Istanbul airport-transportation

Nov 3rd, 1998, 10:46 AM
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Istanbul airport-transportation

We will be arriving in Istanbul on a Sunday morning with at least three pieces of luggage. What is the best way to get to our hotel, safely and easily. How much should it cost? How must does one tip the driver?

Nov 3rd, 1998, 11:03 AM
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Be prepared! Istanbul has 15 million residents, all seemingly with cars, and no subway. We also arrived on a weekend and expected easy sailing into the city because we thought there would be no rush hour traffic. However, we found that the worst traffic was on the weekend when residents drove around for pleasure at all times, especially up and down the Bosphorus. It took us 2-1/2 hours by taxi into the city, and we were choked with smog and sweat by the time we got there.

In regard to how much it should cost, I can't really remember, but my instinct is that it was $50+. What I remember however is that when I was trying to pay the skycap at the airport taxi stand, he pointed to a bill. Not knowing how much it was, I was about to give it to him when another guy intervened, smiled, and selected another bill for the driver. Look carefully at the bills, because the 10,000,000 doesn't look that different from the 100,000!

Istanbul is a fascinating city. I'd be happy to answer any questions, and would love to hear about your experience.
Nov 3rd, 1998, 12:02 PM
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If you takes Taxi,
It takes 20 minutes from Airport to Sultanahmet Area (Old City)And you can paye around 3.600,000.It means that 13-15 USD during day time .But after midnight It is double price.
I do not now your hotel name but more or less if you stay Sultanahmet It is like this.If you need more info write me .
Nov 3rd, 1998, 02:11 PM
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Nurdogan sounds like a native to the city, and our experience last year is consistent with that message. We paid about $20 for a taxi from the Sultanahmet Area to the airport. To the north/east side of the Golden Horn (newer part of the city) I expect the fare would be about $30. If you are not familiar with the money, I'd recommend that you agree on a fare in dollars (or other hard currency that you are familiar with) before getting in the taxi. Then tip $2 to $5 more, depending on the experience. Have enough "small" bills ($1, $5, $10, $20) to give exact change for both your entrance visa and the cab ride. It'll make everyone's life easier, and you will know what you are paying.
Nov 4th, 1998, 01:27 AM
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We have just arrived back from Istanbul and were 'caught" we think by the taxi driver. We asked price from our hotel (Sultanahmet to Airport)
and was told $30Aus but had to end up paying $40, Our taxi driver was quite upset by the traffic being slowed down by accident, and we are sure we were charged night rates - be careful - some of them do
this to tourists. Watch out for them thumping the dash to change from day to night rates. We were .56c US to our dollar at that time. Have fun, great place. Denise
Nov 8th, 1998, 04:46 PM
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Just returned from Turkey - was through airports in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. In each city, a company named HAVAS (I think it is owned by Turkish airlines) operates a bus system from the airport to the center city - costs about $3 a person and leaves about every 30 minutes. Buses are very obvious. From their dropoff points, you can catch a taxi to your hotel. In Istanbul, they drop you off in an area close to Sultanahmet but convenient to it or take you across the bridge and drop you in Taksim Square.

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