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Jocelyn Jun 17th, 1999 01:29 AM

Info on 17th arrondisement in Paris
Hello, I've been invited to stay in Paris in the 17 arrondisement. Near av de. St. Ouen, Guy Moquet area. Does anyone have any info about this area at all? Is it safe area to be in at night? Any restaurants there worth going to? Any sights? I've tried guide books on Paris but there's not much info about the place. Anything anyone can tell me will be much appreciated. Thanks! <BR> <BR>PS. What is the weather like in October in Paris?

francesca Jun 17th, 1999 03:46 AM

This is not the greatest neighborhood in Paris, or even in the 17th, but it's ok. Lots of cheapy stores on ave St Ouen, and near place de Clichy. It's busy and noisy. The Place itself is starting to clean up, but it used to be pretty grundgy. It has famous brasseries such as Brasserie Wepler and Charlot (spelling?) some movie theatres and bars. On weekends, there's an organic market. If you have a chance to visit Paris by staying here, take it. I wouldn't roam around at night on my own, but it's not DANGEROUS, either. Enjoy.

swdob Jun 18th, 2011 09:06 AM

Hi, my daughter will be staying with a family in the 17th, but on Rue Jouffroy d'Abbans. Is this part of the 17th any better?

swdob Jun 18th, 2011 09:09 AM

Hi, my daughter will be staying with a family in the 17th, but on Rue Jouffroy d'Abbans. Is this part of the 17th any better? I ahve the same questions re: safety.

gh21 Jun 18th, 2011 09:32 AM

Swdob, you have posted your question to a 12 year old thread. Much better to start a new thread and ask your question anew.

PatrickLondon Jun 18th, 2011 09:44 AM

I stayed in a home exchange at the Porte de Champerret not too far from there a couple of years ago, and I'm reasonably certain I would have walked down Rue Jouffroy d'Abbans because I ended up at that end of the Square des Batignolles, which is a pretty little park. That was in the daytime, but it struck me as an ordinary sort of area. The photos on Pages Jaunes don't suggest there's anything wrong about the area - it's the other side of the railway tracks from the area in the original post. Also, it's quite a long street, so it may make a difference which end we're talking about - up the other end, it's only a few streets from the Parc Monceau, which is a pretty posh sort of area. Do you have the nearest Metro station?

If she's staying with a family, presumably they will be looking after her more generally anyway?

Christina Jun 18th, 2011 10:14 AM

I think it was a good idea to just continue your question on an older thread, it adds some continuity and the subject was the same thing, i can't see what possible negative effect it can have or why starting a new one with the exact same subject would be any better at all.

I like the area around Sq des Batignolles, also, but if you know where on Jouffroy d'Abbans, it would help. However that area is relatively upscale, I believe, it's near Wagram and Malesherbes metro, if you are in that direction. Of course it's never that nice right next to railroad tracks to I would hope that isn't the location, at the other end. There is an area in Batignolles that is kind of seedy and has some crime, but it's hard to say without knowing where she will be. I think the bad area may be around the RR station and the section near rue de Rome, but I"m not an expert.

The 17th in general can be kind of bourgeois. The original post was a different area of the 17th, up north towards the edge of the city. That arrondisement is huge.

PatrickLondon Jun 18th, 2011 10:51 AM

There's more coming back to me about that day. I can remember cycling through Place du General Catroux, and finding the Rue de Levis street market, which are all a bit south of Rue Jouffroy d'Aubans, then walking through to Rue Tarbé. That area did strike me as upmarket, with the part nearer the railway lines a bit more arty/alternative. (The road past the Square des Batignolles runs above the railway lines/marshalling yards - it's not like the kind of area you get around main railway termini, which can be a bit iffy). I don't think you need worry at all, but it would help to know the nearest metro station.

swdob Jun 22nd, 2011 08:41 AM

Thanks for all your replies. The number on rue Jouffrey d'Abbens is 76, if that helps, and I think it is fairly near the Wagram metro station. We've looked on Google maps and can see the building and neighborhood somewhat. It looks fine, so the descriptions I've read of it being "typical Parisian", fairly high s.o.s, near the parc Monceau feel just fine. She leaves tonight!

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