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Marcie Mar 11th, 1999 02:08 PM

Italy to Santorini by boat?
Where do I catch a boat in Italy to get to Santorini, how long would it take, and is there a website for anything like this? Thanks!

wes fowler Mar 11th, 1999 03:29 PM

Marcie, <BR>I suppose you could get to Santorini from Italy by boat if you had a month or two of spare time and were prepared to island hop from Italy across the Ionian Sea to one of the Greek Islands then travel through the Korinthiakos Kolpos to Athens, pick up a boat to Paros, then on to Ios or Sikinos then to Santorini. Seems to me it might be more logical for you to look at a European map and determine where Santorini is in relation to Italy then re-think whether you want to go there from Italy; you've got two seas and a couple of countries in between!

Wes Mar 12th, 1999 07:03 AM

3.12.99 <BR> <BR>Wes, <BR> <BR>Thank you, for your response. Maybe you can answer this questions. Traveling by train down the east coast of Italy - is there a ferry that will cross over to Greece and reconnect with the train. Wish I had several months to travel by water. Did not realize that it would take that long. <BR> <BR>Many thanks. <BR> <BR>Marcie

elaine Mar 12th, 1999 08:27 AM

Hi <BR>there are (were) definitely ferries that went from Brindisi, in Italy, to Greece. <BR>I know at least one ferry used to stop at Corfu but I doubt you can get directly from Brindisi to Santorini without changing to something somewhere. <BR>Look into flying,it might not be prohibitively expensive. Otherwise perhaps contact the Greek or Italian travel offices. In the US there are such offices in New York. <BR>

wes fowler Mar 12th, 1999 09:22 AM

Marcie, <BR>Me, again. You can ferry from Brindisi, Ancona or Venice to Patra, Greece. Check the website which will give you schedules and fares

Larry Mar 13th, 1999 06:01 AM

Hi Marcie: You can catche a boat from Brindisi, Ancona or Venice to Patras Greece. From there you can catch a train or bus into Athens. From the railroad station in Athens, take a taxi to Pireaus (port of Athens - 20 minutes or so - taxis are very cheap in Greece compared to US)and board any number of boats to Santorini. <BR> <BR>My wife and I took the boat from Venice to Patras. It was 2 nights and 1.5 days of relaxation. The boat from Brindisi to Patras is approximately 12-13 hours. Train from Patras into Athens is about 3 hours. We were fortuante and were able to hook up with a tour group who invited us along on their bus to Athens. The boat from Pireaus to Santorini is 8-9 hours. Take the day boat and enjoy all the scenery. Email me for additional info. Also contact for schedules. <BR> <BR>Larry

hamlet Mar 13th, 1999 11:01 AM

This is how I did it - and how long it takes just so you get the idea. On day one at about 4 or 5 pm I took and overnight ferry from Brindisi to Patras. (not to mention that I left Naples at about 8am) Day 2 - Arrived in Patras early in the morning and then took a bus (can also take a train) to Athens which was about 3 hours. From Athens we took the metro to the port of Piraeus and then bought ferry tickets for Santorini. The ferry left at about 5 and stopped at 2 islands before arriving in Santorini at about 2:30am (now Day 3). Then in Santorini you make your way up to Fira or wherever - buses are there for this. And then you go to your hotel or find a place to stay at that hours of the morning. Or you wait until the crack of dawn and start knocking on doors looking for a place to stay. It's a long process as you can see, but it all works out. Tons of people do it and it could be a fun adventure if you have the time.. <BR>

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