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Selwyn_Davidowitz Dec 6th, 2003 06:21 AM

Italy, Slovenia and Croatia car hire?
We are 2 couples who intend starting our travels from Milan to the Slovenian border and into Slovenia in October 2004. Thereafter we intend car touring Slovenia and crossing the border to Croatia. We then intend to car tour the whole of Croatia before returning back to Milan (one couple) and Frankfurt (other couple). We will be doing this trip over a period of 26 days.

Any tips from some of you savvy travellers out there as to whom to use as a car hire company? We intend hiring a microbus type vehicle so as to allow us space and height while travelling. We also want to use a car hire company where we can use the same car in all countries and hopefully drop off our vehicle in Croatia. (Hopefully for no extra cost).

Other questions:

1.Will we have problems crossing borders in a hired car?

2. Any suggestions as to how to get back to Milan from Croatia? Is it worth driving or should we simply fly back. If we have to fly what airline would be recommended for a good cheap flight?

Hope somebody can give us some good advice with regard to the above.

Thanks a ton.

Selwyn Davidowitz

bobthenavigator Dec 6th, 2003 07:31 AM

The car will not work from Italy--cost is prohibative. I would train from Venice to Ljubljana and get the car there--we have done that. Then, after seeing Croatia, I would either ferry boat back to Venice and train from there or fly from Split or Dubrovnik to Venice or Milan. Croatia has their own airline--not sure of the name. Good luck--it is not easy logistics.

Steve_James Dec 6th, 2003 07:49 AM

Selwyn - Unless there are seasonal flights (unlikely in October), Croatian Airlines only fly into Rome FCO.

It looks unlikely that you will find a DIRECT flight into Milan, - and I don't think any budget airlines operate from Croatia.

Ferry and/or train look your cheapest options.


LLC Dec 6th, 2003 10:12 AM

Call AutoEurope and check with them. They do have a website, but if you are going to be going into different countries you need to call them (or e-mail them) to find out if the type of car you want is allowed. Usually the cost to rent from one country and drop off in another is extremely expensive, but ask them. Good luck!

aeiger Dec 6th, 2003 11:10 PM

i just read your posting and wanted to respond. We drove to Croatia from Slovenia this past fall. We're Americans and used autoeurope. They are a wholesaler for different rental cos. We originally planned to fly into Italy and then drive to Croatia via Slovenia. we were informed that a car rented in Italy cannot be driven in Croatia. This was the first time we have come across this situation, as we have been traveling to central and eastern europe for many years. We wound up flying into Ljublijana and then driving. By the way the coast of Croatia is beautiful. we stayed in Istria at Rovenj and Porec then drove to Trogir. It is about a 6 1/2 drive from Rovenj. While Trogir is beautiful, we found the hotel we stayed at to be less then expected, in quality of hotel, room and food. We stayed at an all inclusive 3star that had shut the ac, and the quality of food not very good. apparently it is used by eastern europeans on bus trips. The hotels in Rovenj were much nicer with better food and service. Though admittedly Trogir was much better than our experience in Romania. We rented from budget in slovenia through Autoeurope and was very satified.
enjoy your trip.

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