Iberia flight critique


May 23rd, 2000, 06:25 PM
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Iberia flight critique

I had heard bad things before flying with Iberia to Madrid from Chicago. Here is what happened: The plane left Chicago about one and a half hours late. There seemed to be a great deal of confusion in seating passengers. This job was left to American Airlines agents. I have seen some of these same agents load an AA plane with no problems before. The plane itself was quite old and lacked good standard entertainment. My earphones would not give enough quality sound to make it worth using. the lady behind me tried 4 different earphones--all bad. What stands out as the most memorable was the really bad service. After the bog standard dinner and coffee service, you are on your own until breakfast. If you want anything , you must go to the galley, risk the glares of the flight attendents for interupting their social hour, to get anything to drink. They do not answer call buttons, so forget it. If you are having an emergency, I don't know what to tell you. There were call lights on all night and I watched them,( couldn't watch movie) and nobody ever came! trash is only picked up right before breakfast. I will dismiss one rumor, there is no smoking on the plane, and saw nobody trying to cheat. If flying with One world using american as your main, try to avoid Iberia by flying into a nearby airport serviced by American and take puddle jumper to Madrid. It is worth the slight hassle. you will be able to hear your entertainment, get snacks and drinks without feeling like you're an imposition.
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May 24th, 2000, 04:05 AM
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I went to Barcelona last spring. I generally use American Ailrines (I live in NY). When I tried to book through American, they said they were partners with Iberia, and that my flight would actually be on an Iberia plane, and that they could not assign a seat. I would have to take my chances or I could contact Iberia. This flight would be NY to Madrid, and then a change a for a smaller plane to Barcelona.

I said I wouldn't do that - I booked NY to Paris (Orly)with American. I then had about an hour wait for the Iberia flight from Paris to Barcelona. THis flight was only about 40 percent filled. So I was able to change my seat to an empty row and I had no problems at all, the service was quite nice. Of course this was a short flight - a little less than an hour.

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