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Sheila Oct 18th, 2000 01:33 PM

Is the Plaza on Hyde Park the same hotel as Norfolk Plaza?
I have the seen the Plaza on Hyde Park mentioned here and was wondering if it is the same hotel as the Norfolk Plaza Hotel. I would appreciate any information you have on this hotel. Thanks

elaine Oct 18th, 2000 02:14 PM

They are definitely not the same. <BR>The Plaza on HP is near the Lancaster Gate tube stop. The Norfolk is on Norfolk Square, near Paddington Station. <BR>Sheila, with reference to your other posting, don't feel pressured by the travel agent to book before you're ready. If that deal goes away, and I doubt it will, there is always another deal. You're planning in advance, and you still have time before next June. <BR>The only way to find out if $1600 per person is worth it is to price the airfare and hotel separately, to see what you come up with. Depending on the sort of hotel you need, you might do better with price. Airport transfers can be helpful if you will have a lot of luggage. However, there are inexpensive transportation alternatives, everything from a straight tube ride from Heathrow to central London, to an express ride from Gatwick to Victoria station. And for four of you, you could consider having a car service pick you up, if it's within your budget. <BR>If you'd like to see my London notes with some of the above info, please email me.

Erica Oct 18th, 2000 02:37 PM

My hubby and I stayed at the Plaza on Hyde Park last year -- not the same as Norfolk Plaza Hotel unless that was a former name or something. We enjoyed our stay -- quite pleasant. There's a restaurant and bar but we thought the restaurant was kinda pricey. The rooms are small, but we were OK w/ that b/c we were on the go entirely. They do have a coffee/tea service in the room, and our package included continental b'fast, though you could pay a bit more for the full English b'fast. The hotel was undergoing renovations when we were there as well. All in all, a nice, clean hotel in a wonderful, quiet location. You're actually right across the street from Kensington Park, but Hyde Park section is really close. You're also close to the tube (I forget the stop). Have fun!

Sheila Oct 18th, 2000 02:38 PM

Thanks Elaine. I will email you for more information. Planning a trip like this is scary for the first time and I don't want to make hugh mistakes to make everyone miserable. The travel agent says she can get the tickets for 600 plus through a consolidator but seats are limited. I have checked through the airlines and they are 900 plus so she makes it sound like a good deal. I just don't know who to trust. Thanks

Sheila Oct 18th, 2000 02:40 PM

Thanks Erica. Each time I try to do a search on PLaza on Hyde Park, I get the Norfolk website so I thought they were the same. Thanks again. Do you know the website for Plaza on Hyde Park?

Erica Oct 18th, 2000 02:42 PM

I'm back again -- just saw Elaine's post (she hadn't submitted yet when I saw your post) and she's absolutely right a/b the tube stop. I knew it was "Lancaster" something! I'll be sure to post again if there's anything else I can think of from our trip. I'm at work now, which only inspires wanting a vacation, not remembering what you did on your last one. ;&lt;)

Erica Oct 18th, 2000 02:48 PM

Here are a few websites I found -- it's pretty accurate and the photos are a good representation of what we saw. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>The only problem you'll have is if you hate small rooms. We didn't care but w/ some folks it bears repeating.

Sheila Oct 18th, 2000 02:57 PM

Thanks Erica. Cleanliness and location is more important than the size of the room. I would love to find something for the 4 of us with a little privacy like a sleep sofa or 2 bedroom since it is me, my husband, son and nephew. I know the teenagers would love privacy too. Any ideas on something with a reasonable price. I am trying to plan this for next June. Thanks Again.

Lori Oct 18th, 2000 03:13 PM

$1600 per person sounds like a lot to me, Sheila - where are you starting out from? I think you can do this for less without the travel agent. You've gotten some good advice already, I'd also say with 4 of you I'd opt for a driver service to pick you up at the a/p. You may have to request a minivan tho because of luggage for you all. A regular car is about 30 pounds, we always use a service when we got to London, it makes the trip into town so much more civilized! No public transport to hassle with, no dragging luggage around, etc. You can check on line, there are several companies, i.e. and also London Transport (forgot their web address). <BR>Also, if you need more room then a hotel room consider an apartment. We always rent one in London and it's so much nicer to have the room. Depending on your budget you can find one in just about all price ranges. Many do not include daily maid service tho so if that is an issue then an apt. is not the way to go. With kids tho it's really nice because you have a kitchen and that's great for snacks, etc. Just having more room is worth it I think!! Hotel rooms tend to be pretty small. We've used Nick Price Apartments and been very pleased in the past - he has a variety of price ranges/locations. Getting two hotel rooms would be really expensive and there are not a lot of places like Embassy Suites with "suite" type rooms (unless you want to pay a zillion dollars!!).

Sheila Oct 19th, 2000 05:00 AM

Thanks Lori. I will be leaving from Memphis, TN. What location do you use for Nick Price apts and do you know his website? A kitchen would be a good idea especially the refrigerator. Any other advice will be appreciated. I am also wondering about day or 1/2 tour companies for outside London trips. <BR>Thanks

elaine Oct 19th, 2000 05:16 AM

Sheila <BR>Just saw your last post, hope Lori won't mind if I give you the website for Nick Price apts <BR> <BR>(I'd probably copied it from her previous postings on this forum!)

elaine Oct 19th, 2000 05:17 AM

PS <BR>the London file that I just sent you <BR>has quite a bit of info on daytrips <BR>Maybe look it over and see what other info you need.

********* Oct 19th, 2000 12:32 PM

sheila, i just booked a quad room in london at the thistle victoria, not to expensive. the woman i spoke to was very help and is trying to upgrade the room for us. they have their own web

xxx Oct 19th, 2000 02:20 PM

When I stayed at Plaza on Hyde Park it was part of the Hilton chain. It was a very decent hotel for the price, good location, a nice walk to pubs and ethnic restaurants. Lancaster tube station a stone's throw. Safe area. <BR> <BR>Another place I've stayed at was Dolphin Square, which is more of a residential hotel (years ago, Princess Anne stayed there, occupying several apartments). I liked the one-bedroom suite, which had a kitchenette. The location was okay, a block from the Thames. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.

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