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hugo Dec 14th, 2000 04:03 PM

Message: I am traveling for a week to Italy(w/4 ppl), 2 days in Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice. I picked American hotel chains that were reasonably priced. Please let me know if any of these are out of the way or if you know of a better location with equal quality/price. <BR>1) Rome- Bestwestern (Hotel Canada) Via Vicenza 58. <BR>2) Florence- Bestwestern Capital Via Amendola #34. <BR> <BR>3) Milan- Holiday Inn 278 Via Lorenteggio <BR>4) Venice- Bestwestern Monticarlo calle Specchiere. <BR> <BR>plus any other tips would be greatful. <BR> <BR> <BR>

richard j vicek Dec 14th, 2000 04:37 PM

Good evening, Hugo <BR>The CANADA, via Vicenza, the Vicenza <BR>runs from the front end of the Rome <BR>Termini station and about four blocks <BR>long and running SE. <BR>The CAPITOL, via Amendola, is located <BR>about four blocks east of Santa Croce. <BR>The HOLIDAY INN, via Lorenteggio is <BR>located about 2-4 km west of the Duomo. <BR>None of these three are within any good <BR>walking distances of main sights. <BR>The MONTICARLO, calle Specchiere ia in <BR>a very good location it is about a half <BR>block north of the Pza S. Masrco, plenty <BR>of shops and ristorantes and about five <BR>mins walk to the Ponte Rialto. <BR>Rome might suggest, HOTEL INTERNAZIONALE,(used number of times. <BR>and suggest the GENIO which is near the <BR>Pza Navona... <BR>Florence might suggest HOTEL CORONA D'ITALIA, our daughter used last year. <BR>Milano can only suggest the Plaza, this <BR>along with the Jolly Touring were the' <BR>only ones we used in Milan and the later <BR>was not in a good location. <BR>Richard of La Grange Park, Il

elaine Dec 15th, 2000 09:42 AM

Hugo <BR>Just because your hotel has "Best Western" included in its name <BR>doesn't mean it bears any resemblance to a Best Western that you might find in a city or along a highway in the US. <BR>This can be a very good thing, in that European hotels associated with some of the American chains frequently tend to <BR>maintain their own local feeling and old-world charm--belonging to the chain just provides certain financial benefits without necessarily making them bland or ugly like some of the US chain motels. <BR>On the other hand, don't assume that <BR>your hotel will necssarily have all the modern amenities you might expect in an American chain, like air condiitioning, <BR>large elevators, etc. Check the specifics on your hotels, and as Richard says, by all means be sure of the locations by finding them on city maps. <BR>There are many hotel suggestions on this site for your cities, try doing searches here for Florence hotels, Milan hotels, etc. People can't make suggestions about comparably-priced places if we don't know what you're paying.

Royce Dec 15th, 2000 12:47 PM

We can highly recommend Hotel Casci in Florence. Reasonable price, very friendly, great breakfast, and excellent location to walk to sights.

Phil Dec 15th, 2000 05:58 PM

Hi. I would reccomend you some very nice and clean hotel where I stayed in last week. The best one is the colombina ( but it belongs to a chain that owns also the Olimpia ( and the next door Hotel Arlecchino ( Go there and enjoy your stay.

Tony Dec 16th, 2000 10:57 AM

I stayed at the Hotel Bisanzio ( in Venice. <BR> <BR>Its modern, well-appointed, centrally located, and very reasonably priced for a 3 star. <BR> <BR>It also is associated with Best Western. <BR> <BR>Take a look at the website. <BR> <BR>-Tony

Don and Linda Dec 16th, 2000 11:47 AM

Hi Hugo, <BR> <BR>For lots of great ideas for your trip, you'll enjoy reading our two Italy travelogues. You'll find them on our non-commercial web site at Enjoy your trip. Don and Linda <BR> <BR> is non-commercial

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