Italy--Hotels to stay at

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Italy--Hotels to stay at

We are planning a trip to cover Rome, Florence and Venice--Any suggestions for Hotels and about what are the price ranges?Any ideas on how much a trip for 4 shuld cost for approximately 12 days? Thanks
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Are you looking for one room for 4 or 2 rooms of 2? In general hotels in Venice are pricier than the other places. Also what kind of hotels do you want to stay and what time of year. There are very nice 2* hotels if that is what you're looking for. But you may prefer 4*. I very rough estimate for 4 would be about $250-350 a night, figuring decent hotels in the 3* category.
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The answer from m is a good generic answer for a question so broad. I would add that lodging for four people could easily range from $100 to $1000 USD per night.

Frequently, a question like this might be addressed by starting with what can you afford? And the point made by m is a very good one: who are these four people? 2 adults and 2 kids? baies? teenagers? or two rather distinct couples? or even 4 adults, none of whom wants to sleep in a bed with anyone else?

If $3000-$4200 for 12 nights is too expensive, then what to do next? Several solutions are proposed here frequently: spend one night on a train. I never propose that one because I wouldn't like it personally.

I prefer to recommend staying in some cheaper destinations for 3-4 of the 12 nights. You see a different side of Italy that way, and you don't necessarily have to cut way down on the time to see these three unique world capital cities.

Here's a plan that works even if you don't want to see much other than these three cities: plan your departure from Rome at 6 pm, and head for a small town between Rome and Florence. Pack just "overnight stuff" in a small bag; that way you don't really have to pack and unpack. Spend the night in town "x", then get up and go the next morning onward to Florence. You might save $50 per person this way if done right. Use the same approach between Florence and Venice.

But don't do this JUST to save money. do it to see town "x" - - and "y". and ideally a town NEAR "x" and "y" and cut your ROM/FIR/VCE nights down to four fewer.

To paraphrase Rick Steves - - Rome, Florence and Venice are the location of Italy's most glorious "front doors". You can still enjoy Italy affordably, and see a whole new side, by seeking at least some of your lodging through the "back door".

One last point, there is no better one-stop website for window shopping, inquiries and even booking your hotel selections in Italy - - than

Best wishes,

Rex Bickers
Westerville, Ohio

Plan your train travel to
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Rhonda, See my budget article at the site Search on this forum for your hotel answers.
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I stayed overnight in the town just across the water from Venice...and that saved a lot. Not a bad 10 min train trip into town. I think it was called Miestre.
My cousin bought a book called "Bed and Blessings". It is a list of religious convents that rent out rooms to raise some money. Very cheap, often comes with a meal, clean, and right in the heart of most cities in Italy. We did stay at the one in Sienna for 2 nights and thought it was great. There are 2 or 3 in Venice
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Roald Nystol
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I could recommend Hotel Maxim in Florence. I don't think you will it cheaper. The location is perfect, just 50 meters from Duomo. Spent 4 nights there with my family autumn 2001.
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Contact a travel agent, they do all the work in your worries, no hassles. You can check their work after silly silly people
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for Rhonda, the real Rhonda
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Thanks for advice now I have a few questions on specific hotels--in Rome:Quirinale or the st. Regis or Ambra Palace or the Mozat
In Florence: theCroce di Malta or the Hotel Ritz, or In Venice: ThePrincipi or Kette or Rigina and Europa or the Ala ann any suggestions for Sorento--Thanks
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I think that there isa lot to like about the Ala - - good value at an affordable price.
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If I had to pick, I would do this:
All are good mid-range with decent locations and value. Good luck !
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