Ideal Place for Marriage Proposal

Feb 7th, 2008, 02:01 PM
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Ideal Place for Marriage Proposal

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over 6 months now. We are taking a trip to Italy in June, and I would like to propose to her during that time. We will be staying in Montecatini.I'm looking for some help with finding the most romantic setting. I'm more than willing to travel to different areas of the country if necessary. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:07 PM
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Fiesole is not too far:
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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:08 PM
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Here is a more winning view:

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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:08 PM
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With the greatest of respect, I would say wait a year and ask her then. 6 mths isn't very long.

Good Luck

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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:19 PM
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Oh I don't know - if you're sure, then your sure.

I asked after 4 months, and we are still together 22 years later.

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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:20 PM
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not to be a jerk, Mucky, but my husband proposed in Italy (planned the proposal) after 6months and we have been married 9 years this month.

We could not afford the Villa San Michelle at the time, but the Roman Forum at 11:30pm was alright substitute location.

Kenny, take a ring, carry it with you and the right place will show itself on your trip.

Meh, I'm a sap.
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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:20 PM
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Mucky, He is not asking if he should do but where he should propose.

Don't offer adivce unless asked.

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Feb 7th, 2008, 02:50 PM
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Wow! My husband and I sat down and talked about finances/whether we thought we could afford to get married and then went to the local Shoney's and had coffee and dessert and planned a wedding! LOL I think ANY PLACE you decided to propose in Europe would be fine and dandy, myself! ;-) Again, I say WOW!

FWIW--we have been married 19 years now, dated for 3 years prior to that and have known each other for 33 years at this point!
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Feb 7th, 2008, 04:21 PM
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eks: I thought of Villa San Michele, too. You don't have to stay there: you could go for lunch.
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Feb 7th, 2008, 05:29 PM
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Every couple is different. If you;re 20 6 months isn't a very long time. If you're 35 you probably know what you want.

Caveat: Never propose if you haven;t already discussed marriage in detail and you KNOW she's going to say yes.

I had a clueless casual date propose to me once - after only about 5 dates - and he was shattered when I said no. I tried to pass it off as a joke, but he was practically in tears. (He was one of those unfortunate guys who just couldn't pick up on social/emotional signals - and thought friendliness and a little making out meant undying love.)

(The beau and I both knew after about 3 days - but then we were both well into our 30's and had already kissed a lot of frogs.)
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Feb 7th, 2008, 08:03 PM
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Montecatini is a good town for a proposal, Don't over plan the moment. Perhaps at dinner at an outdoor cafe in the square, perhaps during an afternoon walk or maybe at the moment you arrive. Bring the ring and let your heart guide you....and by he way... I made my commitment after 13 days and 13 years later we are still together - jump in!!!
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Feb 7th, 2008, 08:12 PM
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This is very exciting! Just the fact that you will be in Italy will be amazing - and the right spot might be over a glass of wine in a little cafe . . . I would do it sooner rather than later in your trip - you will probably be a nervous wreck and the ring is most likely a lot safer on her finger than in your pocket : )

Wasn't there a TV commercial when a gentleman proposed on the Spanish Steps and it turned out all the "tourists" loitering nearby were her friends and family? All together now - aaawwwww. . . .

Good luck to you!
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Feb 7th, 2008, 09:16 PM
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Alright, here is my idea...

There is this San Antimo Abbey [sp]about 10 miles (or a bit less) out of Montalcino and the monks there do Gregorian chanting a few times a day. Go to the 12:30 service (or is it at 12:45), which is about 15 minutes long, hold hands, slip the ring... I think it would be uber-romantic and spiritual to boot!

After that celebrate with lunch at the super fancy Poggio Antico [G-d help me with my spelling!] winery, but do make advance reservations. Order Brunello!

BTW, less than three (3) weeks of dating and going on a 32nd Anniversary. Marrying our first-born son off in four months!! If it works, it works!

Best of luck and please tell us how it goes!

Anna Roz
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Feb 8th, 2008, 01:42 PM
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grosenb said:
"Don't offer adivce unless asked."

kennydvm asked for advice on how to solve a problem. Thats why he came on this forum.

I gave a solution ...sorry if it upset you


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Feb 8th, 2008, 01:54 PM
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I don't know about Sant'Antimo....I mean it's a very interesting place, but I think it would be a little weird to be proposed to there. It's out in the middle of nowhere and there always seems to be some construction going on, and the parking lot is right up next to the abbey, and y'know if Kenny's Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist or something, which a lot of people are, it just wouldn't be appropriate. And then what do you do? Get back in the car and drive? Go to the snack bar down the street. I'm not liking that idea too much.

I agree Villa San Michele would be good, or as seafox says, just let the moment carry you away. Italy's chock full of beautiful sites, and you never know, you might just stumble across some gorgeous little balcony or fountain, or there might be a rainbow or something....
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Feb 8th, 2008, 03:14 PM
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Thank you so much for all of your responses. You have really given me a lot of good information! Dont want to over think the moment, but I do want to give it some thought as well. After all, it is one of the most important days in my life. Thanks again!
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Feb 8th, 2008, 03:21 PM
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There are so many romantic settings in Tuscany and Italy, including Fiesole and Montecatini itself. But for some reason, the place that comes to my mind is Gargonza. The town, near Monte San Sevino, is perched on a hill and is basically made up of a medieval castle. The grounds are gorgeous and the restaurant is lovely. It is quite romantic. You could go there for a lazy lunch, or stay the night in one of the rooms at the castle.
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Feb 8th, 2008, 04:21 PM
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I would think pretty much anywhere in Italy would be wonderful. I wouldn't try to plan some elaborate thing or wait to long or you'll just be really nervous and your girlfriend will either know what is up and get impatient or will wonder why you are acting so strange. Like someone else said, do it early in the trip, I'm sure it won't take long for a scenic setting to appear. Besides, the fact that you've asked her to marry you and that you are together in Italy will make the moment perfect in her eyes. And then you can enjoy your engagement the whole trip!
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