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Flourthy Nov 11th, 2015 04:48 PM

Ireland Trip
I am trying to plan a trip next fall to Southern Ireland. We will have 2 weeks. I would like to fly into Dublin, then possibly drive to Cork, Killarney, and Limerick, using those 4 places as bases to day trip, then fly home from Shannon. Does anyone have comments about what is really worth seeing and what is just well known? We would appreciate any tips on reasonable accommodations, car rentals, etc. Thanks.

flpab Nov 12th, 2015 04:22 AM

You need to read the trip reports. They can be very helpful. Trip advisor is very good for accommodation reviews but many of the trip reports have reviews for accommodations. I like apartments or hotels but some love a B&B. Dan Dooley is the car rental people seem to like the best.
I like to be in a village or city where we can walk to pubs and shops not out in the boonies. But you might like the opposite.

Tony2phones Nov 12th, 2015 05:17 AM

Depends what you mean by "Fall" But Dublin/Cork/Killarney/Limerick and I would add Galway basically covers the lower half of the Island of Ireland. I might also suggest that there could be alternatives within a short distance from the main bases, I would prefer Ennis to Limerick some prefer Adare, Cork has options like Kinsale which wouldn't get my vote, Cobh which gets my vote but isn't really a touring base or Blarney which is a decent alternative and gives chance to visit the Castle grounds outside tour bus hours.

Firstly check out some trip reports and borrow a few good unbiased guide books. not as easy as it sounds, some Ireland guides/reports can be heavily swayed. Lonely Planet, Big Dummies guide and others might be a good start.

So we have a piece of string and know its length so how about passing on a bit about the texture and colour.

Car rental is cheap, car rental Insurance is not and in Ireland they are generally combined to make the package Price, Dooley have a US office for point of contact, EasytoursIreland are a broker for Hertz so you get the name without the attitude. Other than eti I advise strongly against using a broker/agent/consolidator for car hire.

Accommodation depends on taste, numbers and to a degree dates (lots of B&B's close/scale down the end of September ish)

Again, the more you reveal the more focused the answers.

TPAYT Nov 12th, 2015 06:19 AM

I see that you are new to Fodors...Welcome!
You're in the right place to help with your trip.

I agree with Tony about bases. You've chosen all larger cities. Are you planning to stay in Dublin? If not, we enjoyed Trim, a short drive from the airport. Trim was a cute town with a castle & some nice restaurants, easy for a first night.

Also. we prefer:
Ennis instead of Limerick
Kenmare instead of Killarney
Kinsale (we actually liked it better than Cobh) instead of Cork

You asked "What is worth seeing?" For us it was the little "out of the way" places as we were driving from town to town.
I will add a place we loved----The Dingle Penninsula. Much nicer than The Ring of Kerry with all it's huge tour buses. Loved Greenmount House for a B&B there.

Our favorite B&B was in Kenmare, Shelburne Lodge, easy to walk into town for shops, restaurants, even golf if you wish. Kenmare is a much better choice to Killarney(close by) which is filled with lots of traffic & tours.

Of course, I am stating our choices, yours might be quite different. Click on my name, scroll down to trip reports & find 2 for Ireland. 1 on the West coast & 1 down the middle.
A bit different that the places you've chosen but we did hit some of your choices and the TR's will give you an idea as to what is available.

TPAYT Nov 12th, 2015 06:30 AM Dingle Kenmare Trim

Just a few examples of the B&B's we loved. With research you can find B&B's in every price category. We really enjoyed having breakfast with the other guests & talking about places to visit.

Good luck with your planning. Narrow down your itinerary with places & budget and you will find excellent help here on Fodors.

Flourthy Jan 16th, 2016 08:31 PM

Thanks to all of you for your answers. We are renting a car so could stay out of the city centers. There are 4 women going. We would like to keep our lodging budget down to $100-$150 a night per person,, preferably closer to $100. Is that possible? We don't need elegant by any means, but charming and comfortable would be great. Any suggestions near any of the cities where we plan to base would be great and probably less expensive. I will certainly check out the ones mentioned. If possible I would like to fly into Dublin and out of Shannon if it doesn't increase the cost that much. Would love any suggestions on how long to stay in or near our bases, Dublin, Cork, Killarney, and Limerick would be appreciated. I know we'll be doing a lot of day trips from these bases and that seems quite feasible looking at the distances. You may laugh, considering, but I don't drink beer. (heaven help me). Do any of the pubs have mixed drinks or wine? We can stay as long as 2 weeks if need be counting travel days. Thanks again for all and any suggestions!

Flourthy Jan 16th, 2016 08:42 PM

I have on our iterarary so far "Highlights of Dublin", recommended by Fodors, Emo Court and Gardens, Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, A number of sights in and around Cork and Killarney, such as The English Market, Gap of Dunlop, Ring of Kerry, part of the Dingle Peninsula, Blarney Castle, Slea Town Cliffs of Moher, the Blasket Islands, interspersed with dining, shopping, pubs, etc.

Any other suggestions on either things to see or things not really worth the hype? Thanks so much!

Tony2phones Jan 17th, 2016 02:00 AM

A B&B will cost between €30 and €45 per person per night, you would want 2 rooms, possibly twin (2 single beds) or family (1 double, 1 single bed). so for 4 of you up to €180 per night bed and breakfast. You could pay more in Dublin and Dingle but otherwise the rates are about the same.

You won't get to the Blaskets or do the Cliffs of Moher cruise in "Fall" whenever that happens to be as from September onwards the seas are likely too rough to get out. Be aware that some places close for the winter at the end of September.

Not sure where your ideas are on Irish Pubs, of course Wine and soft drinks are available, many will do Coffee and Tea as well.

Standard 2 week Tourist trip:

Land Dublin and get the express bus to Galway.
3 nights Galway,
1 night Ennis / Limerick / Adare or Lahinch /Ennistimon
2 nights Dingle
2 nights Killarney / Kenmare
2 nights Cork / Kinsale
1 night Kilkenny / Waterford
3 nights Dublin

That itinerary would be changed slightly for open jaw and slightly more for a visitor rather than tourist trip.

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