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Wild Bill Aug 12th, 2000 07:58 PM

Italy in the winter- good time or bad?
Thinking about going to Italy (Rome, Venice and Florence) in December or January. How bad is the weather? Is it worth it? (First time there)

Bill Aug 13th, 2000 12:51 AM

Wild Bill, <BR>I've been to Venice & Florence during the Dec/Jan period and can say that Florenence was not too bad,still cold though.However as for Venice I personally would visit Venice in the warmer seanons to capture the atmosphere.Venice definitely loses its charm and romance in the Winter period.As for Rome ,I have only been there in Summer and found it fantastic. <BR>Bill

xxx Aug 13th, 2000 05:54 AM

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Ed Aug 13th, 2000 08:40 AM

Can speak for Rome and somewhat for Venice. We've gone several times during Christmas to New Years. Weather has run from "wish we had our down jackets" to "why the heck did we bring our down jackets this time". <BR> <BR>You need to be a bit prepared for coldish, dampish weather. Layers, perhaps some silk or other lightweight underwear, sweater, water resistant jacket, cap, umbrella, etc. <BR> <BR>If you're lucky you may need few of the above, but if you're there long enough in this period you'll be glad you were prepared. <BR> <BR>Hard to make a direct comparison to US weather anywhere, but if you know winter weather in the US Northeast or Middle Atlantic, Rome and Florence are quite a bit warmer than that. Snow is very rare, as are freezing temps. <BR> <BR>Good source for historical weather, for what it's worth, at <BR> <BR> <BR>Rome.Switzerland.Bavaria <BR>

WildBill Aug 13th, 2000 08:43 AM

Thanks for the input, now the next question. Are museums, etc. more likely to be closed or with limited hours in the winter. What about between Christmas and right after New Years. Thanks

Pat Aug 13th, 2000 08:49 AM

We have been to Italy several times and our last trip was this past January for 3 weeks. Weather was cold but not so bad that you couldn't enjoy walking. <BR>We had been to Florence several times on day trips and this time we stayed four days and it was crowds and we just walked into the Ufizzi and there were no crowds inside. We didn't go to Venice this trip so I can't say what it's was like. Rome was lovely and again crowds were way down. The only down side for my husnband was that it was a bit too cold to sit outside to eat and "people watch". We have been to Italy in April several times and also in the fall but I will tell you thah in some wasy I enjoyed this trip more because there were less crowds. If I can be any more help feel free to e-mail me.

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