How to dress for Italy in late June

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How to dress for Italy in late June

My husband and I leave for Italy next week (6/21/05). I have read that Italians don't wear shorts. Is this true? We are going to be in Rome, Naples, Venice and Florence and I expect that it will be reasonably warm. Just wondering what would be good for both of us to pack -shorts, pants, skirts, sleeves or no sleeves? Also, is footwear an issue? Thanks!
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As a rule of thumb, anything that would be appropriate to wear on a beach is not appropriate to wear in an Italian city.

Most churches will not admit anyone wearing shorts or women with bare shoulders.

Footwear is less of an issue, but white tennis shoes are not recommended. Shoes should, above all, be comfortable for walking on uneven cobblestones.
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Italian adults do wear shorts. They wear them when actually playing sports, or at resorts or at the beach. They don;t wear them in the middle of major cities (as people shouldn;t in the US either - but unfortunately many people are ignorant of this - and seem to equate visitng museums, churches and theaters in NYC with cleaning out their garage).

However, if you choose to wear them you will be allowed in many places. You will not be allowed in the Vatican (nor with bare upper arms or midriff or too much bosom showing) and may well have problems with entering other churches. Better restaurants vary - some will let you in - some not.
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If it's very hot when you are there, wear bermuda shorts. In the big cities at least, most Italians really aren't country bumpkins who are shocked that there are people in the world who talk differently, eat different foods, have different social norms, and GASP even dress differently.

No, don't wear short shorts anywhere. And if you are going to a fine restaurant or a church, shorts really are not acceptable. But when it's 90 in the shade and it's the only afternoon you have to visit the Imperial forum or the Spanish Steps--go ahead and wear longer shorts along with thousands of other visitors.

No one will have a tizzy fit or faint at the sight of your knees (unless your knees are really, really hideous).
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We were in Rome during that record heat wave in 2003. My husband and son wore those pants with the zip off bottoms, and just put the bottoms in a back pack and put them on when needed. It was so hot that my daughter and I were cooler in light weight linen skirts or capris. Shoulders must be covered at the Vatican museum, but you can use a light weight shawl to cover up. I saw many women wearing shorts who just threw a sarong on when going in to the Vatican. There are even vendors outside the Vatican selling shirts and sarongs. We were also in Sorrento and by and large the Italian women were quite dressed up in the evening in very trendy dresses and skirts. High heels on cobble stone were common. We even saw women in sandals with heels at the beach. I just wore a nice pair of black walking sandals that worked with a dress or skirt or capris...but then even in the states I am not much of a shorts wearer.
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I hope this doesn't double post..I posted but it didn't come up..anyway, I was in Italy in September a few years ago and it was hot and muggy. I found loose fitting skirts to be comfortable..I did have to powder once in awhile but I felt as comfortable as I could and didn't have to worry about how I was dressed for the churches and felt I was dressed for a city. I had a light weight overshirt to put on when in the churches and a cotton slip. I felt better about having a slip on with the skirts, the cotton was light weight and not clingy like synthetics. It dried quickly when rinsed out. I'm older than dirt so I just don't like seeing shorts in a city unless you live in the city and are doing some activity like a picnic in the park or your laundry. You DO see everything in a city because people DO live there and aren't always heading to the office. No one will throw you out of town on your ear if you wear's just not comfortable for me.
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