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Jeff Aug 26th, 2001 01:43 PM

I just got back from England, Scotland, and Wales. Any questions?
I just returned from a three week trip to the UK. I went to London, York, Edinburgh, the Highlands, the Trossachs, Northern Wales, the Cotwolds, Cornwall, Southampton and Brighton. I had a wonderful time and would love to answer any questions.

Alan Aug 26th, 2001 01:55 PM

There has been a lot of talk about hoof and mouth on this board. Did it create any problems for you in any of the areas that you visited?

Jeff Aug 26th, 2001 03:59 PM

Hi Alan, <BR> <BR> Foot and Mouth didn't really cause any problems at all. In visiting castles and rural palaces I had to drive through medicated pools of water. Also before going into places like Castle Howard you had to walk through puddles with hay and medication in them. All foot trails were posted and there were some places that you couldn't walk. I did a lot of hiking, but had no problems that took away from the vacation. <BR> In talking to the proprietors of some of the places I stayed, they said that the disease has caused many to lose their farms or thousands of pounds. They also stated that there have been a lot of suicides as a result of the outbreak.

Thanks Aug 26th, 2001 04:42 PM

Where in Cornwall did you stay? Did you rent a car? Is it possible to get around easily in Cornwall without a car? <BR>Thanks for any info.

Judy Aug 26th, 2001 05:19 PM

The buses and trains network in Cornwall is excellent,please check:, there are many cheap passes offering for travelling in West Country.

jeff Aug 26th, 2001 05:54 PM

In Cornwall, I stayed at the Trebrea Lodge in Trenale overlooking Tintagel and I spent one night at the Lands End Hotel at Lands End. I visited Port Isaac, Fowey, Mousehole and St. Ives. <BR>I did rent a car and drove most of my trip. I didn't drive in London and I took the train to York. In York I picked up a car at the train station and drove the rest of the trip. (over 3000 miles). It is not easy to get around in Cornwall without a car. There are bus tours, but with buses are so many limitations. The roads are extremely narrow and twisting, but once you get used to them it's no problem.

scott grasmick Aug 26th, 2001 07:49 PM

I am planning on going between oct and nov with the british airways special. I haven't been to england before. I am planning to spend a week in london and a week in scotland. I think I want to stay at the B&B's or pensioners. So I have all the questions. Should I get a car, places to see/eat, using the tube, where to stay, and so on. I am mostly interested in the historical aspects of london and scotland. I am also decended from a clan so I would like to look them up also. Thanks for your most generious offer.

Ali Aug 27th, 2001 03:02 PM

My dh and I are leaving for England and Scotland at the end of September. I am familiar with the London and Midlands area but have no idea about Scotland. I would like to go north to the Highlands but have no idea where to stay, how much it will close and what to visit. We are open to any suggestions and would love to see as much as possible while also having some time to relax. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

john Aug 29th, 2001 06:02 PM

Jeff, Am planning my first trip to Edinburgh. Where did you say, and what do you recommend seeing?

