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Matthew Dyer Jul 8th, 2002 03:20 PM

How should I travel acrosss Italy?
I am flying into Rome and then need to get to venice, florence and back to Rome. would it be cheaper to rent a car for a week? take the train ( pass for 8 days $269) is gas really expensive, how far is it between each point, I may lose a lot of time by car as opposes to a fast train.

Wayne Jul 8th, 2002 03:29 PM

If you are sure you can get a train pass for $269 that will really pay for all your travel, you will save a lot of money compared to renting a car. And you will also have the advantage of not worrying about parking places, especially when you are in Venice. Although I always travel by car, I believe your best bet is to take the train if that pass is valid for a total use of the trains that will go where you want to go.

Betsy Jul 8th, 2002 03:44 PM

Matthew, taking the train would probably be the best for your itinerary because having a car in the big cities is a liability, not an asset. You don't need a pass to use the trains, you can buy point-to-point tickets. Using point-to-point tickets for your Rome, Venice, Florence, Rome itinerary would cost less than $269. Go to to compare the cost of point-to-point tickets vs. using a pass.<BR><BR>

lena Jul 8th, 2002 05:59 PM

Definitely use point to point tickets. Your whole itinerary cost under $100 it seems. I think Rome-Florence is 1.5 hours on eurostar, florence-venice about 3 hours, and venice-rome 3 1/2?. A train for this journey is a much cheaper and convenient option.

hobis42 Jul 9th, 2002 09:51 AM

You won't need an eight day pass unless you will be on a train for each of the 8 days. They only punch once per each day you use the train - check on the expiration date, not the number of day punches for travel. I traveled for 3 weeks in europe using a eurail pass that only had 10 days on it.

Leslie Jul 9th, 2002 10:15 AM

Yes, the train for all the reasons stated.<BR><BR>This assumes you are:<BR><BR>a) traveling solo<BR>b) not interested in seeing any little towns along the way.

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