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Selwyn_Davidowitz Jun 29th, 2004 01:37 AM

Italy, Slovenia and Croatia
Following on from my thread on the Fodors page of "Accomodation in Milan, Verona, Venice and Trieste" I feel that I am onto a new subjest entirely hence a copy of this posting from the above thread

In response to Grasshopper's suggestion in the above thread to also visit Croatia I responded as follows:

We are travelling on to Croatia after our Slovenia journey. As a matter of fact we are hiring a vehicle and travelling as a foursome from Milan down to Dubrovnik and then back to Milan.

An outline of the POTENTIAL places we are going to be stopping at are:


Cross the border to Slovenia

Lake Bled
Ljubljana (Use this city as a hub to explore the surrounding territories)

Is it worth travelling up to the Maribor area??

Cross the border into Croatia

Any ideas as to what border crossings we could use???


Travel via Karlovac down to Split and probably stop over somewhere along the way. Any ideas as to what to see and where to stop over on this journey.

From Split we would travel down to Dubrovnik and stay for a day or two.

Then its back to Split and travel and up to Zadar.

Next stop would be Rijeka.

Then its on to Pula

Thereafter we cross back from Croatia to Slovenia - Can anybody please make a border crossing recommendation?

Eventually back to Trieste and Milan.

Does this seem feasable to you over a 26 day period

We dont want to govern ourselves with pre-arranged bookings at guesthouses or places of stay because if we like a place we would prefer to spend more time in the town/city. Thats our style of travelling.

Grasshopper, Jocelyn I know that you are a specialists in this area and your input would be much appreciated. Needless to say all other opinions would also be appreciated.

Thanks a ton for all the help that all on this page have passed on and are all still to pass on to me. Truly very much appreciated.

Selwyn Davidowitz

Jocelyn_P Jun 29th, 2004 05:28 AM


Sorry I can't help you here. I haven't yet been across the (Italian) border to Croatia or Slovenia. Have a great time and be sure to report back after your trip.

metlc Jun 29th, 2004 10:17 AM

You're fortunate to have your own car. I would skip driving up to Zagreb and spend more time on the coast.

Your casual travelling style is well suited to the trip. Reserve a few days for the segment between Split and Dubrovnik. There are lots of lovely little coves and coastal villages that have plenty of "SOBE" signs (inexpensive private rooms) hanging out.

Jonas Jun 30th, 2004 05:07 AM

If travelling from Maribor to Zagreb use Krapina-Macelj crossing. From Ljubljana use Brezice - Bregana crossing.
From Pula back to Slovenia use either Rupe crossing at Rijeka or Plovanija crossing.
No need to worry, there are well marked road signs in both Slovenia and Croatia pointing you to you destination in the neighboring country. So for example in Ljubljana you have signs for Zagreb or in Pula to Slovenia or Trieste in Italy.

When travelling from Zagreb down to Split stop in Plitvice for at least one night.

I can't give you recommendations for Maribor area. I've only passed through that area on my ways to Austria. But Ptuj sounds as an interesting place. If travelling from Ljubljana to Zagreb, make a stop in Novo Mesto. Quite a nice place.

Hope this helps.

sempronia Jun 30th, 2004 08:20 AM

I agree with the other posters that your time is probably best spent visiting the Slovenian and Croatian riviera and less inland.

In Slovenija, lake Bled is definitely worth stopping by on your way to Ljubljana. I would not go all the way up to Maribor, as it is out of the way and relatively uneventful, but the nearby Ptuj has one of the better known castles in Slovenija. I would rather drive south and visit the Postojna caves (20 miles worth, also the home of the mysterious "human fish" (Proteus Anguinus), a weird amphibian that starts its life as a fish, with gills, and later becomes land-dwelling with lungs; apparently is "squeels" too :)). There is also Predjama castle there that is also worth your visit.

Then I would continue to the coast and visit Potorozh, then Rovinj, which is a fabulous little town. And I would visit Pula (known as the "Cannes" of the Croatian riviera for its charming architecture and famous film-festival; also to note the Roman amphiteatre). You need to pass through Rijeka, but I would not stay there as it is basically a city-port, the biggest one on the coast, and as such not very nice. Senj is a fabulous town with a fortress, dating to 18th century, and if you are there mid-august they have a famous "alka" festival (a traditional game of tilting the ring with a spear, while galloping on horseback).

Also fabulous is Trogir, town situated on an islet, built on the foundations of a Greek colony and rich in architectural interests.

Then Split, the centre of Dalmatia and important administrative town during the Romans. To visit - the Diokletian's Palace, one of the most valuable examples of Roman architecture on the eastern coast of Adriatic.

But the "must see" of all the Croatian riviera is, of course - Dubrovnik. Being a UNESCO heritage city and probably the 2nd most important city on Adriatic, after Venice, during the Republic, I am sure I do not need to elaborate..To note: summer festival representing all branches of performance arts- theatre, music, dance - complete with fireworks and other celebrations.

I would also take trip to some of the many fantastic islands in Croatia (there was a lengthy discussion on those at Fodors, so do a search).

Then I would go to Zagreb on the way back and, yes, stop by Plitvice.

There are many places you can rent private rooms in the local houses, often very nice and luxurious, on moments notice. I think 26 days is more than plenty to see it all...

Have a nice trip...

Selwyn_Davidowitz Jun 30th, 2004 05:05 PM

WOW!!! Every one of the respondents to my queries have been amazing. Thanks so much. The expert knowledge that this forum produces is unbeatable.

Any further comments would truly be appreciated.

Once again a huge thanks Metic, Jonas and Sempronia.

Selwyn Davidowitz

aeiger Jul 1st, 2004 02:42 PM

Last year we crossed into Croatia from Slovenia. Very easy and fast. We drove towards Porec/Rovenj. We drove to Trogir, a good 7hr drive and a two lane road though they were building an expressway and it was partially completed. stayed a day and night in Trogir and went back to Rovenj. Istria is very Italian and the signs are in both languages. Enjoyed our selves very much in Rovenj and Porec. several years ago we drove from Slovenia into Italy and through Trieste to Venice. I'm sorry we missed Trieste.
If you are going to Slovenia, try and visit Piran. a very nice small coastal town.

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