International Drivers License-necessary?

Jul 29th, 1998, 08:42 AM
Chris Tschida
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International Drivers License-necessary?

I've gotten conflicting reports about the necessity of an International Driver's License in Italy. AAA told me "you could get thrown in jail if you don't have one" other car rental agencies have said it's not required. What's your experience?
Jul 29th, 1998, 09:22 AM
wes fowler
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A number of travel resources I've checked indicate that in lieu of an International Drivers license an Italian translation of your license will suffice. I can't see the value in seeking a license translation when the cost of an International license is so low. Always carried one, have driven extensively, have been involved in accidents for which I was faultless and found great comfort in the International. Better safe than sorry considering the small cost of one.
Jul 29th, 1998, 09:28 AM
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It is not critical, but it is a good idea. Besides been inexpensive ($10 and a picture), it is widely accepted as a form of ID in Europe. If you get stopped on the road, and the police chooses to take your license away, they'll take the Intl Driver License instead of the States driver license (a pain to replace!). European rental car companies also appreciate this extra ID. I'll say is better to have one than not, but, in my experience, not having one has never been a deterrent to drive in Europe.
Jul 29th, 1998, 02:46 PM
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I have used the Int. driving license. However, since then I have learned that they are extremely outdated and a kickback to 30 years ago. Save the $10 plus the cost of the picture and use it for a nice meal instead!
Jul 31st, 1998, 01:05 PM
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We generally have not applied for an International Drivers license and the rental companies don't seem to care. Although you probably don't need one in Italy, if you get into and accident or have a violation it will be advantages to have one. Since not all police read English, it can cause an undue delay and increase your chance for a hassle. It's kind of like insurance in that you don't need it until you need it!
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