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Sabita Mar 22nd, 1999 09:25 PM

internet booking for rome sights?
From the various messages posted in this forum, I gathered that one can book for the Uffizi and David in Florence over the Internet. Would anyone know if there is a similar site to book for the Vatican City/Colosseum etc over the Internet? Any information on this will be appreciated.

Walter Mar 23rd, 1999 02:29 PM

<BR>No, I'm afraid not. One for the Vatican Museums would be *great*. There is a commericial site for Galleria Borghese at but the fee is $15US plus the cost of the ticket$7. You can avoid the lines at the Colosseum and Palatine by buying your tickets in the (now free) Forum. If you don't mind (oops too late i already sent it:) I'll sent you an old e-mail I sent to a British couple with more detailed info. Regards, Walter

Kathleen Mar 25th, 1999 12:15 PM

Walter, could you please send me the information on Rome sights as well. My husband and I will be honeymooning in Italy in May. thanks, Kathleen

Tia Mar 30th, 1999 01:03 AM

With regards to booking online....the one thing that I was able to book online was tickets to the Wednesday morning Papal Service at St. Peter's. There is no charge for the tickets, but you do need to reserve beforehand. The email is [email protected] <BR>

pam Apr 1st, 1999 10:39 AM

Walter, <BR>Would you mind sending your old e-mail about Rome to me as well? <BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>

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