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tico Nov 26th, 2007 03:18 AM

Is 75 minutes enough time for connecting flight at AMS?
I am planing a trip to Paris. BDL to CDG via AMS on NorthWest Air. Is 75 minutes doable or is this asking for trouble?

travelgourmet Nov 26th, 2007 04:24 AM

This should be do-able. It is tight, but AMS is pretty efficient. And, besides, there are so many flights between AMS and CDG on KL and AF, that they should be able to take care of you if something happens. If Northwest is selling it as a valid connection, then I would book it.

Dukey Nov 26th, 2007 04:31 AM

If your flight arrives on time and given the efficiency of Schiphol mentioned above (and which I strongly agree with) i would have no hesitation whatsoever about booking that itinerary.

Franto Nov 26th, 2007 05:04 PM

Definitely! AMS is in my opinion, the most efficient in Europe in which to make a connection. I have never been dissapointed there. Good luck.

tico Nov 27th, 2007 08:38 AM

Thanks for your advise! Connection time varies so much depending on the airport. I'll look foward to may first trip through AMS.

deladeb Nov 27th, 2007 09:10 AM

Back in June we took a NW flight from DTW to AMS to Oslo. We arrived at 6 am on schedule and ran for our 7 am flight w/o stopping. We reached our gate at 6:50 am and the gate agent said we could not get on the flight because there was not enough time for our checked luggage to make the flight. They said they preferred for us to take the next flight at 9:40 or we could go and have our luggage delivered to us "in a day or 2".

janewb Jan 7th, 2008 01:36 PM

I know I have seen this covered before, but cannot find it - in the scenario Tico describes - do bags get checked through to CDG and is that where one goes thru immigration? I am thinking of doing the same flights from Hartford and got the same 75 mins. for connection. Tico did you book this and what was the fare? Thanks!

alanRow Jan 7th, 2008 10:19 PM

Bags are normally checked through and you pass through immigration at AMS as that's your entry point to the Schengen common travel zone

travelgourmet Jan 8th, 2008 12:04 AM

Bags are most certainly checked through at AMS. You will leave your gate, follow the signs to the Schengen terminal, go through passport control and security screening. You are then off to your gate. Depending upon how far apart the gates are, you can do the whole thing in 15-30 minutes.

tico Jan 9th, 2008 04:14 AM


I did not book the flight to AMS.
I splurged and booked AF for about $ 130 more per ticket on a non stop BOS-CDG. Final cost per ticket $ 643.00 Feb 12 through Feb 20.

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