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Shawn Rodgers Jul 22nd, 1997 09:07 AM

Itenerary For Jet Lagged Couple in Rothenburg, Germany?
My wife and I will be driving from Frankfurt, Germany to Rothenburg, Germany on August 30,1997. Thank you departure lounge for the reccomendation! It will be our first stop after a flight from New York, USA. We will be staying at the Hotel Eisenhut that was also reccommended by members of this departure lounge. I understand that the hotel is very nice. Any suggestions on what to do for the day would be greatly appreciated. We will arrive in Rothenburg by mid morning. We will be tired, but anxious to see the area. Spending only one night does not leave us much time. I have found that anything done outside in the sunlight usually helps my first day jet lag. Are there any boat rides or outside things to do in Rothenburg? We would like not to use our rental car if possible. Thanks for your help.

Royce Alsop Jul 22nd, 1997 08:01 PM

You don't need to drive once you get there or have an itinerary. The part of Rothenberg you want to see is inside the medieval walls; an oval about two miles by one mile,with a narrow leg. You could cover most of it in a day. It is almost solely a visual treat. Just wander about and walk some of the wall. Pick up a map at your hotel or tourist information. Driving to your hotel and parking may be difficult. Inside the walls it is primarily pedestrian. You might want to fax your hotel or call it before you drive inside the walls for advice or instructions. Rothenberg along with Salzburg, Austria are among our favorite places. Royce

Tricia Jul 23rd, 1997 03:56 PM

Did you see the website for Rothenburg that I gave a member in an answer several weeks ago? It was a virtual reality tour of the city with maps and pictures. I've got everything packed away for my trip but I'm sure you can find it through Alta Vista by typing in Rothenburg or reviewing some of the other questions and answers!

Joe Ferris Jul 24th, 1997 12:29 PM

You picked the right town and the right hotel in Germany! We stayed at the Eisenhut last fall and it is great. First of all, although they do not permit you to drive in the square during the day, our hotel guy said it is ok to drive right up to the hotel. Let them park your car for you. (They just park it on one of the streets, and the police don't care. I guess you could do that yourself if you wanted to, but I tend to be lazy). Stay in the walled city and just walk around. Near the hotel there is a midevil torture museum that is interesting. Shopping is the sport-of-choice; at least that is what my wife told me. I personally think that eating is. Have a great time and let me know if you have any questions.

Rita Mace Walston Jul 25th, 1997 01:36 AM

Rothenburg is one of my favorite places in Germany. You'll love it! You might want to consider visiting the medieval crime museum. Did you know they had a dunking cage for bakers who skimped on the size of their loaves! Or made them too big?! That's right: same punishment for both. You'll love a walk along the city wall. There's an article about Rothenburg with links to the virtual tour at

If you'll be in Germany a bit longer, you might also consider visiting Meersburg on the Bodensee. It's wonderful. There's an article on it at

Happy Vacationing!

Rita Mace Walston
email: [email protected]

Bob Ricks Jul 27th, 1997 08:16 AM

Just retd from Rothenburg. Been there numerous times. Try the night watchman's tour. It leaves from the main square at 8pm each night and one tour is always in English. A man dressed as a typical night watchman will walk u through the town and give u a great feeling for the town in the middle ages. No charge. he just asks for tips at the end of the tour. Highly recommend this for a first timer. Shopping: Next door to Eisenhut is Kathe Wolfharts. Nice to visit. High quality things and we have found prices compare favorably with any other place. Do not use your car when in the town. You can have more fun walking the city. If you need any other info email me. We always stay at the Reichs Kutchenmeister near the big church, St Jacobs, and highly recommend their restaurant for a good meal and their wein stube for a drink after dinner or the end of the evening.

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