If I won the lottery...

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If I won the lottery...

Having blown a couple of bucks last weekend for yet more defective lottery tickets, I got to thinking, what would we do if we got one that wasn't defective, so that we could have a - more or less - unlimited budget for - say - a month or six weeks' travel in Europe? (Of course we might not pick Europe, or we might make it two months - one in Europe, another someplace else. But one must start somewhere in Fantasyland.) Thankfully, because of that ticket, we wouldn't need to make it "a trip of a lifetime" since we could do another six weeks in the spring, given a decent rate of return on our (new) portfolio.

For us, it probably would entail a trip in September/October, flying in the front or top part of a plane, picking up a new car at the BMW or Volvo or Porsche factory, then hitting the road for a few weeks. We'd probably not choose 5-star hotels, unless it was something extraordinarily special. We'd start in the north of Europe and work our way south, probably ending up in Italy or around Barcelona.

But that's us. What would you do? Remember, you can make up any rules or conditions you like - be as general or specific as you want, spin any web or candy floss you choose. Which seat on which airline? Which room at the Kempinski? What to order off the menu at Alain Ducasse?

Think of it as a grownup letter to Santa. Who knows, maybe you'll get some ideas that you can save for when that dear old uncle you vaguely remember leaves you his vast holdings in Enron stock. Oh, wait…
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LOL Gardyloo, something on my mind also, we bought a Lottery ticket yesterday

Jump on a plane to Japan.
Decide if Italy is where we want to spend the summer.
Or do we want to go to Provence? Decisions decisions!

Of course, I think my friends can guess what the Yankee would do
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I'd Rent Lismore Castle, in County Waterford, Ireland (I'm assuming I've really won 'the big one') for a week for my husband's family. I've already figured out who will be staying in what bedroom and there's only a single bed left (out of the 24).

My husband's grandfather came from Ireland, sailing from Cobh in one of the 'coffin ships'. We're the only ones who have had the money to go back, so we'd take the whole gang there and do it in style. (The place comes with a staff and cook!)

If someone else wins, you can check it out: http://www.lismorecastle.com/

(What a great question on a cold, miserable May morning.)
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If my ticket weren't defective...

I would definitely spend on a trip immediately, after I've put a nice chunk away for savings.

I don't think I'd do anything differently than I do now. We'd just have more vacations and explore more parts of the world.

I'd definitely get my MBA going full time instead of part time, like what I'm currently considering. And I'd definitely shop more, not excessively. Just take care of my needs and wants.

Oh, and definitely buy a condo or loft along the waterfront in NYC.
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First, pay off all the debt

Second, I would take the summer and tour Europe. I've gone to most of the UK by now, but I'd still like to spend a week each in Scotland and Wales. Then two weeks in northern Italy, a week in Provence, and perhaps a week in the Greek Isles.

I'd take two more weeks each to tour Scandinavia and then some of the Eastern Europe stops, such as Prague, etc.

On these jaunts I will have my own car (a large, comfy one, since me and my DH are large, comfy folks), and will rent mostly villas and other self-catering places. I like the idea of 'living' in these places, rather than being waited on. However, one or two nights in 5-star style wouldn't go amiss. Perhaps we can do that in Paris.

After I've my momentary fill of Europe, I would go and see some of the ancient sites at Giza in Egypt and Istanbul.

Continuing around the globe, I'd take a couple weeks off and relax in India, though I know so little about the place I'd have to do extensive research first. Taj Mahal is the one certainty!

Off to the Orient next! Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, here we come!

The last month or so will be spent in New Zealand and Australia. Definitely going outback on this one!

Once I'm done with my tour, I can relax and go back to the places I truly enjoyed and wanted a deeper drink from. However, during the winters I'll remain in my home in north Florida (winter is the best there) and work on my art business. The summers (May through September) are for traveling. I might buy a lovely summer home in the west of Ireland
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I'd stay longer, see more, upscale rooms a little bit, and not have to worry about spending so much.
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I'd rent a bottom-of-the-line cruise ship, hire an energetic polka band, lay a trail of cheeseburgers up the gangway, provide copious amounts of free Red Ripple wine, and then send all my no-good relatives off on a one way trip to Molvania.

