How to find a place to stay...

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How to find a place to stay...

So, we have 6 months to spend in Europe (Jan - Jun 2012).

Our "dilemma" is that we are not locked in on a place to be or stay.

We are currently thinking of spending a month each in Italy, Spain, Greece and then three other places.

Our constraint is money (I'm sure that's not the case for any one else!). What we'd like to do is find a place to stay for our family of four that is clean, safe but not necessarily fancy. Functional is more important. We'd probably not want to be in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to town in the suburbs would be just fine. We're pretty handy with buses and trains and have found that they add to much of the fun. We'll have a car.

The question is this: how do we find a place to stay given that we are so free to stay wherever? Having so much flexibilty is making it quite difficult to nail something down. How does one find a month-long rental for 4 people which has the best price-to-location ratio "somewhere in Itlay"?

Many thanks!!
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PRofessor, you have a dilemma, but not the one you think

You cannot stay 6 months in Europe unless you have a job that requires you to be there, and you are able to obtain a Visa that will allow your family to do the same. That day was over about 25 years ago professor. Ask around your college.

You will have 90 days to be in one of the Schengen countries (google Schengen, prof), which covers all the European countries ... then you must be OUT of all the Schengen countries for another 90 days before you can come back in.

After 90 days in France and/or Italy, you will need to go spend 90 days in Turkey or Egypt or something like that.
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What you've just been told presupposes that, based on your nickname, you hold a U.S. passport. But if you hold a passport from a country inside the Schengen area ( ) you are free to travel as much and for as long as you please.

If that's the case then there are websites such as that can provide you with lists of rentals, both short- and long-term. The challenge will be to find those that are free for the whole time you want to stay in whichever location you've chosen. To make this happen you will have to plan your itinerary in advance and keep to a schedule. If this does not appeal to you then your only other option is to arrive at your destination and make inquiries in the local shops and travel offices to see what might be available. Because of your travel dates of January-June this shouldn't be too much of a challenge since you will be ahead of the summer crowds looking for accomodations.
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My suggestion would be to pick a few areas in each country you're wanting to visit. Then, look at the websites like VRBO and make you're picks from what is available and within your price range. The great news is, you'll have many options to choose from that will be very economical. My husband and I travel a lot and always rent apartments rather than stay in hotels. It's one of the reasons why we can travel so often. We don't need luxury and usually find really nice, but small, apartments that are half or less than a hotel would be.

If you are renting for a month, you're going to find an even better deal. Here are the sites I use the most. - for Italy

You may find that you want to stay in two places in a single country. For instance, maybe two weeks in the southern part of Italy, and two weeks in the northern part of Italy.

How exciting that you have this opportunity!! Please keep us posted on your plans.
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Further to what brotherleelove wrote, the 90 days in 180 apply only to the Schengen zone, which indeed includes Italy, Spain, and Greece, but not all of Europe. For example the United Kingdom is not in the Schengen zone, nor is the Republic of Ireland, or many countries in Eastern Europe. If you are a US passport holder you can stay as a tourist in the UK for up to six months, last I checked. Somehow I think you have done your homework and already know that.
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But it does help if a poster clarifies this at the start.
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First you will only have 3 months to spend in Schengen zone

So scale back or pick non-Schengen countries.

Have done what you propose in the past.

Always best for me to train around like a local on regional

trains find an area I like negotiate direct for an apartment

boots on the ground for best price save 70-80% cutting

out the middlemen.

for planning happy journey,
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I think the real issue here, once you realize that you probably should not stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days, is how often you want to move. Based on past experience, I would not recommend moving less than every ten days. So that gives you three places to rent in each Schengen country.

Since the 90 days is cumulative, you could separate it with stays in other countries: Greece to Turkey or Croatia/Serbia/Montenegro/Albania -- 2 months of your trip, one month of Schengen.

You could then go to France and Italy for months 3 and 4 of your trip (months 2 and 3 of Schengen) and finish out your last two months with 30 days in the UK and 30 days in Ireland.

Once you have sorted out where you want to be and when, lodging gets easier. In general, it makes sense to rent and apartment in any place where you spend a week or more.
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I recommend I used it to find a great apartment in rome for a week. They have a wide range of prices so you will definitely be able to find a place within your budget.
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Yeah seems to be the place for anywhere in the world now.
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