jeff Sep 1st, 2001 01:56 PM

I'm sorry that I haven't been checking my post. <BR> <BR>Hi Scott, <BR> <BR> I would definitely rent a car if your going to Scotland. For your week in London, there is no need for a car because the public transportation is more than adequate and inexpensive. My suggestion would be to spend a week in London, take the train to Edinburgh and pick up a car at Waverly station when you get there. It may take you a while to navigate the roundabouts and driving on the left side of the road, but you'll catch on quickly. <BR> My favorite B&B in Edinburgh is the Elmview. See their website at The owners are very nice and they have a lot of extra things that are very nice for quests (ie complimentary sherry, refrigerators, etc.). Edinburgh has a lot of wonderful place to eat. You can eat well expensively or cheaply. Fodors has some good suggestions on their site as well. Definitely spend some time in Edinburgh. There is so much to see. Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood House, Gladstone's Land, Mary King's Close, Calton Hill, Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, St. Giles, etc. Outside of Edinburgh there are many wonderful castles to see. Blair Castle, Glamis Castle and Stirling Castle are three of my favorites. If you get time go to Uruquart Castle on Loch Ness. It's a neat ruin and that's where everyone claims to spot the Loch Ness Monster. The highlands are beautiful and traveling by car is the best way to see them. If you'd like more info, e-mail me. Scotland can get quite cold pack something warm. <BR> <BR>Hi Ali, <BR> <BR> I would give you the same suggestions that I gave Scott. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I'd be glad to help. <BR> <BR>Hi John, <BR> <BR> I always stay at the Elmview in Edinburgh. I can't say enough good things about it. The owners are very nice and the rooms are large and comfortable. The offer is open to you as well if you have any questions. I made some suggestions to Scott regarding Edinburgh. <BR> <BR>I hope all of you have as wonderful of a trip as I did. <BR> <BR> <BR>

Dianna Sep 23rd, 2001 03:02 PM

We are travelling to London the second week of October and want to take a day trip somewhere. How was Brighton? Any other suggestions?

Danna Sep 23rd, 2001 03:09 PM

Jeff, sounds like a lovely trip. We have been to SW Scotland, but I'm very interested in Wales on the next trip. What about Wales do you recommend? Is it decidedly different from England or Scotland? Thanks for your insight.

Duncan in Sussex, UK Sep 23rd, 2001 03:20 PM

Brighton is a very easy day trip from London - only 50 minutes by train; cheaper if going after 0930. Much of the rest of the south east of England is quite easy to visit, though you might want a car for some of it. <BR>If going to Scotland, trains should really be booked a week or more in advance - if you decide to go the day before it can be quite expensive. <BR>A cheaper alternative is Easy Jet - they fly from Luton to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness, and tickets can be booked on the web. If driving up there, be careful - the weather can change very suddenly.

Brenda Sep 23rd, 2001 03:44 PM

Jeff, <BR>My husband and I are travelling to England for 2weeks in October. I'd appreciate the names and approx.prices (in pounds and per person) of the B&B's/hotels you stayed in in York,the Cotwolds, Northern Wales, London. Thanks!

Dallas, Texas Sep 23rd, 2001 05:30 PM

I’ll be going to Wales (Cardiff for 1 week, Llandudno for 1 week) and Swindon in England for 1 week. While I’m in Swindon, I want to visit the Cotswold’s. I can’t drive over there; I’ll be using a Brit Rail pass. Can I see much of the Cotswold’s by train? What did you think of the Cotswold’s – is it worth visiting since I can only go by train (or maybe bus)?

Andy Nov 27th, 2001 01:50 PM


Hilda_Bell Feb 18th, 2003 08:23 AM

Hi Jeff,<BR><BR>We plan to spend four days in London and then rent a car. My husband would like to see Stonehenge and then we would drive to Port Isaac (which was suggested by a friend) for two nights and then up to Yorkshire staying at Helmsley or Haworth. Then on to Edinburgh (will check out Elmview House) for two nights and then the ferry over to Aaran. Plan two nights there and then drive back to Oxford to overnight before our flight back to Toronto. Are these distances too much; we don't want to be in the car all day. Thanks and glad you had such a great time.

Marz Feb 18th, 2003 09:54 AM

Hilda<BR><BR>Port Issac to Helmsley is a long trip. According to the AA its 394 miles and will take around 7.5 hours. <BR><BR>Have a look at the AA web site's route planner for times and distances.<BR><BR>

Hilda_Bell Feb 18th, 2003 12:04 PM

Hi Marz<BR><BR>That is great information to get. I'll check out that AA website right now to look at distances. ...Hilda

Sandy4 Feb 18th, 2003 05:53 PM

Where did you stay in York??? If you landed in Heathrow, was it difficult to get the train to York?

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