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I need a special "Congratulations" day for my daughter in Paris

I need a special "Congratulations" day for my daughter in Paris

Jan 24th, 2007, 01:45 PM
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I need a special "Congratulations" day for my daughter in Paris

Just got the call from my daughter, she was accepted to her first choice college and offered partial scholarship to boot.

This kid has busted her keister to do the right thing, studied when she wanted to veg out and watch TV, applied for every scholarship under the sun, was very little trouble for this single mom.

I have saved for her education, but put money away every month for a trip to Europe, and we are leaving in March.

She is interested in EVERYTHING, but loves architecture, history and culture.

What suggestions would you give for a special day in Paris that would make her believe that dreams really do come true?
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Jan 24th, 2007, 01:56 PM
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Wow - congratulations to her and to you for raising such a great person. It seems that the trip itself would say "congrats" and "well done" does it not? Are you looking for a special day, like a day at the spa in Paris?
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Jan 24th, 2007, 02:12 PM
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I am looking for a special day doing stuff together, something uniquely Parisian.

The trip was earned, she really deserves it after all of her hard work. The special day is just for her efforts on getting into her first choice college and for the scholarship.
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Jan 24th, 2007, 02:50 PM
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congratulations to your daughter. this is such a nice finale to all the work!

here are some suggestions for part of the day!

-after 3 pm a coffee at the georges V hotel to sit in pampered luxury and listen to their piano.

-a seine river cruise once dark

-finish up at tour montparnasse restaurant for dinner or drink

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Jan 24th, 2007, 02:59 PM
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Lunch at the Jules Verne restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. It is not even about the food, but "being at the top" celebrating a great accomplishment in a very unique setting. Congratulations to you and your daughter! You sound like a fabulous MOM!!
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Jan 24th, 2007, 03:04 PM
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Ditto the above...
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Jan 24th, 2007, 03:06 PM
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What a nice Mom you are! What a great daughter!

I remember that the Le Bristol hotel had a fashion show at I believe 3pm on Sat. You could partake in tea and watch the fashion models stroll on by.

What about a cooking class, is that of interest to her?

I second stopping by Georges V for a sophisticated afternoon tea.

If interested one of my friends is an upscale tour guide. Her name is Antoinette Azzurro and her company is called Paris Personalized ( I am not advertising, she truly is a friend of mine and does a great job). I know she'd have some good ideas for what to do special with your young lady. you can search for her online. Or I can provide info, but I won't unless you are interested.

In any event, you two sound so special, I know you'll just love being together in such a wonderful city!!!

Bon Voyage!!
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Jan 24th, 2007, 03:14 PM
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A company that specializes in private tours of Parisian museums is Paris Muse. Although I've never taken one of their tours, I understand they are conducted by art historians and are in-depth and customized. If you think this might be of interest, the website is www.parismuse.com

Congratulations to you both!
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Jan 24th, 2007, 03:16 PM
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Dinner at http://www.cieldeparis.com. It's on the Montparnasse Tower, and has a spectacular view of the Eiffel. Book late so you get the Eiffel lights twinkling on the hour.
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Jan 24th, 2007, 03:38 PM
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Thank you for your kind comments and your wonderful suggestions!

So many thing I never would have been able to think of on my own. I welcome any more ideas.

We are still floating on cloud 9!!
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Jan 24th, 2007, 03:52 PM
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How about a Segway tour of Paris?
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Jan 24th, 2007, 04:10 PM
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Congratulations to you and DD! (I have a great DD too, but I'm not a single mom, so you deserve genuine kudos).

One thing I think you both would love (besides the usual) is a special dinner at Le Grand Cafe (www.legrandcafe.com). It's fairly reasonably priced, the food is great, but what always brings me back is the decor--it's all stained glass--even the ceiling. And make sure to check out the ladies room.

We'll be there for our 25th anniversary in April.

Also, we took DD there, and she loved it. She also loved Europe so much that she returned to Siena for a quarter, also on paritial scholarship. So, this will undoubtedly plant the seed for future trips for your DD too--and she CAN do it!
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Jan 24th, 2007, 04:47 PM
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Lunch at Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.
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Jan 24th, 2007, 07:05 PM
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Maybe she'd enjoy a spa experience or a manicure... some of the luxury hotels have their own dayspas.
Maybe she'd like to sleep late and have breakfast on a tray.
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Jan 24th, 2007, 08:30 PM
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I have no suggestions, just wanted to congratulate your DD and you on a wonderful achievement!

