: just wanted to tell you all that I have been looking for such precise info on Jules Verne for about 6 months on this forum, so we can visit in summer 2001. Despite all of the recent comments about boycotting this France forum (vs Europe) and about getting the regulars and the better advice on the Europe forum, you all have given me ideas and facts in detail that I have been looking for. (Example: I understood I should try for a window seat, but didn't know if I had to pick a compass direction to really have a good view. Now I know it's in a corner, and you can walk the promenade!) <BR>Merci! You've really helped me out! <BR>

Deena Sep 27th, 2000 08:20 AM

We ate lunch at the Jules Verne last week and it was fantastic. I made reservations five months ago using the website and requested a table by the window. We called the reservation number the day before to confirm and it worked like a charm. Great table by the window. I wore a dress but noticed some women wearing nice slacks. The service was outstanding and the food was superb. It definately was worth the price. After lunch, we walked down a floor to the observation desk before we took the elevator down. Barb described the experience accurately. We will always remember this wonderful restaurant.

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