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Joseph Kimble Oct 27th, 1997 03:22 PM

Istanbul and Western Turkey
Interested in Istanbul lodging and sightseeing. Also independent travel in Turkey for two active seniors.

Bruce Jonet Oct 28th, 1997 07:13 PM

Very interesting city. Topkapi palace is extremely interesting with a very nice cafe that overlooks the water. Driving is not recommended. The food is wonderful throughout Istanbul.

George Holt Oct 29th, 1997 05:53 AM

Lots of interesting places to visit in Istanbul. Thankfully several of the must see sights are located near to each other. You can almost fall out of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Cami) into the Aya Sofia and the Hippodrome runs beside the Blue Mosque. At the side of the Hippodrome is an ethnographic museum and at least one of the cisterns is located in this general area. Topkapi Palace is a short walk down the road off the square outside the Aya Sofia. Just round the side of Topkapi Palace is a complex of three museum buildings housing the archaeological museum and a ceramics museum. In Topkapi Palace don't miss the Baghdad Kiosk with its mother of pearl inlaid panelling, the treasury, and the old kitchens housing a stunning display of china. At the opposite end of town to Topkapi Palace I'd recommend the Kariye Museum (the old Church of St. Saviour in Chora) which has some impressive mosaics and wall paintings. As for travelling around Turkey I'd endorse the comment that driving in Turkey is ,erm, interesting but it is the the most efficient way to cover the ground. There are thousands of independant coach companies all over Turkey which makes travelling by public transport very easy, and fun, if you have the time. Typically you'd book locally a coach to take you to your next destination and there book the next leg and so on. Most buses in Istanbul leave from Topkapi (which confusingly is the name of an area nowhere near Topkapi Palace). I can recomend Bursa, the first capital of the Ottomans, for its buildings and the tombs of the first Osmanli Sultans. The Aegean coast is littered with Helenic remains some of which are quite impressive. Ephesus is particularly spectacular. When planning bear in mind that Turkey is deceptively large, as a guide it takes about 7 hours to drive from Istanbul to Ankara (about 1/2 hour flight time) and about an hour in the air Istanbul to Antalia.

a. lukosky Oct 29th, 1997 08:07 PM

not interested in visiting Turkey diue to their genocides of the Armenians and their present genocides of the Kurds in Norhtern Iraq. Why does the US tolerate a repeat of history? Iran and Iraq cannot stop the Kurds from attempting to overthrow their governments, yet Turkey can violate the fly zones, kill Kurdish women and children and the US government, as in the Armenian massacres and genocides, refuse to accept responsibility? You still want to go to Turkey and support the genocide of the Armenians and thde Kurds? Please don't go!
Thank you!

Kevin Mcdratt Oct 30th, 1997 06:18 AM

What you are suggesting is not only valid for Turkey but all the world,if we should have accepted your point of view,there should not have been such thing as foreign travel,you suggest we should not visit germany because of second world war ,should not visit spain and portugal because they simply killed and deported millions of jews and also responsible for the southamerican indian massacers,no foreigner should visit USA becausa we sent the A- bomb to japan,and caused missery to American Indians,and responsible for millions of deaths,stay away from Russia for killing the intellectuals and liberals,keep away from Israel because they are occuping foreign soil,do not go near France because of the historical protestant massacers through out the history,boycott England because of northern Ireland situation,boycott Denmark because of human rights violations of Greenland no visit to Greece because they killed Turkish civillians in Cyprus. not buy anything from the jews because they are responsible for the death of christ...Oh Come on.. where have you been during the last 2000 years??What should we do? stay home and watch tv?I am glad that every year millions and millions of people are travelling to foreign countries ,this is the ONE and Only way to International peace and understanding..see things in your own eyes,hear things in your own ears,there is always another side of a story and we should also hear the other side..There is no single nation on this universe who is 100%25 innocent in international affairs..Keep your brain alive...

a. lulejian Oct 30th, 1997 06:10 PM

Without further ado, your father did not watch the Turks massacre his mother, brothers, and sisters
in Armenia in 1910-1912! Kevin, as a RVN vet married to an Armeniian, I know what you will never know! Please keep the dialogue decent!
Thanks, Kevin! Please share only good experiences! We do love you!

Muhammed Oct 31st, 1997 03:57 AM

you would also have no knowledge of the massacre of the Kurds by Armenians during the first world war in eastern Turkey,Kurds and Armenians were fighting for the same territories against the Turks..
I do know because both my gradparents were moslem Kurds,how Armenians butcherd the Kurds in the name of establishing the Christian Armenia is the story we were brought up with....
Yes, I know alot that your grandparents never told you about..nobody is the god's gift to nation or race is totally innocent..
Yes,I do agree with the author above.. keep your brain open..


Richard Graybill Nov 1st, 1997 09:10 AM

Wife and I sound like you two. We are going to Trukey in May '98 for 17 days with Overseas Adventure Travel out of Boston 800-955-1925 trip features moderate/challenging hikes walks in Istanbul 6 night cruise on Turquoise Coast on a traditional gulet, and a mountain village overnight with a local family. If you want to know more e-mail us. Hope you have a nice trip.

Paula Nov 1st, 1997 05:43 PM

Very spirited talk for a travel page! Why is it felt that the US is responsible for the peace of the world and when it intervenes it is the US fault fr getting involved and meddling. When it stands by, then innocent people are being slaughtered while the US does nothing. As I recall, the UN was supposed to be the international peacekeeper.

The fact that there are ethnic hostilities raging should not preclude anyone's visit to an area unless
there are open hostilities. Of course, visits to Israel continue and nothing can be more open than the hostilities there.

Just use common sense - if you feel uncomfortable with the situation leave. Governments have hot lines where they warn their citizens of areas to avoid; the ultimate responsibility is the traveler -
let the traveler BEWARE!

The Pax Americana cannot make the entire world safe,
but it nice to know that a considerable number of people feel that the US can heal all wounds.

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