Italians and Air travel

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Italians and Air travel

I had the misfortune to be getting on an International aircraft flight when a group of about 25 Italians came on board. From then on it was bedlam, they sat wherever they wished even though people had that particular confirmed & booked seat, the stewards were getting beside themselves moving them back to where they were supposed to be, I had one sit beside me and refuse to move even though I said it was occupied so had to get assistance from a stewardess to have them moved so that my daughter could sit there.
Is there something about Italians that they think they can just sit wherever they want or is it just on other ( non Alitalia ) flights that they think they can do this. Perhaps we could use this forum to help them understand that other airlines do have a designated seat arrangement with the flyer and its not a free for all. It did make for some nastiness and arguements on this particular flight.
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I don't think this applies to one nationality only. It happens with many others.
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I agree with the previous post. It's not one nationality. Just on a flight home from Germany, this German guy sat in a lady's seat when she got up at the beginning of the flight. He thought it was empty and wanted to just change his seat. He actually was looking for a seat in 1st class if he could have gotten one, but none was available. That's when he plopped himself into that woman's seat. Her friends had to speak up for her otherwise the silly attendant would have let it go. The attendant should have checked first before okaying him to sit there.
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It's funny you mention the whole Italian reminds me of my own experiences with most Italian tourists in general. Boy those folks sure know how to have fun...and they let you know it. Especially in locations where the whole point is serenity and peace, such as, Macchu Picchu, museums across Europe, art galleries, etc. etc. You can always hear them a mile away.

Just last month I was in Topkapi Palace viewing the treasures in these small rooms in what was an orderly line, when three hefty Italian ladies and this little annoying kid stormed in front of everybody (including me) and admired those pieces with the bravado that only Italians have. And I got a stomp on my foot to boot. Hey, at least they always look like they're having fun. And before I get mean comments from the politically correct crowd, I don't dislike Italians, and always invite them to parties.
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I hope you didn't mean this to be some sort of Italian bashing thread and I hope it doesn't turn out to be one. I think the bottom line here is that these people were apparently in a large group. It seems to be a well observed trait of all people that once they become a "group" they change into something other than what they normally are. I've observed it with many nationalities, and it is easily observed at home. This accounts for the often heard complaint about "that big tour group came in and took over", etc. Maybe it's safety in numbers or maybe it's just the power of people feeling like since there are more of them together they can do whatever they want.
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No it wasn't a tour group at all just a fairly large amount of one nationality boarding a plane. I just noticed this in my section and there were others in other areas of the Jumbo though.
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Guess it's a cultural thang.
Americans (present company included) tend to maintain lines, follow procedures, etc, while I've found that Europeans do so to a lesser extent. There was a great New Yorker magazine cover last month. A cartoon (let's see if I remember it correctly = corrections welcome) showing two international departure lines at the airport. The American line showed people waiting in an orderly manner. The European line showed people drinking, dancing, and having a ball.
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I go to Italy numerous times every year and love the country and its citizenry, so this is NOT bashing...However, what Trudy describes is something I have seen many times. I often fly from London to whatever Italian city I need to get to and even on BA the passengers are usually mostly Italian. They stand up and walk around during take off and landing, they move around from seat to seat, they totally ignore all announcemnts. Sometimes I am chrmed, sometimes I am irritated. Have never seen this behavior exhibited by another nationality (tho Brazilians come mighty close).
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Santa Chiara
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Hee, hee, hee. I live in Italy. This is not Italian bashing, this is god's truth. Try EuroStar where it is reservation only. I travel about three tmes a month, at least, and two of those times, someone is in my seat. I was on a plane today and, yes, the aisle standing, chatting, and cell phone violations were rampant.
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