Italy or France/ reception to Americans

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Italy or France/ reception to Americans

What has been your experience with sentiments, either pro or con, with Americans - especially in light of our stance on terrorism. Is there much negativity toward us in Paris and Italy?
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Theoretically, this could change, like the weather, depending on world events (what DO we plan to do about Iraq, if anything?) - - but I can tell you that as of mid-September of last year (I was there Sep 19-30), I perceived very strong solidarity in Italy with the American counter-attack(s) againt terrorism in general (I can't say that it had yet "matured" into sentiments against al Qaida, in particular).

Even if there are questions about american policy - - as it evolves in the coming year(s), I don't think you need to be concerned about carry-over to YOU, as a citizen/tourist.

Best wishes,

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Was in Italy last April and in Paris in November. We were so pelased at the wonderful welcome we had by all the local people. Try to make an effort to speak their language and they will just love and respect you back. We were so pleased, we leave for Rome in 2 weeks. Enjoy the people!
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The majority of Italians LOVE americans and LOVE their culture. The other italians who don't share the same enthusiasm however have absolutely nothing against the american people. The very few people that could have negative feelings towards americans are really exceptions and chances you meet any of them in your trip are very low.
When it comes to politics, generally the leftist are often against the foreign politics of the U.S.A., but they clearly make a distinction between the people of the US and their governments. We get CNN in Italy and my impression is that when there is a demonstration against the war from italianpacifist, the media often confuse them with antiamericanism. It is true that they sometime burn the american flag, but what CNN don't show you is that they burn it together with the United Europe flag, and sometime even the Italian one because in their opinions these flags are not anymore the symbols of the people but became the symbols of multinational industries and banks that speculate over wars. I know it may sound odd, but Italians have a perception of patriotism that is very different from most of the rest of the world, and most of those people who burn the flags actually like very much american culture and will be more than happy to make friendship with an american tourist.
French are not enthusiastic about american culture, but actually they are not enthusiastic about any other cultures so if you find somebody rude don't take it personal, it is nothing personal and it is not because you're from US, it's just their attitude and they give it to everyone, no exception.
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Ciao, Marco, thank you for your thoughtful response. Cannot wait for my next trip to Italy!
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Lots of feedback on sentiments in Italy - how are things in France and especially, Paris? There is a large Moslem population there.

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