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bomich Mar 16th, 2015 10:07 AM

Italy cruise
Taking a two week cruise around Italy mid-June with the whole family (kids, Grandma et al). Starts in Barcelona then Nice, Florence, Rome, Salerno, Venice, Ravenna and finishes in Kotor, Montenegro. Cruise only allows a day in each with some exceptions. Appreciate some info on don't miss sights as well as some over-hyped ones. Thanks

greg Mar 16th, 2015 10:17 AM

Have you done any research on your own before booking the trip? For quick access to what are at many of your destinations and how to visit them, Rick Steves has a book just for the cruise passengers "Rick Steves' Mediterranean Cruise Ports" The latest one is 2014 edition. Try to find the in your library first even if it is not 2014 to see if the info is relevant to you.

bilboburgler Mar 16th, 2015 10:24 AM

I can see no city on your tour that could be described as over hyped. I would not bother to visit Nice, but I understand that others like it so maybe you will too.

bobthenavigator Mar 16th, 2015 01:58 PM

How could it end in Kotor--it has no airport?
Are you sure it does not end in Venice?

bomich Mar 20th, 2015 10:10 PM

Thanks for the replies. Kotor is the last stop. From there it is "at sea" back to Barcelona then home.

geetika Mar 21st, 2015 01:20 AM

Suggest you go to your ship's Roll Call on Cruise Critic, you'll get to interact with others on your sailing and can pick up tips about dos and don'ts. You'll also get info about private tours you may like to join, much cheaper and better than the cruise line's shore excursions.

suec1 Mar 21st, 2015 03:40 AM

I repeat the Rick Steves recommendation. It wil be super helpful esp. in sorting out which ports you can do on your own and which ports might be better to tour. For the DIY ports, there will be helpful logistics and suggestions as to which sights are worth your time.

Florence and Rome are both a loooong ways from where the ship will dock and both have an abundance of sights - you may want tours there to maximize time. The sights at the other ports are easier to access.

We've been to each of these ports on a cruise - it's a great itinerary. I loved visiting every one of them even if for a short time. Can you add a day or two to Barcelona at the beginning or end? Many things to see there, such a fun city. Enjoy!

jan47ete Mar 21st, 2015 06:00 AM

Old Nice is nice, antique market wonderful and if that is not of interst take the bus to Eze-suberb!

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