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Milotta Jul 13th, 2015 08:08 PM

Italy Tour Solo
Presently I'm researching an Italy Tour late September or October. I'd like to visit from NYC to Rome, Florence, Venice and Amalfi Coast. Departing back to Miami. I've researched a couple of sites however being a sole traveler is an added expensed ..single supplement. Is there a way to avoid additional fee for room and is traveling via bus, train difficult if I don't know the language? If I research hotels and get quotes I don't see a problem picking the guided tours on my own. when I reach my destination...i would like to stay 3 nites rome, 3 Florence Venice one? and Amalfi Coast a couple of days viewing Pompei etc...possible meeting Husband here? He is NOT one to visit musuems just eat the food....joke..joke...I could use some feedback on how difficult it is to use the transportation system without breaking the bank...I'm on a limited budget and this is a life time adventure for me...Thank you for reading my post

Sassafrass Jul 13th, 2015 09:59 PM

Traveling by train in Italy is so easy, especially between major cities like you want to see. Language is absolutely no problem. Once you have a firm itinerary, a couple of pointers from people here and you will be set. 100% no need for a tour, except for local tour once you get places, and even then, if you have done some research and reading, a good guide book can suffice.

You do need to consider travel time, including getting from hotel to train station and from station to next hotel. It is better to travel less and see more. Don't go for cheapest flights without looking at cost of multi-city itinerary and extra train time. People may say open jaw, but on websites the choice is multi-city.

For your Husband, Venice is so incredibly beautiful, romantic and atmospheric, it can be enjoyed without ever stepping into a museum. Actually, while I love museums, most places is Italy are also great for walking and sightseeing.

The AC is also a great place for a couple to relax and just enjoy the scenery.

For what you have stated, this would be extremely rushed, but doable.
Day 1, Depart NYC
Day 2, Arrive Venice. 1/2 day in Venice, good place to get over jet lag.
Day 3, Venice, whole day
Day 4, train to Florence, arrive mid-day
Day 5, Florence, whole day
Day 6 early morning head straight to AC, arrive mid-afternoon
Day 7, Tour AC by bus, ferry or private driver
Day 8, early start by train to tour Pompeii on route to Rome. There is luggage storage at Pompeii. Arrive Rome late
Day 9, Rome, whole day
Day 10, Rome, whole day
Day 11, fly home

If husband does not go, I would skip the AC and spend more time in the other places, with perhaps a couple of day trips.

If husband does go, try to stretch the trip by a couple of days so you have more time in Rome, Florence and the AC.

Late September will be nice.

SJesN Jul 13th, 2015 10:17 PM

It is quite easy to travel by bus or train if you don't know the language. Most of people at train stations speak english and on the train, there is english speaking telecom. For transportation in Rome, you can purchase the Roma pass which is for 3 days and 2 nights. It comes with free transportation within these days and free 2 entrance into museums for 36euros. For Venice, I not very sure if there are passes to get, all I know water taxis are expensive.

kja Jul 13th, 2015 10:24 PM

Visiting Italy on one's own is extraordinarily easy. There is NO reason to take a tour unless that is your preference!

Consult a good guidebook or two (always a worthy investment, IME, but you can also check your local library), note the things that you most want to see and experience, check their opening hours, and mark them on a calendar. Block out your time for transportation, checking into / out of hotels, meals, etc. Then see where you stand.

And many of us here on Fodor's are solo female travelers -- including me. I, for one, treasure the opportunity to do exactly what I want, when I want! For more inspiration from solo travelers, see:


sandralist Jul 14th, 2015 01:19 AM

My husband and I prefer so many places in Italy other than Venice for romance, plus we'd never go to Venice for good food and wine. The notion that Venice is the best romantic destination in Italy is true for Venice fans, but many couples find Rome and points on the coast with sea views much more sexy.

If your husband loves traveling for great food, Naples is a joy.

The train stations of Rome, Florence and Venice (and Naples) are very straightforward to understand. But do pack light as a solo traveler because getting on and off the trains means negotiating some steep steps, and generally it just better in Italy to have easy-to-carry luggage. Lots and lots of stairs everywhere, especially in Venice.

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