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ed Jul 27th, 2000 01:22 PM

Listen to some Jimmy Buffettl. Though they're Caribbean-based, many songs are aimed at travelers like us: <BR> <BR>"Reading departure signs in some big airport <BR>Reminds me of the places I've been <BR>Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure <BR>Makes me want to go back again <BR>If it suddenly ended tomorrow <BR>I could somehow adjust to the fall <BR>Good times and riches and son of a bitches <BR>I've seen more than I can recall <BR>..... <BR>I think about Paris when I'm high on red wine <BR>I wish I could jump on a plane <BR>So many nights I just dream of the ocean <BR>God I wish I was sailin' again <BR>Oh, yesterday's over my shoulder <BR>So I can't look back for too long <BR>There's just too much to see waiting in front of me <BR>And I know that I just can't go wrong" <BR> <BR>-from Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes (could be Changes in Longitudes for the Europe-bound North Americans, Latitudes goes fine for the Australians in the Forum)

Dr. Betty Nov 5th, 2000 07:56 PM

OH MY GOD! <BR> <BR>Was that you ED? THEE Ed I have been hearing so much about lately? It could only be you because you mentioned yourself so many times in your email address. Well I am pleased as punched that you shared that song with me. <BR> <BR>Rock on, <BR>Dr. Betty

keepmoving Nov 5th, 2000 08:16 PM

Therapy for trip WD symptoms: Figure out how to cook something you ate on your trip, plant seeds or starter plants to grow something native to the place you visited, write a long account of some part of your trip, draw or paint a scene or person from your travels, write to someone you met on your trip, study the lang. better in prep. for your return trip.

SB Nov 6th, 2000 08:11 AM

My advice ----find a Milka bar at the German store,install a bidet and a phone shower,make a featherbed with pillows from goodwill,have a nutella and roll for breakfast,make some homeade pesto,paint something terracotta and rent a motor scooter and start planning the next one.

Mags Nov 11th, 2000 09:21 PM

I'm so happy to see that I am not the only one!!! Last year 1999 our family did the tour bus thing ang saw about 15 countires in 29 days!!! It was great but there was so much more that we did not see or wanted to see more of. As soon as we returned I got on the internet and planned a trip for 2000 and we visited Spain/Portugal for 3 weeks.( On our own) WONDERFUL. BUT it is like an addiction now and here I am once more planning a trip for 2001 to France <BR>I agree with all the tips and advice given on this forum!!! I have found also that reading stories from other travellers helps as well and with the help of I have been reading EVERYTHING I can find on places visited and those I intend to visit. <BR>Isn't it a nice addiciton!!! <BR>Happy withdrawals!!!

Art Nov 12th, 2000 07:37 AM

Arrange a Fodors get together. I have approx 20 fodorites coming to my house today for a potluck and BBQ. Everyone is bringing a dish of some type (european where possible) and a photo album. We'll all be travelling vicariously. <BR>Art <BR>

Miane Nov 12th, 2000 10:07 PM

Art: we've just returned from a great BBQ/afternoon with co-fodorites at your place: thanks a million, we had the most wonderful time and the food was delicious! I can only recommend that other fodotites do the same!

Dr. Betty Nov 13th, 2000 10:06 AM

Merci, Grazie, Danke and Gracias, <BR>I thought I was over it but I'm not. If a Fodorite gathering in your home town has been field tested with good results to overcome residuals of post-Europe blues, than I will have to start one of those invitation chains. Stay tuned. <BR>Dr. Betty

Dr. Betty Jul 17th, 2001 09:25 PM

Hey Sausages and Merlot... <BR>Did you go yet? How was it? Did you survive okay? Are you happy or are you blue? I tried mounting photos, like Cass suggested, but that was very unsatisfying. How are all you bluesers doing? Each and every dear one of you. <BR>Dr. Betty

D. Jul 17th, 2001 11:17 PM

I think thats what they mean when they say ignorance is eonly advice i have is to try and find new and different things to know that other saying you can't ever go back??....

helen Jul 19th, 2001 05:55 AM

Oh, thank you Dr Fordor for starting this! All of a sudden, I feel less isolated here in Pretoria, South Africa! Everyone's input is wonderful - it is so good to know one is not suffering alone! I am going to Southern France and Italy for the third time October 2001, and cannot wait! <BR> <BR>Yes, I agree with all the advice! I tried to create my very own little Italy and Provence at home! I painted my house in washed ochre with blue-green ddors and window frames. I put in some terracotta tiles. I bought beautifull jugs in Deruta, which I use to serve wine (it really feels good!) - no bottles or boxes on the table. I have white second hand Italian linen and curtains in my bedroom. And of course, we cannot eat or cook any more without extra virgin olive oil! And I am a real coffee snob now! So spoiled with the strong Italian coffee - planning to bring a lot home this time from Standa! <BR> <BR>To all the sad, blue travellers - enjoy your trip next time! Because for us there will always be a next time! Even if it means to sacrifice something else!

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