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uncle_sam Mar 6th, 2003 08:35 PM

I too need help for Ireland!
We are flying to Shannon in mid May.<BR><BR>Plan to do this:<BR><BR>Two days in Kilarney (any alternatives if its too touristy?)<BR><BR>Three nights in Kilkinney<BR><BR>Two nights in Dublin (Marriott in Wicklow)<BR><BR>Four nights in Northern Wales (taking ferry to Holy Head)<BR><BR>Two nights at Marriott in Derby<BR><BR>Two nights at Marriott in York<BR><BR>Thanks for the help or suggestions. <BR><BR>We want to see:<BR><BR>1. Bunratty Castle<BR>2. Ring of Kerry and/or Dingle...???<BR>3. Kinsale<BR>4. Kilkenny<BR>5. Cashel<BR>6. Waterford<BR>7. Dublin<BR><BR>Will this work?<BR><BR>Thanks for the help!<BR><BR>US

Clifton Mar 6th, 2003 09:29 PM

Sam,<BR><BR>Speaking to the Irish portion -<BR><BR>I noticed that all of your sites that you wanted to see were in Ireland. I wasn't sure if the 7 nights were a total for Ireland.<BR><BR>Assuming they are for a moment, I'm going to assume you're going on a bit of a whirlwind (as you're covering a lot of ground).<BR><BR>We were in Ireland last May around the same time. Killarney isn't too packed at that time. Kenmare is a nice town just south of there otherwise. Most here prefer it but I was OK with Killarney.<BR><BR>The Ring of Kerry drive is likely a day of your Killarney time. I'd pick Kerry if you do stay in the immediate area, while I think I'd suggest staying in Dingle if you decide to visit that pennisula. I don't think you're going to get a chance to do both unless you fly.<BR><BR>Kilkenny would make a nice base for visiting Cashel and Waterford, plus Kilkenny itself. I personally preferred the Cashel and Cahir areas, but I enjoy ruins and battlements more than the castles which had grown into manor homes. We didn't particularly care for Waterford and after trying to like it, and really dig to find things like the remains of the Viking walls amidst the grey bustle of the town, we peeked at the crystal plant and headed out.<BR><BR>Bunratty is very close to Shannon airport. We had a quick look, but decided that the folk park looked like it really wasn't our thing. <BR><BR>I'm not quite sure how to work Kinsale into the timeframe as it's quite a bit further south and slipping it in will definitely take away from your base time somewhere.<BR><BR>Unless you're really into city life, you may want to stay around Wicklow one day and Dublin proper the next. The drives in Wicklow Mts are impressive but I'm not sure that Wicklow town would be a terribly convenient area to be based for the trip into Dublin though, but I'd expect others here would be more knowledgeable about transportation along the Wicklow coast.<BR><BR>The Military Road (Laragh-Dublin) in Wicklow and Glendalough are well worth your time. Dublin itself is a nice walk around the city center, Temple Bar area and Trinity College. I can't recall the name at the moment, but there's a nice pub with some live music and a substantial lunch just overlooking the Liffey at the Ha'Penny Bridge. And of course, there's the Guiness which tastes like nowhere else outside Ireland.<BR><BR>Have fun!

littletraveler Mar 6th, 2003 11:20 PM

Geez, Clifton and I could have been on the same trip! I personally found Waterford somewhat of a bore, and Bunratty too. Sorry. :-(<BR><BR>It is so hard to pick favorites, and no matter what you do or where you go, you will have a great time. If I had to pick, my favorite things were Kilkenny, Rock of Cashel, Dingle Peninsula, Beara Peninsula (we chose Beara over Ring of Kerry to avoid the throngs of tourist buses), and the charming town of Doolin where we had our best meal ever!<BR><BR>Kenmare and Kinsale are slices of heaven. I do not know if I would do two days in Dublin either. We were there more for the countryside and small villages than the city. I did actually find Killarney a bit touristy, but we didn't stay there, we just parked and walked around and were happy to mosey on.<BR><BR>The great thing about going to Ireland in May is that the sun is out until about 9:00 or 10:00 PM! You have PLENTY of time for sightseeing! :-)<BR><BR>We did a total whirlwind trip, not staying anywhere more than one or two nights. We coverd a lot of ground, but that was our plan. We thoroughly enjoyed every second, and I'm sure you will too.<BR><BR>Have a great time!

