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I posted a rough draft itinerary earlier and have added another destination so would like feedback. We are using British Airways so have some flexibility (they don't fly into Krakow and Salzburg may be more difficult). I also have flexibilty with duration of trip. I'd like it to be about 4 weeks but a few days eilonger is fine as well. Also, we are willing to travel via bus, train ,or car when it is worthwhile. We have driven a great deal in Europe.With that said this is another rough draft...
Day 1-Fly into Warsaw, probably overnite there because we would arrive in the evening
Day 2 Take the train or bus to Krakow, which ever is easiest and fastest.
Day 3,4,5 in Krakow (depart the 5th night for overnite train to Prague
Day 6,7,8- 3 days and nights in Prague
Day 9 ,10 To Cesky Krumlow- should we drive or take the train, should we add Telc or that area (this would require another day)???
Day 11-To Salzburg via train. How tricky will that be from Cesky? I could go to Vienna instead???
Day 12,13,14, Salzburg (Is three days enough)
Day 15,16, Pick up car, go To Melk, Durnstein . Should we stop in Linz? We will Auschwitz in Poland so don't know that it is necessary to do Mauthausen also??? Since we have the car is there somewhere else we should go?? Halstatt??? elsewhere?
Day 17 , 18,19 20 To Vienna (Is this too much time???
Day 21,22,23,24 to Budapest (enough time ??)
This gives me a few more days to plan. Are there places I should add...Telc, Grossglockner Pass??? Or I could dip into Germany and do a few days in Bavaria and then possibly fly out of Munich. If I do that, where should I put Budapest? We plan to visit Germany another time so I could do this little bit now or when we visit the country.I know I have lots of questions but I do appreciate your feedback.
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Feb 12th, 2012, 09:04 PM
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I was researching parts of a similar itinerary once and found a shuttle service from Cesky Kromlov to Salzburg (there may be others):

You can try the German train website to check the train as an option instead (great schedule info for most trains in Europe), but as I recall it wasn't direct or simple from CK to Salzburg, which is why I found the shuttle service.

I think I recall that a bus was the most practical way from Prague to Cesky Kromlov (instead of a train).

Being frugal, I'd probably stick to renting a car in Salzburg and driving it in Austria and returning to Vienna, then training to Budapest, as I believe it's usually more expensive to rent a car and drop it in a different country. Plus the train from Vienna to Budapest is simple.

Whether you think you have enough time in any one place depends on your interests there. Budapest and Prague are both really nice in different ways. There is lots to see and do in both Prague and Budapest but it's much less "charming" and compact than Prague. If you look at the things that interest you in each city (and the others) and don't think you'd have enough time there, add another day.
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Feb 16th, 2012, 07:47 PM
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I traveled to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest this past fall. I don't think 4 days in Vienna is too much. The attractions in Vienna are museums and things that take time, so it's difficult to schedule more than a couple things into one day. Plus, you'll want to spend time in the cafes. The cafe culture in Vienna is really fun; eat as much cake as you can! We did a day trip to Melk Abbey/Danube cruise that was really fun. You can buy a package for train/abbey/boat at one of the tourist offices in town.

Some may disagree, but I don't think four whole days in Budapest are necessary. I liked Budapest, in fact, I think about it a lot, but it wasn't quite as wonderful as I'd imagined it to be. On the other hand, if it's your last city, you'll be tired and will probably be moving at a slower pace, so four days may be fine. I really liked the Central Market and I loved the Fisherman's Bastion/St. Matthias church area. My breakfast at the Ruszwurm Cafe was one of the highlights of the entire trip!
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Feb 17th, 2012, 01:58 AM
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I think it is a pitty skipping Warsaw as you arrive there anyway. There are some very interesting sites and museums/palaces such as Royal Castle, Lazienki Palace, Wilanow Palace, etc, and old part of the city is pleasant to walk around. I would definatley spend in leisure two or three nights there.
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