Itinerary for First Trip to Europe

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Hey, Steve, here's a suggestion. Go buy a dictionary and look up the word 'analogy'. Don't assume that everyone on this forum has only a third grade education.
Good post, Patrick. I liked the new approach to the same age-old question.
And Bob, it looks like you might be in the minority here. Many of us like to travel the way Belinda is talking about. I think it is wrong of you to say that she is simply looking for 'justification'. Most of the advice seems to be that she is doing it right.
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It seems all posters are concentrating on London and Paris, to the exclusion of Rome and Florence, other than the suggestions to fly home from Rome (which I agree with). While I love both London and Paris, my heart is in Italy and for some outstanding trip reports on Italian vacations, check out suggestions by Dean and also a lengthy great report from Dan Woodlief (Dan's Italy Report). You should be able to find both right here on the forum.

Also, if you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me. I'm no expert (higher on enthusiasm than expertise) but will be happy to help if I can.

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It seems all posters are concentrating on advice on London and Paris, to the exclusion of Florence and Rome, except for the suggestion that you fly home from Rome (which I agree with). I love both London and Paris, but my heart is in Italy. There are several wonderful posts on Italian vacations currently on the forum: Dean's suggestions for Rome; a wonderful, lengthy report by Dan Woodlief (Dan's Italy Trip Report) and you should be able to find them easily.

If you have questions about Italy, feel free to e-mail me. I'm not expert (higher on enthusiasm than expertise) but I will be happy to help if I can.

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I agree with suggestions to do an open-jaw ticket - fly into London, out of Rome (or the reverse and do your itinerary backwards). It will save you time traveling which means more time sightseeing (it probably will save money, too).

As for what to see in each place: take it from someone who's planned trips for groups of women (anywhere from 3 to 12) - if someone really wants to go to the Louvre, no matter how impractical, it'll have to be worked into the itinerary, even if only that one person goes. To avoid as many conflicts as possible, be sure everyone has voiced her desires BEFORE you get on the airplane; museums, gardens, historic sites close certain days and open odd hours - arriving at the Louvre on Tuesday is going to be mighty disappointing.

I do all the planning, reservation making, etc. for the group; if everyone is willing to take responsibility for stuff, then by all means split it up. If some or all of the group have a lackadaisical attitude toward it, then you'll have to do it. This is serious stuff - if you don't have a hotel reservation in Florence, you'll spend the better part of a day finding a room.
If someone says she'll plan the Rome part of the trip, and doesn't, you're going to waste time trying to figure out where everything is and what's open.

If you'd like a how-to (based on my experiences, and certainly not complete or the final say) for group planning, email me and I'll forward it to you.

P.S. I like the itinerary - I've done whirlwind tours, and leisurely - and enjoyed both.
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Hi Belinda,

I too am going on a "whirlwind" tour of Europe. In fact I leave Saturday the 17th of November. I agree with many posts, that it is probably great to spend time in one country and see everything, but I also agree that seeing many places is great too. I only have 2 weeks this year for my vacation, and it is my first time visiting Europe and I would much rather see a few things of many countries, than everything of one country especially for my fisrt time. I will have opportunities to go back, since I am only 25, so I can pick the best places and focus on them next time.
But regardless what you choose to do, you will have a great time and you will have no regrets. You may be tired, but who cares. We all need a vacation from our vacation, right.
I expect to have a great time and I am seeing London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.
Have a great time Belinda!

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