Curt Mar 7th, 2003 06:43 AM

When you return will you please post a review of the new Marriott in Wicklow? When we were there September last year it was just opening. As I recall it is about 40 miles from Dublin city center. We stayed at the Marriot Dalmahoey Hotel and Country Club just outside of Edinburgh on the same trip and it was a wonderful place. I am curious if the new Marriott in Ireland is equal (it too has a golf course I think). Since this is Marriott's first foray into Ireland I suspect it will be top notch.<BR><BR>Thanks. Oh, and I would also suggest Kenmare as a great place to stay rather than Kilarney.

Debbie Mar 7th, 2003 07:46 AM

Here is my take on your list of things to see. <BR><BR>Day 1 - Arrive Shannon - Stop in Bunratty - see castle, eat lunch - head down to Dingle - would probably use the ferry at Tarbert to save time. <BR><BR>Day 2 - drive through parts of dingle - Walk around Killarney/ Muckross house) Arrive in Killarney ( or Kenmare) for the night.<BR><BR>Day 3 - do the Ring of Kerry - if you are tired of too much driving - perhaps use a guided tour for this - I do , and it is a nice break from driving winding roads. Stay in Killarney or Kenmare again.<BR><BR>Day 4 - Head to Kilkenny - (sorry - skip Kinsale this trip) Stop in Cashel and Cahir on the way, possibly even Lismore if you have time. Stay Kilkenny<BR><BR>Day 5 - tour Kilkenny area - If you want to do the Waterford Crystal tour - it is only about 1hr/ 90 min away. Stay Kilkenny<BR><BR>Day 6 drive to the South Dublin area - I would not stay in the city - Actually - take the long way - go through Glendalough, &amp; the Wicklow area - stay near Powerscourt or Bray or Dalkey.<BR><BR>Day 7 - take public transportation into Dublin - Hop on /off tour? <BR>head over to Wales. <BR><BR><BR>Good Luck.<BR><BR>

uncle_sam Mar 7th, 2003 12:07 PM

Thanks to all...great information!<BR><BR>US

DavidD Mar 7th, 2003 07:33 PM

Uncle Sam,<BR><BR>Should you decide to tour the Dingle Peninsula - and you should - by all means don't limit yourself to a single day. Should you make this mistake, I all but guarantee you'll be looking back and reflecting, &quot;We really could've used more time in Dingle.&quot;<BR><BR>Dingle is a delight. You'll need a full day to explore Slea Head. Next, you'll want to spend the better part of a day taking a ferry out to the Great Blasket Island, combining that with a half day strolling around Dingle town, perhaps taking a boat ride out to Dingle Bay to give a &quot;thumbs up&quot; to Fungie, a dolphin who has meant more to area tourism than Fodor's has to travel. <BR><BR>Moreover, don't miss out on having a meal at one of the Republic's most consistently excellent restaurants, Beginnish, located in downtown Dingle. <BR><BR>Whatever you do, don't shortchange Dingle.<BR><BR>Best of luck.<BR><BR>

bmw732002 Mar 8th, 2003 02:30 AM

Uncle Sam<BR><BR>I agree whole heartedly with DavidD on Dingle! We did it as a 'one day&quot; and regretted not staying longer! Found it much more rewarding than the &quot;Ring&quot;!<BR><BR>I might add that you should try to arrive or leave thru Connor Pass! Now that is one hell of a road!! Ha!<BR>John<BR>

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