Irish PUBS: How to meet people?

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More evidence that pubs differ, and people differ...

While I did not find that everyone wanted to talk politics, I did find some folks who did. We had wonderful conversations, some times agreeing and some times disagreeing. I rather enjoy talking politics with new people, though I wouldn't force that topic on folks. Of course, I wouldn't force other topics on people either.

Topics of conversation with strangers from our most recent trip (at least those I can remember): rain, tornados, the war in Iraq, music in Chicago, study abroad programs, Palestine, how relationships with siblings change as we age, development, comfort food, hiking the great peaks of the world, the Sydney Olympics, junk email, John Denver. I think we need to pay more attention to how we converse rather than what we converse about.

As for the music, again it seems similar to here at home. If you really want to listen, sit up close. Otherwise you have too much "noise" from people talking between you and the musicians. If you want to talk, sit further back. It's easier to have a converstation and more respectful of the musicians.

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People debate here mmore and openly talk about any topic. Even if I disagree i will talk and debate a subject and listen to the other person to see if I lean something new. To be honest I can't be arsed talking politics in a pub. My mother is still upset from the last exection sto see how badly people she knew fell out with eachother over politics so she refused to say what her leanings were. People will not attack you but explain what you believe in if asked. Blanket statements come across as uninformed and this could set people off. I have never seen anyone here hassle someone over this and if they did they were probably young drunken louts from Temple bar. Its a touchy subject at the moment as planes to and from Iraq re-fuel in Ireland and they believe some Guantanamo flights stopped here which is against our consitution/neutral status. Too lengthy to explain. Just go with the flow
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Okisteph writes: "One day we( my girlfriends and I) had gone to 3 different pubs in 4 hours and had to leave each pub because it was just getting too out of hand with the shouting over the United states politics. ..."

That's quite a 'pub crawl#39; 3 Pubs in 4-hours.

From my Pub conversations, about U.S. Politics among other subjects, I have found that Irish people generally don't care for President G.W. Bush (They loved Bill Clinton, for all his faults and peccadillos, !). I just tell them the truth: I voted for John Kerry (2004) and for Al Gore (2000)

" ... If you go to Galway make sure you go to Taffy's Pub. They have great music there."

That's Taaffes, in the Pedestrian mall area


SiobhanP writes: ".. a touchy subject at the moment as planes to and from Iraq re-fuel in Ireland and they believe some Guantanamo flights stopped here which is against our consitution/neutral status. Too lengthy to explain. Just go with the flow"

I hope the Agency running the flights from Guantanamo exercised some prudent judgment and scheduled their refueling stops for RAF Aldergrove, N.I. or RAF St. Maugens (Wales). The flights that stop at Shannon for refueling on their way to/from Ramstein AB, Germany are mostly civilian Charter airlines carrying US Military personnel & dependents. Planes would park at Gate-13 (the far end of Shannon's Gates) and no one would be allowed to deplane. Gardai used to put an 8-ft. portable chain link fence around the aircraft and stand guard there while the plane was being serviced. That was 3-years ago. Things have changed! People are now allowed to deplane and shop in the Duty Free area.

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Stupid question, probably. I don't drink (can't, wish I could) but my son and husband want to visit pubs while on vacation. I'd really like to sit around with them and listen to the music and spend time there, but without drinking, would I be looked at weirdly? Maybe I should just stay at the hotel and leave the pubs to husband & son? thanks
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You do not have to drink beer or liquor to enjoy a pub. Many Irish are teetotlers. Have a "mineral" (soft drink in the USA) or tea or coffee or bottled water. Try the Club lemon and orange. An Irish friend of mine loves red lemonade but I have not acquired the taste for it.
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Thank you! I had been wondering about this, but hadn't seen it addressed anywhere before. This is good to know - thanks. Very helpful!
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Nobody would think twice about your not drinking alcohol in a pub. Try sparkling Ballygowan (Irish spring water).
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Now that I'm back from Ireland I can answer my own question about how to meet people in the Irish pubs!

At Greene's Pub in Ballyvaughan, it was so crowded it was impossible NOT to meet people. A small friendly pub with great music on Wednesday night. Loved it!

Some pubs looked intimidating when we walked in, so we just left. We tried to find pubs where we felt comfortable.

The Irish often started conversations by asking us where we were from. So we began to do the same.

Hubby got a kiss on the cheek from a Bride-to-Be who had to collect kisses from 100 men before the evening was over. That's one way to meet people!

Smile and people smile back at you. If they don't, they are extra crabby and you wouldn't want to talk to them anyway.

Pubs with great trad music often attracted music lovers, which means you can talk about music.

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