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Phil Apr 24th, 2002 03:19 PM

Information overload!!!
There is such a wealth of information and advice on this forum and in the guidebooks that I'll never absorb it all and I've decided to quit trying. I am a month away from a trip to Italy and am ready to toss all the recommendations I've gathered for restaurants, museums, churches, piazzas, gelaterias (SP?), shops, side trips, etc., etc. and just go experience what the country has to offer. Anyone ever feel this way before a trip to somewhere new?

dan woodlief Apr 24th, 2002 03:28 PM

Everytime. For one thing, you should take a short break from the research. For another, just make a list of the things you really want to see the most, a couple of places you want to eat the most, and decide on the rest after you go. Review the information on the flight. You will at least have enough information to make those decisions. Usually I plan each day's route and sights. However, I almost always stick to the plan only to a degree because it is not fun if you plan too much. Do leave time for spur of the moment experiences. Plus, you really don't know how much time to give to anything until you are actually there and experience it for yourself.

kate Apr 24th, 2002 03:30 PM

Yes, and it was when we were planning our trip to Italy!<BR>And ours was only for 2 weeks, so I can imagine what a month must be like!<BR>It will be ok, you will get past the feeling of being overwhelmed.<BR>I got one guide book that I liked, read it once in a while and got back into the spirit of the adventure.Sometimes one can "overplan" and that tends to make you feel like it is all too much.<BR>You are going to have such a wonderful time...

Kay Apr 24th, 2002 03:33 PM

Yes, I have been planning for a year... have so much information it is overwhelming, but I am glad I have it. Leaving May 8th.

sarah Apr 24th, 2002 03:43 PM

Definitely have felt that way before. Still, even though it is time consumming, I learn so much in the planning process and it gets me in a mood of anticipation, which is half the fun, I think.<BR><BR>I think there's a happy medium, where some is planned and some time is open for exploration. I wouldn't want to leave some things to chance, like accomodations, understanding the transportation system, and knowing which major activities I don't want to miss. But you can never plan it all. Chaos finds a way....<BR>

Vita Apr 24th, 2002 04:30 PM

For my trip to Italy, I did so much reading and planning. It was fun doing it BEFORE my trip, but I didn't want to do it ON my trip. I basically internalized what I found important - what sights I really wanted to see, etc. - and winged it from there. You'll have a great time. Then you have to come back and tell us what YOU discovered.

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