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Dogeared Mar 13th, 2017 06:57 AM

I am not a 5Terre fan anymore. Haven't been for decades since it became popular. It is true that if you visited it then, you would probably feel the same way.

It's true the scenery is the same but that is all that is the same. A lot of what made the area so great, was the total lack of popularity and all it brings with it. So it's kinda like going now, you only get half of what it was in the past. Whether you consider half of something worthwhile is difficult to determine.

On the other hand, as the saying goes, 'ignorance is bliss'. If you don't know you're only getting half, you think you got it all as evidenced by people here writing they visited within the last decade and loved it. They can't miss what is no longer there.

It all depends on what 'type' of tourist you are and where you are considering visiting. To get a handle on that, do some reading about the tourism lifecycle as outlined by Butler and others.

It's generally not hard to determine where a place falls on that bell curve.

Combine that with where you feel you fall on a bell curve of allocentric to psychocentric as outlined by Plog and you can try to determine whether a given place is for you or not.

It can be harder to decide where you feel you are on that bell curve as it can change with time and also simply according to what you feel like doing at any point in time. An allocentric who generally avoids crowds and prefers to find 'unknown' places, can still enjoy a week at the beach staying in a 5 star resort. It's not as usual however for a psychocentric to enjoy the opposite.

Generally speaking, there is as corellation between where a place is on the tourism curve and where you are on the tourist type curve. The trick is to match the two.

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