How to Elope in Italy

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In case it wasn't clear, Venice was just as example. You can find wedding photographers in Rome, the Amalfi coast, the lakes, Florence, the Italian Riviera.
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What you are contemplating is not silly or unusual. Forget the people trying to mock you and dripping hate.>>

no-one is dripping hate here, massimop. They may be being a little argumentative, and challenging, but not hateful. I don't think anyone cares enough for that, to be honest.
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Thanks massimop! I hear about so many people doing it this way now. Especially with how hard the legality of it could be in a foreign place. Just less stress to go to the court house a week before and then enjoy a nice quant ceremony there. I'll have to pick an exact location and get in touch with some photographers in the area.

Maybe finding a villa or spa like place to stay would be better as I'm sure they have hair dresser, photographer etc.

I think we are going to go with somewhere near Florence; we don't really want to do the coast.
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For the record I wasn't dripping hate. I was just bringing up questions because I am not sure how easy it is to do what you are asking in Italy. Just some things to think about.
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If someone wants to fake a wedding for the purpose of taking photos (what else is it for), that's up to them. I see no need though for any bureaucracy or a 'ceremony', just hire a photographer to take some photos and that's it done.

Or is the idea to just be able to say to people, 'we got married in Italy'?

I find the use of the word 'elope' a bit amusing. But it seems I am just out of touch with modern usage.
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What sort of "full ceremony?" If you mean a church wedding or one officiated by an authority, you can't unless you DO deal with all the official documentation/translation, etc. And since you're already married, it could well be considered bigamy (yes, read Italian law), even if marrying the same person you already married.

How did you come to pick Italy, anyway? It must mean something to you? Ancestry? Relatives still there? If so, hunt down Great Uncle Beppe and get him to arrange it for you. If not, I personally don't see the point. What are your ties to the country?

And I agree, this is not an elopement. It's a vacation, maybe a honeymoon, and should be treated as such. That is to say without any false ceremonial pomp. But hey, it's your money.
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As long as you're not trying to do an official wedding, there's no problem doing this in Italy. There are a lot of people who do "symbolic weddings" and there are even more people who are happy to arrange it all. It's a sort of make-believe for grown-ups. However, for a symbolic wedding, I don't think you'll find a priest willing to preside. Maybe a mayor (the usual officiant for civil weddings in Italy) would be willing, for a fee, to do a make-believe ceremony.
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