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I'm SO GLAD we went to Europe in June, cause I'd never go there now!

I'm SO GLAD we went to Europe in June, cause I'd never go there now!

Sep 26th, 2001, 11:19 AM
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Frankly, I stock pile cat food... what if my babies couldn't get their food??? Come to think of it, living as we do in Southern California.. we always keep extra water, canned food, medical supplies on hand in the event of an earthquake.
Someone posted that often times, fate gets you when you are trying to avoid it.
I can just see staying home and getting hit with an earthquake, or driving to some local location for a vacation instead of going abroad and getting killed in a driving accident.
Bottom line, no where is 100% safe, it's sad that we here in the US had to be woken so horribly out of our state of IMHO "blissful ignorance" but if you think about it, all of these threats as someone above mentioned existed last year, and two months ago and for ages. It is very personal the decision to stay or to travel. One can't make that decision for another person.. any more then they can decide which is the best course of medical care for any stranger they encounter. There is not right or wrong.
Sep 26th, 2001, 11:26 AM
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'it will be massive and it will be soon and it will be in Europe with many victims'.... Well it seems that Adam is able to predict the future for us Europeans! Didn't the event of September 11th teach you that terrorism is something that can't be predicted? These people don't do the predictable-that is how they are able to do what they do.
Sep 27th, 2001, 10:04 AM
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Sorry, Adam, but don´t you know that Sept 11th was targeted against AMERICAN foreign policies and their military precence on the Gulf area? AMERICA is Osama boy´s and Saddam´s arch enemy, not Europe. We have had our own terrorists and bomb alerts here as long as I can remember.
Sep 27th, 2001, 01:58 PM
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Margaret and Adam need to grow up. Margaret - Clearly you're rubbing it in all the travelers' faces that you already went, thank God. You know upcoming travelers are reading this, are you purposely trying to scare people? I bet you're thinking thank God you visited NYC a different time so you're not one of the shmucks who died. And why are you not replying and defending your post - have you realized how snide and hurtful it was?

Adam - People are willingly walking into their deaths? Are you a fool? That's right - your hometown is perfectly safe. We should all stock up on food and water, stay in our houses and clothes the blinds. No point in even walking to the mailbox because there are terrorists in this world!

The events that took place on September 11 are horrific, and I was not the same afterward, never will be. But we do have to live our lives. Do I wish I took my trip when I felt more safe and naive? Sure, but I'm not going out to a travel site to rub it in. Do I think there will be retaliation/more attacks/perhaps a war? Yes, but that doesn't mean my life is on hold until it's over. It will never be over, we'll just start to feel more and more safe. Should people never travel again?

We are leaving for Europe in three weeks. We deliberated about cancelling, and still might if things change and it's truly not safe. But we haven't had a "real" vacation in three years and have never seen Europe, so bon voyage!

I agree with one thing you said Margaret - God speed - to all during these difficult times.
Sep 27th, 2001, 02:36 PM
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GrowUp hope you have a good trip in Europe ( wherever in Europe that may be!) We are all looking forward to seeing American visitors return.
Sep 27th, 2001, 03:04 PM
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Margaret, Re: "I am SO GLAD we did as in my opinion and in the opinion of everyone we know locally and in our family, this is not a safe time to travel at all and it will remain that way for months if not longer."

That's the nice thing about opinions; no one has a patent on them. And, in my opinion, this is a safe time to travel. Not guaranteed safe (when has it been?) but relatively safe.


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