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Dr. Fordor Jul 24th, 2000 11:29 AM

I've Got the I'm Just Back From Europe Blues
I've got the I'm just back from Europe blues <BR>Can't find anything meaningful to do <BR>'Cept look at this forum <BR>Now it's borin', borin', borin' <BR>What should I do... plan a cruise? <BR> <BR>Did my travel summary sound too mundane? <BR>Have I just made you jealous or insane? <BR>My mission in life <BR>To reduce human strife <BR>Will it help me get back there again? <BR> <BR>What to do for the post-Europe blues? <BR>Does this forum have any good clues? <BR>A remedy? A cure? A spiritual tour? <BR>Even a list of blue must do's?

Rex Jul 24th, 2000 12:30 PM

The only cure is to get busy planning the next trip back. <BR> <BR>Fodorites' small group tours are forming now. <BR> <BR>We're not addicted; we just gotta get busy securing that next "fix"!! <BR> <BR>Rex

Didntgettogo Jul 24th, 2000 02:05 PM

A response in near-Haiku <BR> <BR>Back from Europe blue <BR>Here’s a quarter <BR>Call one who cares. <BR> <BR>

Dr. Fordor Jul 24th, 2000 05:00 PM

Dear Didntgettogo <BR> <BR>You remind me of my friend in Trailer #45. Thank's for the loan, but I have a cell phone and the people I've spoken to who care have experienced this very same feeling of "Oh, okay, I'm back, doing what I know to do and this can't be the end of it. The end of all that anticipation and planning, that feeling of larger than life world expansiveness?" So I'm thinking this is some kind of syndrome, mild and certainly manageable, but it definitely requires some strategies for transition. <BR>Here's what I've discovered so far: <BR>1. A Provence-like boulangerie in my very own neighborhood. <BR>2. The Tuscan gardens in the Denver Botanic Gardens. <BR>3. Gallon pots of lavender for $3.39 at Home Depot to remind me of the Luberon. <BR>4. Initial plans to build a pergola in my back yard. <BR>5. The library where I can get more information on the Venetian artists that I loved, to extend the feeling of quide book reading with more depth. <BR>6. Information for museum graduate studies with seminars in France, Germany and Italy. <BR>7. Continue listening to the language tapes. <BR>8. Organizing thoughts on taking Opera lovers to Verona, food and wine lovers to Tuscany, food and wine lovers to Alsace and Burgandy. <BR> <BR>And Rex, thanks for reminding me to plan for the next trip. <BR> <BR>Dr. Fordor <BR> <BR> <BR>

sausages&merlot Jul 24th, 2000 10:39 PM

Dear Dr. Fodor: <BR>I did not compose the poem. Furthermore, I understand. I experienced a similar withdrawal 20 years ago during my return to our land of pickup trucks and baseball caps. In fact, I'm already a little worried about my return from the upcoming trip a year from now. <BR> <BR>I don't think there is a cure (outside of the visual aids and various stimuli you mention). Well, at least it's a nice disease! <BR>

Dr. Fordor Jul 25th, 2000 06:26 AM

Dear Sausages and Merlot <BR> <BR>I see you are adding a little class to that trailer park life of yours, advancing from hot dogs and jug wine to a more respectable cuisine and libation. That should get you ready for your upcoming trip. When you return, be aware of the links you'll need for a good transition. <BR> <BR>Dr. Fordor

Cindy Jul 25th, 2000 08:20 AM

Dear Dr. Fordor, <BR> <BR>I'd hate to be accused of practicing medicine without a license, but you are obviously in need of assistance, so I will offer only one humble suggestion in an attempt to end your suffering. <BR> <BR>Start smoking this instant. And none of those lightweight filtered creampuffs either. Get some Camels and light 'em right up. Through the smoke, haze and nicotine buzz, you'll feel just like you were parked in a Paris cafe. <BR> <BR>Please report back on whether this remedy works for you.

xxx Jul 25th, 2000 12:40 PM

I understand your blues better now. <BR> <BR>A synonym for self-mastery.

Dr. Fordor Jul 25th, 2000 01:38 PM

Cindy, <BR> <BR>The first and last time I smoked a cigarette I was 12 yrs. old. The Paris cafes we ate at were mostly outdoors. A resturant in Momarte called La famille, specializing in orient tapas, offers a hooka smoke with apple tobacco after dinner. Now that we all did and have puchused our very own for after dinner smokes. <BR> <BR>You are right in that I need help. The non-chemical kind generally suits me well, typically in the form of a support group, like this one, of which we are all members. We spend alot of time helping people prepare for these trips, but adjusting to life when you get back is something else altogether. The real question it related to travel? <BR> <BR>God Bless, <BR>Dr. Fordor

Dr. Fordor Jul 25th, 2000 01:45 PM

Forgive me, it's Montmarte and oriental tapas.

