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I jumped on an E-fare and now I need advice for a week in Germany in August

I jumped on an E-fare and now I need advice for a week in Germany in August

Jun 30th, 2001, 07:13 AM
Regular guy
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Roberta, Roberta, incoherent Roberta. The Germans are racists, and you prove that by saying that someone entered your cabin and yelled at you in a language you apparently don't understand? What did he say? Even if he called you a Jew-Dog, would that implicate the entire nation? Turned away at a bar for being "swarthy"? Who? Where?

Did it occur to you that Dachau is there today because Germans want to make known the crimes of their ancestors? Did you know that Germans feel so strongly about acknowledging their past wrongdoings that it is a crime to deny that the Holocaust took place??

It sounds like someone wasted a lot of money on your travel and on your education. You haven't learned to look beyond your own stereotypes and petty experiences to see what modern Germany is all about; you are the one that stereotypes and paints Germans with your own tainted and uninformed brush. The truth is that Germany today is one of the most progressive and tolerant nations in Europe. I've been reading this board a long time, and I've never heard a single complaint that any tourist felt mistreated on the basis of ethnicity or nationality while in Germany (France tends to get quite a few such comments, however.)
Jun 30th, 2001, 08:58 AM
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Redcurls: I'm with the folks who've recommended the middle Rhine region and the Mosel, particularly if you have only a week for travel. Burg Eltz, a castle not far from Koblenz, is particularly impressive. It's set off in the woods and makes for some great photos (head down the woodland path near the castle's main road, to get some distance from it and great views). The Mosel is particularly photogenic, especially from overlooks away from the banks. I spent a week in the area (Rhine and Mosel) and didn't have a boring moment. I envy you, wherever you end up going in Germany! (Great deal on that e-fare.)

Roberta: Even Daniel Goldhagen (author of "Hitler's Willing Executioners") gives today's Germans a break in his controversial book. In fact, he makes a major distinction between today's Germans and yesterday's. Does this mean racism doesn't currently exist in Germany? Of course not. But unfortunately, you can find racism just about anywhere.
Jun 30th, 2001, 02:12 PM
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The politics of the Germany is very narrow and conservative and we frequently refer to them (in Europe) as Nazi’s. Are all of you out there forgetting the recent violence against Turkish immigrants? These were a people invited in by the German Government some years ago to work and live. I enjoy the sports page as much as anybody but really, there comes a time when you should actually watch or read international news. Don’t “you all”, pardon the pun, make generalizations about the south? No reasonable person thinks that all southerners are racist but the region has a reputation for a reason. Does the term “neo nazi” mean anything to you? Yes racist groups are everywhere but there is a stronger presence in Germany than in other countries. Roberta is more on the money than you know.
Jun 30th, 2001, 03:17 PM
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Spent time in Germany Aug-Nov this yr. and have yet to see all areas. Try to pick one area, south, is beautiful for pictures, don't waste time with rental car, not necessary take the trains best route, rent bikes, you can still see alot. It's a lovely country, and the people are wonderful, can't wait to get back. You will be tired moving around!
Jun 30th, 2001, 05:07 PM
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John: Americans are kept well informed of racist and Neo-nazi incidents in Germany. Germany has been under a very big microscope for years, for good reason, and every time a racist shaves his head, the newspapers splash the event on the front page. However, we are very rarely treated to news of racist events in other countries. Did you know that "Dutch authorities counted 1,200 racist incidents during the first half of 1995, a level that is 15 times higher than five years ago." As immigration rates increase, racism in Holland and elsewhere is coming out of the closet. I don't know if you're in Holland, but wherever you live, you can partially inform yourself about the racism that takes place in the rest of Europe at the following website, where I found the information quoted above.


You will find racists everywhere. The fact that you and your friends call Germans "Nazis" does not make it so, nor does it mean that you are not Nazis (in fact, it indicates that you probably are.) Your challenge now is not to engage in more stereotyped name-calling, but to quantify your assertion that Germans are more racist than other Europeans.
Jul 1st, 2001, 07:15 AM
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No need to pursue this further let's let Redcurls get more travel info. I am not preaching a hatred of the German people here. In the end we all should give individuals in Germany the benefit of the doubt on this issue. My experience in Germany apart even from what I wrote kept the racist stereotype of Germans alive for me. Nevertheless, people coming to the chat room are looking to discuss the best views etc. I did want to include this excerpt from “The Rough Guide on Germany”. It comes from part one "Basics" page 54, eighth paragraph, "Thanks to the massive influx of Gastarbeiter, mainly from southern Europe, Germany is now firmly multicultural. However, there's no effective law against racial discrimination, and it's far from unknown for crankish pub landlords or nightclub proprietors to refuse entry on simple colour grounds". Just another pot shot at Germany, you decide. Good night "regular guy" think about not being one… too boring. I think you are moving in the right direction with that big bad website look up.
Jul 1st, 2001, 10:10 AM
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Roberta, you absolute airhead! "No need to pursue this further" you plead, then you follow with more anti-German hearsay nonsense?? Where is YOUR further advice for Redcurls?? You might have at least explained your own nasty racist experiences in Germany so that we might understand them. But no, no, don't allow facts to get in the way of the fervent expression of your opinion. Jeeeeeezzz...
Jul 5th, 2001, 03:32 PM
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Just came back from a trip last month. Went great. If you've never been there, Germany is very safe, and the people are reasonably friendly and accomodating. I lived in Bavaria for a few years. Recommended itinerary (with rental car): on arrival, drive down Rhine vicinity of Rudesheim. Then first night in Heidelberg. Next day drive down Neckar valley to Rothenburg. Next day drive to Bamberg, and then on to Munich (two nights). Next day go to Salzburg. Next day via the lower Alpine Road to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Take cable car to Zugspitz (highest point in Germany) and visit royal castles (Neuschwanstein and Linderhof) near Garmisch. On way back to Frankfurt, stop by Strasburg, France if time permits. This is a demanding itinerary, but you'll get the most "bang for the buck." Contact me for inexpensive places to stay. [With only a week, I don't recommend the Black Forest or points north of Frankfurt.]
Jul 10th, 2001, 09:55 AM
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These are two extremes but both are a must - Lake Constance is absolutely beautiful in the summer (actually any season!) and with all the work that is going on in Dresden - go to Dresden !!!
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