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missmykid Oct 30th, 2000 07:10 AM

Internet access in Athens
I'll be in Athens later this week and would love to keep in touch with my daughter via email. Where can I find internet access? I'll be staying in the Syntagma Square area.

Rex Oct 30th, 2000 07:39 AM

Litsa Oct 30th, 2000 07:50 AM

There's one just past the Polytechnic, an easy walk from Syntagma. Walk up the main road with the Polytechnic on your right, and it's on the corner of the next block, on your right.

Thyra Oct 30th, 2000 08:27 AM

If you visit the Plaka there is also an Internet cafe there (though it's up 4 flights of stairs) , it's pretty neat since you can send email and stare up at the Acropolis. We just got back from Greece last week and the going rate for Internet time is 1,000 GDR per half hour which comes out to about $3.00.

Walter Oct 30th, 2000 11:51 AM

One block west of Syntagma Sq. is a street called Voulis which runs north & south. Follow it (south) towards the Plaka. On the rightside of the corner of Voulis and Apolonos right at this corner is an Internet Cafe. It should be convenient for you because it's in the Syntagma area and you will or can use this street to get to/from the Plaka/Acropolis. Now if you turn left on Apolonos on the leftside of the street (20M) is a small store called "Cava" if you want to pick-up wine, soda, snacks, food, etc. The owner's son speaks English and is very helpful esp when picking out different local wines. Now if you turn right on Apolonos and walk ~100m on the leftside of the street just before the Hotel Afrodite is a gift shop (#23). The owner is very nice, quiet, and no hi-pressure sales. He speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable, we talked quite awhile about everything. It is more like a gift shop with nicer souvenirs/gifts rather than the touristy souvenir shops in the Plaka. HTH Regards, Walter <BR>

tom Oct 31st, 2000 07:58 AM

I think Walter is referring to "Skynet Internet Centre", corner of Voulis & Apollonos. <BR> <BR>This one was my favorite. Young, friendly, helpful, English speaking staff. <BR> <BR>It was also adequately lit, ventilation was better than some of the other places, thus there was less of a stale cigarette odor infusing everything. <BR> <BR>The Lonely Planet guide has a good listing of Internet Centers, not just in Athens, but in the other cities & towns. Be advised that the centers get very few & far between, outside of Athens. <BR> <BR>It may also be worth asking at your hotel, if they have access. For example, in Olympia, the Hotel Europa (a very nice hotel, my favorite) has an Internet connected PC, restricted to hotel guests only.

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