The grand sight of me standing on the dock and smiling brightly as the ship sailed out of the harbor would prove once and for all that money can buy happiness.

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I would fly by private plane, of course, and I would rent some fabulous expensive villa in the French countryside for a few weeks, and then head on over to Italy for another few weeks in a fabulous expensive villa near Pienza. If I wanted to take a daytrip I will just call the butler and ask him to fetch me a jet to take me to wherever I wanted to go. Hmmm...I guess I should wake up from fantasyland now...

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Degas -- some things in life are priceless -- your answer is one of those.
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I would buy an apartment in Rome and one in Paris and travel between the two. I would also set my best friend up with a nice house as she has fallen on very hard times.
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Charity first, then...then....and then.....Ohhhhh the possibilities! $-)

aaah degas...why not send them away in style?
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I wouldn't pay off any debts if I could make more money with the principal than the interest on the loan.

The first thing I'd do would be hire a CPA-lawyer who knows her way around Charitable Remainder Trusts. This is a way of giving all your money away when you're through with it, and getting certain tax benefits in the process. Sort of having your cake and eating it too.

Then I would travel indefinitely on the proceeds. It would truly be a "trip of a lifetime" because it wouldn't end until I did.
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I would have to take a trip right away just to hide from all of the "remember me? We went to kindergarten together. I always liked you. Wanna invest in my business?" types of people who would slither out from the wood work. If this happened before September, I would go to Hungary which is next on my wish list (I'm going to Prague in September). After that, who knows? I would also be better dressed with nicer jewelry and, to be perfectly honest, sort of touchy (I'm already cynical in case you can't tell). For example, I would not be accepting new friends or boyfriends for a while, at least until all the hoo-ha died down.

This is a fun question, Gardyloo.
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I've got three kids fast approaching college. Did I win enough to pay for college AND travel?

With the three kids, we're still tied to the school calendar, so we couldn't be gone for months at a time. We tend to rent flats on vacation and I think I'd still prefer that. However, I guess the first trip we'd take would be to London. We'd get a very large suite in a very nice hotel and see if we liked that. We'd see shows every night until we were sick of them.

It would be interesting to see if we would enjoy travel that much more with an unlimited budget. My husband has an aunt and uncle who are extremely wealthy. After recent trips to Pais, we compared notes with them and realized that we - on a tight budget at the time - enjoyed Paris a lot more than they did. They complained about not being able to get a cab to drive them to Versailles (we took the train), not being able to get into the 5 star restaurants because they were American (we ate "where ever" and loved it.)

I don't know that I'd spend a whole lot more money per trip....but there would certainly be more of them!
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I would buy my apartment outright in Barcelona and the one above it, connecting the two using the floorplans that I have already drawn up. That would be my home base and I would always always always have guests because thusfar, I have always been a visitor, and it is time for those hosts to cash in.

There are a lot of places I would visit, and yes, I would totally go first class if not get my own plane, but mostly I would just see things and work really hard to still resolve problems without just throwing money at them. It really makes travel more interesting when you have to use your noodle.
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After paying cash for my villa in the cote d'azur and a complete re-design, I would probably spend a little of my winnings for a plane ticket back to Texas to visit with my husband, cats and dogs. Hey, at least I listed him first!
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My own personal travel wouldn't change much, except that even if I didn't have enough FF miles for Business Class, then I'd buy it anyway.

Mainly I'd pick some of my favorite places to travel to and take a couple of friends to each. My theatre friends who'd give anything to go do a week of London theatre; my friends who drool every time I talk about our travels in Italy; and wouldn't it be great to charter a boat for about 12 guests to cruise the Greek isles?
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I would rent a private plane fly to Tuscany. I would spend a month there in a large villa (with short trips to the Hotel de Russie in Rome).

The private plane would then fly back and forth from the US and various other parts of the world bringing our friends and family back and forth for 1 week trips.

I would spend time lingering and relaxing and not worrying about going back to work.

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Oh, yes...no more long flights in Coach ever.
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Amen, missypie, AMEN!
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