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megan2944 Feb 5th, 2014 07:22 PM

Italy and Croatia/Greece? in October
Hi All,

I am looking to go to Italy and possibly another country, thinking Croatia or Greece in October for minimum 2 weeks, maximum 3 weeks (depending on what I can get off of work) and I am looking for some itinerary suggestions and ideas.

I will be a solo female traveler, this being my first time at it on my own although I have traveled quite a bit with groups and friends. I have no issues flying by myself etc as I have done this frequently in the past. I would like to hit up the big places in Italy; Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre but as far as Croatia or Greece goes I am not sure!!

I am open to any/all suggestions and itinerary ideas as I am just trying to put together somewhat of a plan. I will be backpacking, want to keep the trip pretty cost efficient but I do not have a set budget at the moment.

I am ready for your words of wisdom! Cheers!

kja Feb 5th, 2014 07:46 PM

IMO, you need to think about what, exactly, you want to see and experience. My trip (solo female) that included Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Cinque Terre was for an all-too-short 17 days. On another solo trip, I spent 3.5 weeks in southern Italy -- not enough. I also enjoyed 4 weeks in Croatia and other parts of what was once Yugoslavia (solo). I haven't been to Greece yet.

I think it would be to your advantage to get a few good guidebooks, think about what you want to see and experience, and then come back with specific questions. The reason I suggest that is that people have really different approaches to these places. One example: I spent 5 full days, from morning to night, in Florence, and I did NOT see everything I wanted to see there. But I love art, and not everyone loves it the way I do! So some people just visit Florence as a day trip and are pleased with doing so. That's why I recommend that you think about what YOU want.

Hope that helps!

phieaglefan Feb 6th, 2014 02:41 AM

As kja indicates, with the amount of time you have available, doing two countries might be a stretch, especially with all you want to see in Italy.

That said, my husband and I have often done a split trip and like the contrast of visiting two countries in a single trip.

Of course flights will be available between the countries, but you might consider doing Italy and Croatia. A few years ago we planned a trip flying into Italy due to FF restrictions and then scheduled an overnight ferry from Ancona to Split, Croatia. Sadly we had to cancel and never made the journey, but we had already booked the ferry passage so I know it is possible.

Have fun planning!

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