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andheri Aug 13th, 2004 03:55 PM

italy while pregnant

I just found out my wife is about 4 weeks pregnant!

We had made plans for visiting Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan) in September for 20 days, but now I am a little worried:

1. Any good/bad experiences of touring Italy during the first trimester of pregnancy ? Any tips to make it less hectic ? I heard there is quite a lot of walking involved to tour most places..

2. How is healthcare in Italy ? What should I do if my wife suddenly develops some health problems ? We have AAA health insurance that covers our travel to Italy, but I have never actually used it.

Just a week back I had everything planned out, but now that my wife is pregnant I am quite worried. We even considered cancelling our travel, since we have ZERO experience with pregnancy and travel. :-(

Any help/tips would be very helpful.

-andheri (from California)

socialworker Aug 13th, 2004 05:00 PM

Unless this is a "high risk" pregancy (as defined by your OB/GYN--whose advice and counsel trumps mine), I can't imagine why you would not go and have fun!! I always used to remark how much easier things went when the little one was still on the inside!! Italy is known for having very good healthcare. Follow your wife's lead re:need for rest and breaks but by all means, consult w/MD and then if he/she OKs it, have a great time. BTW, how does *she* feel about it??

travelbunny Aug 13th, 2004 05:13 PM

..congradulations! i have traveled multiple times when pregnant and was living in europe while pregnant with one of my kids...if i do my arithmetic correctly, she will be about 10 weeks. during the first trimester there is a risk of miscariage but most first trimester misses are not preventable. your trip will not increase the risk of a miss...make sure she drinks a lot of fluid and stretches her legs during the flight..the same things we should all do. the health care system in italy is fine. .....and believe me travelling with a babe in utero really beats travelling with a 2 year old...the only thing she is may suffer from is morning sickness which will happen as much at home as in Italy..just make sure she has dry craker (saltines) or something similar in your hotelroom so she can nibble a bit in case breakfast is delayed.

sognatrice Aug 13th, 2004 05:26 PM

Congratulations! I can only add that the Italians have a very good health care system. I have had to go the doctors there twice, and was impressed both times. (My father is an OB GYN) Also, in Italian, when a woman is pregnant, they say she is "in un state interessante" (in an interesting state).

ciaofornow Aug 13th, 2004 05:31 PM

Frankly, it was the morning sickness that really slowed me down. Lived on crackers and bread sticks...I found the diesel fumes from the traffic in Rome really turned my stomach, but I felt much better during the weeks we were in the countryside. We didn't shorten our trip but cut out Florence/Milan. Maybe choose just one or two locations. Loved Venice, cars. I did see a doctor in Rome and received meds for the morning sickness. Healthcare is excellent in Italy, although everything is easier if you speak Italian. I often had an afternoon nap while my husband went out on his own. Everything turned out fine in the end..we have often returned to Italy with the 'baby', who is now in university. Good Luck

djkbooks Aug 13th, 2004 05:40 PM

Since you haven't mentioned morning sickness, I'm guessing your wife is not experiencing that. Whew!

The other most typical "side-effect" is sleepiness. I found that as long as I was up and going I was just fine.

This is a fabulous opportunity to continue with your plans, while there's still just the two of you, and before the second and third trimester when there are just not enough bathrooms on the planet.

Many women experience a surge of energy in the first trimester.

But, your best resource is your wife and her doctor.

andheri Aug 14th, 2004 11:20 AM


Thanks for the responses. My wife seems to be perfectly healthy, and is not suffering from morning sickness or anything. She is actually raring to go. Our friends are joking that *I* seem to have more symptoms than her. :-)

We are going to visit the Doctor once before we leave. But reading your replies is definitely reassuring.


Budman Aug 14th, 2004 11:29 AM

Are you driving through Italy? Look at the bright side. You now have a designated driver for all those wine tasting moments. ((a)) ((b))

Surfergirl Aug 14th, 2004 11:43 AM

Budman -- you always see the positive side!

Ann41 Aug 16th, 2004 01:53 AM

I felt fine my first 4 weeks, too, but felt sick as a dog for the rest of the first trimester.

I also never feel sick on planes or boats, but I just felt awful flying during the first trimester. You just kind of learn to live with it, but it is unpleasant.

Otherwise, your wife should be fine.

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