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helen Jan 9th, 2001 03:47 PM

ideal places to spend Sundays and Mondays in Italy
We're arriving in Rome, Saturday, May 19 and plan to take a tain to Cinque Terre or Florence or Siena the following day (Sunday). <BR>I gather from this forum that a lot of restaurants and tourist attractions are closed on Sundays and Mondays and since we'll be in Italy for 2 weeks, I'd like to avoid spending our 2 Sundays and 2 Mondays in "closed up" areas. That happened to us a few weeks ago in Spain where we found little to do and places to eat in Malaga, Mirabella, and Gibraltar. Any advice on places in Tuscany/ Umbria which are "open" on Sundays and Mondays would be appreciated. Thanks. <BR>

sandi Jan 9th, 2001 05:15 PM

I don't think you'll find that the entire city is closed up on either day..especially Rome. I think that the only time you'll notice closed shops is during lunchtime which runs from about 12p or so to 3 or 4pm...but the stores are usually open late.

wendy Jan 9th, 2001 07:36 PM

We did an incredible amount of shopping in Floence on Sunday-- especailly the outdoor markets.

Carin Jan 13th, 2001 04:51 PM

What about Easter Sunday? What to do ? I would expect everything to be closed - where would we eat?

Georgine Jan 14th, 2001 03:27 PM

Helen, <BR> <BR>Nothing is closed in the Cinque Terre on Sunday (nor Monday). <BR> <BR>We also arrived in the Cinque Terre on a Sunday and spent two nights in the area. <BR>All the shops and restaurants were opened. (This was during the month of March--which is certainly a less touristed time of year than the month of May.) You have no reason for concern. <BR>All the shopkeepers and restaurant owners will be open and ready to take your money.

paulo Jan 15th, 2001 10:10 AM

In Siena, some restaurants will be closed on Sunday, some other on Monday, but plenty of them should be open. A few sites are closed on Sunday after 1pm (Palazzo Pubblico and Pinacoteca Nazionale) and last time I was there the Santuario and Casa di Santa Caterina was also shut on Sunday. If you get there in the afternoon, though, there's still more you can handle in a half afternoon (Duomo, Battistero, Libreria Piccolomini and Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana) and all the sites that are closed may be visited on Monday morning. <BR><BR>I don't know how many nights you plan to spend in Florence. If only a couple, I would avoid getting there on a Sunday afternoon, once the main museums (Uffizi, Accademia, Palazzo Pitti, Cappelle Medicee) are closed on Monday.<BR><BR>Your best bet appears to be Rome-Siena-Florence-5 Terre!<BR><BR>The only drawback with this itinerary would be the train connection between Rome and Siena. This is awkward once the trip is quite long (from 3:08 to 3:50 hours depending on departure time - a change is called for in Chiusi or Grosseto) and the train arrives outside the city walls. A direct bus from Rome's Tiburtina station (3 hours) or the Eurostar to Florence and express SITA bus thereafter may be more effective.<BR><BR>Paulo

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