You both should be proud of yourselves. Enjoy your trip to Paris!
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Jan 24th, 2007, 11:33 PM
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Congratulations! I agree with many of the suggestions.There are so many absolutely fabulous things to do in Paris. I suggest you check out the "Things to do in Paris" thread which has many great suggestions from many folks who love it! Here are some tips:

a hammam at Les Bains du Marais or the Paris Mosque and take "tea" afterwards

Follow above with a Berber dinner at Le Bleu Homme in the Republique

tea at Miriage Freres(in the Marias)

Rue Mouffetard (just walk the market)

Take a stroll around Le Sorbonne or Universite de Paris and let her feel the pulse of students rushing here and there(5th)

Hang out in the Cafe d'Industrie in the Bastille so she can get a feel of students/profs in their element (11th)

Hit the Eiffel Tower at night(take the Metro)Take a taxi back to your hotel and have them drive around the monuments all lit up

Take a stroll through Pere Lechaise cemetary and see the graves of Jim Morrison. Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and countless others. The section devoted to the "camps" and the Resistance will leave you in awe.

Go to Montmarte and Sacre Coeur. Take in the view of the arrondisements from above(just outside Sacre Coeur). Have lunch at Le Mascotte(fabulous shellfish place in Montmarte).

We were in Paris in March on my first trip. It is cold. Bring warm clothes.
There are no lines!

Take her to a flea market

Take her to a concert at St Julien

Take her to Shakespere Books(just a peek)

Get crepes on the street(My favorite is with fresh squeezed lemon juice and sugar).

Walk her around the Marias at night. It's "happening"
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Jan 25th, 2007, 06:51 AM
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Jan 25th, 2007, 07:17 AM
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I would also suggest Jules Verne for lunch or dinner (more expensive than lunch!). However, I would also suggest Cafe l'Homme which is a restaurant at the Trocadero across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. Dining at Jules Verne you have Paris at your feet (you can fax for a reservation, but they require a telephone number of where you will be staying in Paris). However, dining at Cafe l'Homme you will have the Eiffel Tower in full view! We had dinner there last summer, sat on their terrace, and having the Tower lit up and then sparkling every hour for 10 minutes was magical!!!

Obviously, when making a reservation at either one, make sure you ask for a window seat.

What a great gift for your great daughter by a great mother!!! You both are to be ocmmended!

Just walking the streets of every area of Paris is a feast for the eyes as far as architecture and history goes.

We went to a Vivaldi concert at St. Chappelle one evening and I believe that was the highlight of the week in Paris! Fabulous music and the soaring stained glass brought tears to all of our eyes! Architecture, history, and culture in one evening!!!


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Jan 25th, 2007, 08:00 AM
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you can get half -price chapelle concert tickets on www.lastminute.fr
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Jan 25th, 2007, 08:16 AM
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Bonjour Threerohdes,

Your post reminded me, with great pleasure, of a very similar trip I took to Paris with my nieces about 15 years ago. It was for the same reason, to reward them and show them that a lot of work will bring you the “good” life.

I had them read and research and plan the trip. After which we would play my own version of Paris Jeopardy with real French money for the good answers! They were really interested with the history, architecture and culture and they were looking forward to the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. Of course, as the (still young) gay uncle I know that all theses beautiful plans would go out the window once they would see the stores, the cafés, the streets and the cute Parisian boys.

So instead we alternate between shopping, people watching, museum touring and the highlight of the trip was a soirée dansante at the Elysée-Montmarthe where the ages range from 20 to 45 years old.

So my advices: have her read and plan so you know what is out there but don’t be a slave to the master plan.

For a special day I would recommend one visite-conférence, if you are fluent enough in French check the back of the Pariscope for the list of visites, always in a small group of interesting people. If not you can take a more touristy one at


After that you should bring her at the most elegant salon de thé called 1728. You will think you suddenly travel in time or that you are in a romantic novel. The pastries are from Pierre Herme which is the best pastry chef of Paris right now. Have a look at the website:


Bon voyage à la mère et à la fille.
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