Cass Jul 25th, 2000 01:50 PM

Nothing cures the post-trip sorries like trying to organize, mount, and label your photos. If you actually enjoy doing that, fine. But I happen to hate it, and there's a point at which I don't want to see another close-up photo of Sagrada Familia architectural detailing ever again!

nocigs Jul 26th, 2000 04:04 AM

I know cindy's smoking tip was tongue in cheek but just think if you ended up addicted to smoking those flights to Europe would be awfully long. I was thankful i wasn't a smoker on my recent trip- that has got to be tough- they have my sympathy I know it's not easy to quit. As far as your blues go planning your next trip is the best idea and finding a some of the things you enjoyed there at home helps, too. I love my home so I am always happy to see it but I would love to have a patisserie in my town!

nocigs Jul 26th, 2000 04:05 AM

Oops- I meant to add that I really liked your poem!

jj Jul 26th, 2000 05:48 PM

Make your own homemade gelatto, But Italian olives at Albertson, go to Costco-they now have fresh mozzarella balls packed in water--just in time for those homegrown tomatoes,practice making your crepes .

Dr. Fordor Jul 26th, 2000 07:24 PM

Dear No cigs and jj: <BR>Thanks for your input. I'm so glad you liked the poem. Expression of one's travel experience is the first overwhelming obstacle on one's return. For months, your brain and emotions have been doing a "fast forward" and there's so much room for escapism, it's unbelievable, and then you're there and it's everything and more you thought it would be, and then you get back and thebrain is on "rewind" with this low din of "time to get back to work, make some money and be productive again." <BR> <BR>The thing of it is, where is the time to synthesize it, savour it and give it its proper place to be integrated into your life? I guess the time is there, if you're patient. But patience is a virtue, not a pyschological state. At least I have the rosary beads from Reims and San Marco (one a shortened version and the other all beads). <BR> <BR>Today I found myself perusing the isles of our local wine store that has so graciously arranged the wines by country and provence. Now that was like being back again (just about $7 to $10 more). But I have to say, it just doesn't taste the same when you're back in the good 'ole USA. <BR> <BR>I feel like I was given this most amazing picture book, with history notes and personal vignettes to look at, but after a few pages, am told I have to close the book and give it back. Quelle domage! There is always the energy one can invest to plan another trip, but it's too soon. It's like the end of un amour d'affaire (or vice versa). There are other trips and destinations, but the one you just returned from is unique and will never occur again in the same way. <BR> <BR>In a fine state of recovery, <BR>Yours, <BR> <BR>Dr. Fordor

Tina Jul 27th, 2000 12:04 AM

I'm suffering from post-Europe blues too!! Can't bear to read any travel books or books on Europe cos I get the "WHAT! I was there and I didn't see that!! AGH!" feeling. <BR> <BR>My solution so far is to learn my French with a vengeance...trying to think and speak in different languages..and planning the next trip (which will be at least 3 years away. sigh). <BR> <BR>Yours in empathy :) <BR>Tina

justbacktoo! Jul 27th, 2000 04:16 AM

Dear Dr.Fodor, <BR>I understand!!! I too am visiting the aisle that sells all things British, my cupboard is full of shortbreads and chocolate. I have France travel books from the library on my dining table for next year's trip, and lavender by the kitchen sink. It's a real downer to re-enter real life after a dream trip that took a year to plan. My prescription for you (and me), is to begin planning for next year and resist the temptation to show every one you see the pictures from the last trip!! Maybe there should be a "trip's over" board to bring us back to reality slowly!! LOL

Fair Stranger Jul 27th, 2000 08:50 AM

I got back from Southern Spain last October and I'm still going through withdrawl. I did my pictures and I'm not sick of looking at them and I know there are things I missed, but I tell myself I'll catch them on my next trip. That way I have to have to go back. Right?

Luigi Jul 27th, 2000 08:56 AM

Dr Fordor etal, <BR>Reading your messages was a bad idea!! Now I am sad already at the thought that in mid-November, when I am back from my upcoming 10 nights in Roma e Venezia, and can't find a decent espresso or cappuccino, or walk into a 300 year old church, or.... AIEEEEE!!! <BR> <BR>We definitely need to start a forum for post partum blues...

Dr. Fordor Jul 27th, 2000 10:02 AM

Fellow Fodorites: <BR> <BR>I have come upon a quote to share with you from a book called "Secret Gardens in Venice" by Moldi-Ravenna and Tudy Sammartini. They quote C.S. Lewis, from "The Allegory of Love." In it, St. Augustine talks of Memory. 'Climbing up, therefore, step by step to Him that made me, I will pass beyond this faculty of my nature and come to the fields and wide pavillions of Memory, Lord; an astonishment, a deep and boundless manifold. Yet this also is mind and I am this. What am I, Lord? What is my kind? Even a life that changes and hath many modes and cannot in any wise be measured. The fields, the caves, the dens of Memory cannot be counted; their fulness cannot be counted nor the kinds of things counted that fill them... Iforce my way amidst them, even as far as my power reaches, and nowhere find an end.'

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